Capcom Releases Ultra Street Fighter IV Beta Build Change List

By on January 30, 2014 at 4:01 am


ComboFiend of Capcom has posted the change list for the beta version of Ultra Street Fighter IV. In addition to the list of changes (from Ver.2012) to the 39 members of the existing cast, the list explains how the new system mechanics work. For the list of changes in Japanese, check the USFIV NESiCA site here.


Delay Standing

  • Can only be performed against hard knockdown attacks
  • Can be performed by pressing any two buttons as the character hits the ground
  • The word “Technical” will be displayed if performed properly
  • Characters remain on the ground for 11 frames longer than normal

Red Focus

  • Performed by pressing light punch + middle punch + middle kick
  • Takes up two meters
  • Can absorb an infinite number of attacks
  • Damage absorbed builds the Ultra meter at 2x normal speed
  • Does 1.5x damage of a character’s normal focus attack
  • Level 1 and 2 are the same as normal focus and armor effect fades when you release the buttons
  • Level 3 has armor effect until the attack is active

EX Red Focus

  • Performed by pressing light punch + middle punch + middle kick
  • Takes three meters to perform
  • Does 1.5x damage of a character’s normal focus attack

Ultra Combo Double

  • Allows characters the ability to use both Ultra simultaneously
  • Characters either do 75% damage or 60% damage of their normal Ultra damage
  • Character classified under the 60% damage are: Zangief, Cammy, Fei Long, T.Hawk, Makoto, Hakan, Dhalsim, Rose, Akuma, E.Honda, and Hugo
  • Characters classified under the 75% damage are: All remaining characters


  • Close Standing Heavy Punch: First attack’s hitbox extended downwards hitting crouching characters much more consistently
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick: Attack comes out faster (14F->13F)
  • Far Standing Heavy Kick: Attack is active longer (2F->3F)
  • EX Falling Sky: Attack is active longer (2F->3F)
  • EX Falling Sky: Extended Invincibility on Upper Body (6-7F to 6-8F)
  • Heartless: Attack is active longer (2F->4F)
  • Soulless: Ultra now connects when performed after crouching HP with opponent in the corner


  • Close Hard Kick: Hit box expanded at the tip to increase usefulness
  • Forward+MP: Frame advantage on hit reduced (4F->3F)
  • Light Kick Rising Jaguar: Opponents float a little higher after the second hit allowing to combo into another light kick Rising Jaguar more consistently near the corner
  • Light and Medium Jaguar Kick: Damage has been changed from 140-> 130
  • Light/Medium Jaguar Kick: Block damage changed to 33
  • Hard Kick Jaguar Kick: Damage has been changed from 130->120
  • Hard Jaguar Kick: Block damage changed to 30
  • Light/Medium/Hard/EX Airborne Jaguar Kick: Now does less block damage (20->10)
  • Jaguar Revolver: Distance traveled from second kick on reduced to reduce it going over opponents
  • Jaguar Revolver: Damage reduced slightly (510->480)
  • Light/Medium/Hard Rising Jaguar: Now less advantageous after focus cancel against a guarding opponent (-5 on block)


  • Close standing medium kick: Attack comes out faster (5F->4F)
  • Close standing medium kick: when connected against a crouching opponent, they are forced to stand
  • Close standing medium kick: hitbox has been extended downward to hit crouching characters more consistently
  • Crouching hard kick: Can no longer cancel into the Ultra Raging Demon from this attack
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Zanku Hadoken : Longer recovery added when used during a back jump (2F)
  • Demon Flip: Can now cancel into EX Zanku Hadoken from this attack
  • Medium Goshoryuken: Attack is only focus cancellable on the first hit on block and on the first or second hit on hit
  • Hard Goshoryuken: Attack is only focus cancellable on first hit on block and on the first second or third hit on hit
  • Hard Goshoryuken: Invincibility reduced (6F->5F)
  • Light/Medium/Hard Goshoryuken: Now less advantageous after focus cancel against a guarding opponent (-5 on block)


  • Light Dash Punch: Able to move faster after connecting with this attack (-2F->-1F)
  • Light Dash Swing Blow: Damage has been reduced (80->70)
  • Light Dash Swing Blow: Stun has been reduced (100->70)
  • Light Dash Swing Blow: Less advantageous when this attack hits the opponent (10F->0F)
  • Light Dash Swing Blow: Less disadvantageous when the attack is blocked (-5F->-2F)
  • Light Dash Swing Blow: Charge time has been reduced (55F->45F)
  • Medium Dash Swing Blow: Charge time has been reduced (55F->50F)
  • Medium Dash Swing Blow: Less disadvantageous when the attack is blocked (-7F->-6F)
  • Medium Dash Swing Blow: Less advantageous when this attack hits the opponent (10F->2F)
  • Turn Punch: Charge time for levels 2~5 has been reduced to 2 seconds, 4 seconds for each level after that
  • Violent Buffalo: If the player holds punches for the last hit, Balrog performs a straight. If he holds kick, Balrog performs an uppercut
  • Dirty Bull: Command has been changed (63214×2+PPP->720+PPP)
  • Dirty Bull: Recovery has been reduced when it does not connect (58F->48F)
  • Dirty Bull: Reach has been extended (1.09->1.3)
  • Dirty Bull: Damage has been reduced (399->250)


  • Forward dash: Moves forward faster (21F->20F)
  • Close middle kick: Considered airborne from the 3rd frame onward
  • Crouching middle kick: More advantageous after hit (4F->5F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Slightly increased pushback when opponent is hit or blocks this attack
  • Heavy Rolling Attack: Knocks down from any distance
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Backstep Rolling: Block stun increased (increased by 2F)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Vertical Rolling: Can be focus cancelled on either hit or block


  • Close standing hard punch: Damage reduced (85->80)
  • Close standing hard punch: Stun damage reduced (150->120)
  • Far standing hard punch: Damage reduced on the first frame (80->70)
  • Crouching light kick: Start up time increased (3F->4F)
  • Crouching heavy punch: Damage reduced (90->80)
  • Crouching heavy punch: Stun reduced (200->150)
  • Crouching heavy punch: Advantage after hit reduced (7F->6F)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Cannon Strike: height at which the attack can be performed has been reduced
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Cannon Strike: recovery added (5F->7F)
  • EX Cannon Strike: Advantage on block reduced (5F reduction)
  • Hooligan Combination: Can cancel into Light/Medium/Heavy cannon strike
  • Gyro Drive Smasher: Last hit damage reduced on non animation version (210->170)
  • Light/Medium/Hard Cannon Spike: Now less advantageous after focus cancel forward dash against a guarding opponent (-5 on block)


  • Vitality: Life increased (900->950)
  • Rear Spin Kick: Attack starts up faster and has received a hitbox improvement (12F->10F)
  • Yosokyaku (headstomps): Hitbox increased
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Spinning Bird Kick: Last hit causes a knockdown
  • EX Spinning Bird Kick: Hitbox on the last attack improved to hit more characters
  • EX Spinning Bird Kick: Hitbox increased on first attack to hit crouching opponents
  • EX Hazanshu: Armor break effect added
  • Kikousho: Invincibility when the attack begins has been extended (8F->9F)
  • Kikousho: Damage increased (330->365)


  • Back Step: Distance traveled increased
  • Crouching middle kick: Advantage after hit increased (-3F->-1F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Disadvantage when guarded decreased (-6F->-2F)
  • Crack Kick: Considered airborne during attack (airborne from 8F)
  • Knife throw: Armor break effect added
  • Knife attacks: Increased hit capabilities
  • Zonk Knuckle: Can be focus cancelled
  • Bad Stone: Stone is immediately thrown when punch button is released
  • EX Criminal Uppercut: Hit Invincibility increased to frame before it becomes active
  • EX Criminal Uppercut: Opponent pushback after block reduced by half
  • Last Dread Dust: Damage reduced (506->466)
  • Last Dread Dust: Distance traveled moving forward increased


  • Close standing hard punch: Damage increased (90->100)
  • Far stand hard kick: Hurtbox around foot slightly decreased
  • Crouching middle kick: Hitbox at foot extended
  • EX/Red/Normal Focus attacks: Start up time has been reduced (3F reduction on all)
  • Light Thunder Knuckle: Hitbox extended at the end of her hand
  • Medium Thunder Knuckle: Hit advantage increased when focus cancelled (to 4F)
  • Heavy Thunder Knuckle: Feint recovery increased (6F->7F)
  • Emergency Combination: Damage increased (300->350)
  • Burst Time: Smoke effect during Ultra decreased
  • Burning Dance: Attack starts up faster (10F->9F)
  • Burning Dance: Height restriction on attack reduced


  • Crouching Taunt: Meter gain when taunt is performed (0->40)
  • Crouching Taunt: No gauge increase when taunt hits (70->0)
  • Air Taunt: Meter gain when taunt is performed (0->10)
  • Close hard kick: Changed to a new command of 4 +Hard Kick
  • Far standing light punch: hitbox increased at the top of his hand
  • Light Dankukyaku: Hitbox increased downward
  • Heavy Koryuken: Hitbox extended horizontally
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Gadoken: Hurtbox reduced to his wrist area
  • Haoh Gadoken: All hits connect against airborne opponents during combos
  • Haoh Gakoken: Damage reduced against airborne opponents (368->331)
  • Shissho Buraiken: Armor break effect added

Dee Jay

  • Far standing middle punch: starts up faster (7F->6F)
  • Far standing hard punch: counter hit causes float more often
  • Crouching light kick: starts up faster (5F->4F)
  • Crouching middle punch: Hitbox has been increased
  • Crouching middle kick: Damage increase (70->80)
  • Crouching heavy punch: Hitbox has been increased
  • Knee shot: More advantageous on hit (3F hit stun added)
  • Air Slasher: Block damage increased (12->15)
  • Light Rolling Sobat: Disadvantage when opponent blocks attack decreased (-5F->-3F)
  • Medium Rolling Sobat: Longer hit stun on the first attack when focus cancelled (6F->7F)
  • EX Machine Gun Upper: Disadvantage when blocked increased (-5F->-8F)
  • EX Machine Gun Upper: During hit or block, can be focus cancelled
  • EX Machine Gun Upper: Launches opponent higher on hit
  • EX Machine Gun Upper: Starts up faster (12F->6F)
  • EX Machine Gun Upper: Throw invincible (1F~7F)
  • EX Machine Gun Upper: Hitbox increased on first two hits
  • Sobat Festival: Travels further throughout the attack


  • Stand middle punch: Starts up faster (10F->9F)
  • Stand middle punch: More disadvantageous on hit and guard by 1 frame
  • Far standing middle kick: Now hits two times
  • Far standing middle kick: Damage distribution changed (60->40*30)
  • Far standing middle kick: Stun distribution changed (100->50*50)
  • Far standing hard punch: Damage increased (75->80)
  • Far standing hard punch: Hit advantage increased (0F->1F)
  • 4+Light kick: damage increased (30->40)
  • 4+Middle kick: Hit and Guard pushback decreased
  • 4+Heavy kick: Damage increased (90->100)
  • Light Yoga Blast: Hurtbox reduced
  • Middle Yoga Blast: Starts up faster (15F->14F)
  • EX Yoga Blast: Damage increase (90*50->90*60)
  • EX Yoga Blast: Hits from further away
  • EX Yoga Blast: Quick standable
  • EX Yoga Flame: Damage increase (50*70->70*70)
  • EX Yoga Flame: Hits from further away
  • Yoga Shangri-La: Hits from further away
  • Yoga Shangri-La: Command has been changed (236×2+PPP->236×2+KKK)
  • Yoga Catastrophe: Not possible to perform if a Yoga fire is on screen


  • Standing hard punch: Hitbox extended downward
  • Standing hard kick: counter hit pushes the opponent back less
  • Crouching light punch: hits from further out
  • Crouching light punch: the ability to chain crouching light punch into standing 6+light punch has been removed
  • Crouching middle kick: starts up faster (8F->7F)
  • 6+Middle kick: hits from further out
  • 6+Heavy punch: opponents are knocked down when hit out the air
  • Target Combos: damage increased for all combos (by 10)
  • Target Combo 1: block damage from second hit has been removed
  • Rose: Causes damage (0->1)
  • Rose: Advantage on hit increased (6F->13F)
  • Light machine gun blow: Disadvantage when block reduced (-2F->-1F)
  • Heavy machine gun blow: Pushback on hit reduced
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Shortswing Blow: Throw invincible throughout attack
  • EX Shortswing Blow: Throw invincible until first hit


  • Close standing hard punch: Hitbox increased vertically
  • Far standing hard punch: Damage increased from max range (80->90)
  • Far standing hard kick: Disadvantage when opponent guards reduced (7F->6F)
  • Far standing hard kick: Hitbox increased in front
  • Forward/Backward jump middle punch: Hurtbox reduced
  • Forward/Backward jump middle kick: Attack is active longer (increased by 1F)
  • EX Sumo Headbutt: Pushback on block reduced
  • EX Hundred Hands: Advantage after hit increased (4F->5F)
  • EX Command Grab: Throw invincible on start (1F~5F)
  • Ultimate Killer Head Ram: Start up increased (8F->10F)
  • Orochi Breaker: Starts up faster after the flash (2F->1F)
  • Orochi Breaker: Grabs from further (1.16->1.4)
  • Orochi Breaker: Command change (63241×2+PPP->720+PPP)

El Fuerte

  • Standing light punch: hitbox extended downwards
  • Close / Far standing light kick: Starts up faster (5F->3F)
  • Close / Far standing light kick: No longer able to special cancel
  • Close standing middle kick: Starts up faster (14F->11F)
  • Close standing middle kick: Recovers faster (14F->13F)
  • Far standing middle kick: Recovers faster (15F->14F)
  • Close standing hard kick: Starts up faster (12F->10F)
  • EX Guacamole Leg Grab: Recovers faster (10F->6F)
  • Levels 1/2/3 and EX Quesadilla Bomb: Start up faster (17F->14F)
  • Levels 1/2/3 and EX Quesadilla Bomb: Recovers faster (18F->14F)
  • EX Quesadilla Bomb: Throw invincible when it starts up (1F~7F)
  • Fajita Buster: Damage increased (150->180)
  • Tostada Press: Attack is active for longer (7F->8F)
  • Gordita Sobat: Recovers faster (18F->17F)

Evil Ryu

  • Vitality: Life increased (900->950)
  • Crouching middle kick: Stun on guard increased (1F)
  • Crouching hard kick: Starts up faster (7F->6F)
  • Target Combo: Can be performed off of far standing middle punch
  • 6+Middle Kick: Hitbox extended to hit crouching opponents
  • Heavy Axe Kick: Starts up faster (26F->25F)
  • Light Tatsumaki: Distance traveled slightly increased
  • Light Tatsumaki: Floats the opponent lower on hit
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Shoryuken: More disadvantageous when dashing forward after a focus cancel (-5F)

Fei Long

  • Crouching light kick: Starts up slower (3F->4F)
  • Crouching light kick: Ability to rapid fire the attack has been removed
  • Crouching middle punch: Damage increase (55->65)
  • Light Rekka: Distance traveled on first punch reduced
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Rekka: Hit advantage on second hit reduced (reduced by 2F)
  • Shienkyaku: Removed accidental input command (464+K)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Tenshin: Does one point of damage
  • EX Tenshin: Starts up faster (12F->10F)
  • Rekkashin Geki: 3rd hit of the non animation version knocks the opponent higher so the final hit connects in combos against airborne opponents
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Shienkyaku: More disadvantageous when dashing forward after a focus attack cancel (-5F)


  • Fixed issue where Gen has 1 frame more invincibility on neutral wake up
  • Stun Vitality: Increased from 900->950
  • Normal/Red/EX/EX Red Focus attack: Hitbox has been reduced into his wrist area

Mantis Style

  • Stand heavy punch: Stun damage distribution changed (100*100->150*50)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Hundred Hands: Hitbox has been extended to hit further out
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Hundred Hands: Frame advantage on hit reduced (reduced by 1F)
  • Light/Medium/EX Hundred Hands: Pushback on hit and guard reduced
  • Heavy Gekiro: Causes soft knockdown
  • Heavy Gekiro: Timing is now switched with the EX version from AE 2012
  • EX Gekiro: Causes hard knockdown
  • EX Gekiro: Timing is now switched with the Heavy version from AE 2012
  • Shitenketsu: 600 stun when this attack connects with a full Ultra bar
  • Shitenketsu: Hitbox extended outward to hit from further

Crane Style

  • Crouching light punch: Advantage on hit increased (3F->5F)
  • Crouching heavy punch: If the opponent is hit with a counter hit, they float higher
  • Crouching heavy kick: Recovery reduced (29F->24F)
  • Forward/back jump hard punch: Hurtbox increased to make it easier for the opponent to anti-air
  • Forward/back jump hard kick: Hurtbox increased to make it easier for the opponent to anti-air
  • Light/Medium Jyasen: Guard disadvantage after block decreased (-3F->0F)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Jyasen: Damage on last hit increased (increased by 10)
  • Oga: Hitbox on his foot has been reduced


  • Far standing light kick: now is Special, Super, Focus, cancellable
  • Crouching light punch: Starts up faster (4F->3F)
  • Crouching medium punch: Advantage on hit increased (1F->3F)
  • Kongoshin: Removed accidental input command (646+P)
  • Hyakki Gosai: Stun decreased (200->160)
  • Light Senkugoshoha: Travels forward further
  • EX Tatsumaki Gorasen: Starts up faster (7F->5F)
  • EX Tatsumaki Gorasen: Invincibility reduced (1F~8F->1F~6F)
  • EX Tatsumaki Gorasen: Hitbox increased to hit opponents crouching and further out


  • General: Hurtbox sizes have been readjusted when Guile is getting up from the ground
  • Airthrow: Range has been increased
  • Crouching light punch: Advantage on hit increased (4F->5F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Both hitbox and hurtboxes have been extended
  • Reverse Spin Kick: Hitbox extended downward to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Light/Middle/Heavy/EX Flash Kick: Invincibility increased (1F for all versions)
  • Sonic Hurricane: Damage increased (300->330)
  • Somersault Explosion: Starts up faster (7F->5F)
  • Somersault Explosion: Damage decreased (510->450)
  • Somersault Explosion: Tracks which side the opponent is on upon start up
  • Somersault Explosion: The second somersault’s start up has been reduced to connect against airborne opponents more consistently
  • Somersault Explosion: Invincibility has been reduced (1F~10F->1F~6F)


  • Movement: Guy walks faster
  • Far standing light kick: Hitbox increased around foot to increase anti-air capabilities
  • Far stand hard kick: Attack is active for longer (3F->5F)
  • Far stand hard kick: Hitbox increased around foot to increase anti-air capabilities
  • Crouching middle punch: Hitbox adjusted to reduce anti-air capabilities
  • Elbow Drop: Hitbox extended downward to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Ninja Sickle: Starts up faster (11F->9F)
  • Target Combo: HItbox has been increased on the 2nd attack to hit opponents more consistently
  • Heavy Hozanto: Starts up faster (30F->28F)
  • Sudden Stop: Recovers faster (17F->16F)
  • Neck Flip: Hitbox increased to hit smaller characters more consistently
  • EX Neck Flip: Causes knock down when opponent is hit out of the air
  • EX Bushin Senpukyaku: Hitbox has been increased to hit smaller characters more consistently
  • Bushin Goraisenpujin: Travels further on the second hit


  • Standing hard punch: Hitbox increased above his head to increase anti-air capabilities
  • Crouching light kick: Recovers faster (9F->8F)
  • Crouching middle punch: Can special cancel, super cancel, ex cancel, focus cancel out of this attack
  • Jumping middle kick: Hitbox increased to cross up much more consistently
  • 6+Middle Punch: Disadvantage after block reduced (-5F->-4F)
  • 6+Middle Punch: Disadvantage after hit reduced (-2->0)
  • Airthrow: Damage increased (140->150)
  • Light/Medium/Hard Oil Rocket (unoiled): Throw distance increased (0.97->1.05)
  • EX Oil Rocket (unoiled): Throw distance increased (0.97->1.2)


  • Guard: El Fuerte bug that resulted her in not being able to block his 6+MK has been fixed
  • Crouching light punch: Start up increased (4F->3F)
  • Target Combo 4: Hitbox extended downward on second hit to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Hammer Kick: Hitbox extended downward to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Hammer Kick: Advantage on block reduced (3F->2F)
  • Backhand Punch: Second hit can be focus canceled with specials, high jump, focus attacks, red focus attacks
  • Tsujigoe: Recovery removed
  • Light, Medium, Heavy, EX Tsumuji: Hitbox extended downward to hit crouching opponents better
  • Medium Tsumuji: Recovery increased (3F->4F)
  • EX Kazegiri: Invincibility increased (6F->7F)
  • EX Kazegiri: Hitbox increased to hit airborne character more consistently (on frames 2~3)


  • Close standing light punch: Hitbox increased to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Close standing medium punch: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Close standing middle kick: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Far standing middle punch: Can cancel into special moves
  • Far standing light kick: Start up reduced (5F->4F)
  • Far Hard Kick: Feng Shui version has been adjusted to match non Feng Shui version
  • Crouching middle kick: Starts up faster (6F->5F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Reduced recovery (17F->16F)
  • Kasatsuchi (counter): Takes white damage when opponent’s attack is countered
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Shikusen: Cannot be performed when jumping backwards
  • Shikusen: 2nd and 3rd attack hitboxes have been adjusted to hit more consistently
  • EX Shikusen: Follow up attacks only come out if K button are pressed
  • EX Shikusen: Attack trajectory effected by which two buttons are pressed to perform the attack (LK+MK = close, MK+HK = Middle, LK+HK = far)
  • EX Fuhaijin: MK+HK version can now hit crouching opponents
  • EX Fuhaijin: LK+HK version damage has been increased (50*50->60*60)
  • EX Senpusha: Invincibility increased (1F~6F->1F~7F)
  • EX Senpusha: Disadvantage after guard increased (-14F->-15F)\
  • Feng Shui Engine: Invincibility on start up reduced (4F->2F)
  • Kaisen Dankairaku: Hitbox has been extended horizontally and vertically to increase ability to hit the opponent from further out


  • Movement: Walkspeed has been increased
  • Close standing medium kick: Hitbox has been adjusted downward to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Crouching heavy kick: Starts up faster (8F->7F)
  • Thunder Kick: Disadvantage after hit reduced (-1F->0)
  • Light, Medium, Heavy Hadouken: Damage increased (60->70)
  • EX Hadouken: Damage increased (50*40->50*50)
  • Medium Shoryuken: The first hit now launches the opponent
  • Heavy Shoryuken: Can only focus cancel the attack on the first hit when blocked and first or second hit when it hits
  • EX Air Tatsumaki: Trajectory changed when used on the way up
  • Shinryuken: Damage increased (330->390) for the non animation version
  • Guren Senpukyaku: Forward movement during the first frames of the attack increased
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Shoryuken: Disadvantage on guard after a focus dash cancel forward increased (-5F on block)


  • Forward throw: Throw range increased (0.9->0.95)
  • Back throw: Throw range decreased (0.9->0.85)
  • Standing hard punch: Hit stun increased on crouching opponents to match hit stun on standing opponents
  • Crouching heavy kick: Stun damage increased (100->200)
  • Jumping middle kick: Hitbox increased to increase cross up ability
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Karakusa: increased recovery when it misses (4 frames added)
  • EX Fukiage: Can now hit standing opponents
  • EX Fukiage: Now jump cancellable
  • EX Fukiage: Damage decreased (120->80)
  • EX Fukiage: Stun damage decreased (200->100)
  • Light Tsurugi: Disadvantage after block increased (increased by 1F)
  • Medium Tsurugi: Disadvantage after block increased (increased by 1F)
  • Seichusen Godzansuki: Damage decreased (480->440)
  • Abare Tosanami: Projectile invincibility added


  • Stand middle punch: Starts up faster (8F->6F)
  • Stand middle punch: Now special, super, ex focus attack cancellable
  • Crouching heavy punch: Starts up faster (12F->10F)
  • Hell Attack: Follow up attacks now combo once this connects
  • Bison Teleport: Recovery increased (42F->47F)
  • Light Knee Press: Disadvantage on block increased (0F->-1F)
  • Light Knee Press: Damage increased (60*30->60*40)
  • Medium Knee Press: Damage increased (60*50->60*60)
  • Heavy Knee Press: Damage increased (70*60->70*70)
  • EX Knee Press: Damage increased (70*70->70*80)
  • EX Knee Press: Projectile invincibility extended (1F~12F->1F~19F)
  • Head Press: Starts up faster (22F->20F)
  • EX Devil’s Reverse: Comes down from the sky faster
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Psycho Crusher: Will hit opponents who are in a float state
  • EX Psycho Crusher: Damage reduced (75*75->75*60)
  • Psycho Punisher: Damage reduced (450->420)
  • Psycho Punisher: Charge time reduced (55F->40F)


  • Crouching heavy kick: Starts up faster (9F->8F)
  • Crouching heavy kick: recovers faster (24F->23F)
  • 6+MK: Attack comes out faster. (Startup changed 13F->11F)
  • Focus attack: Hitbox extended to the tip of his fingers
  • Light Gouhadou: recovers faster (54F->52F)
  • Medium Gouhadou: recovers faster (61F->59F)
  • Heavy Gouhadou: recovers faster (69F->67F)
  • Light Sekisei: Disadvantage after block reduced (-7F->-6F)
  • Medium Sekisei: Disadvantage after block reduced (-6F->-4F)
  • Medium Sekisei: Removed invincibility frame
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Goushoryu: Focus attack cancel possible on first or second hit when opponent is hit
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Goushoryu: Focus attack cancel possible on first hit when opponent blocks
  • Heavy Goushoryu: Full and hit invincibility reduced (1F~8F->1~5F and 9~10F->6~7F)
  • Light Rankan: Damage reduced (120->110)
  • Light Rankan: Stun reduced (150->130)
  • EX Rankan: Disadvantage after block reduced (-10F->-9F)
  • Heavy and EX Rankan: Hurtbox before the attack becomes active has been shrunk
  • Meido Gohadou: Damage increased on non animation version (350->375)
  • Meido Gohadou (ground): Starts up faster (11F->9F)
  • Meido Gohadou (air): Starts up faster (14F->11F)
  • Tenchi Sokaigen: command change (41236×2+PPP->63214×2+PPP)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Goshoryu: Disadvantage on guard after a focus dash cancel forward increased (-5F on block)


  • Movement: Forward dash recovery reduced (21F->20F)
  • Close middle kick: Hitbox extended downward to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Crouching light punch: Damage increased (20->30)
  • Crouching light kick: Damage increased (30->40)
  • Crouching middle punch: Damage increased (60->70)
  • Light Soul Spiral: Forward movement increased
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Soul Spiral: Damage increased (100->110)
  • EX Soul Spiral: Damage increased (120->130)
  • EX Soul Spiral: Stun damage increased (100->200)
  • EX Soul Spiral: Hit invincibility increased (11F->13F)
  • EX Soul Spiral: Can now be thrown
  • Medium Soul Spark: Recovers faster (22F->20F)
  • Heavy Soul Spark: Recovers faster (29F->27F)
  • Illusion Spark: Starts up faster (12F->10F)
  • Soul Satellite: Command change (214×2+PPP->214×2+KKK)
  • Soul Satellite: Recovery increased (2F->4F)


  • Forward Throw: Damage reduced (150->135)
  • Far standing middle punch: Now special, super, ex focus/red focus cancellable
  • Far standing middle kick: active longer (1F->2F)
  • Target Combo: Disadvantage on block increased (-5F->-8F)
  • EX Messiah Kick: Second hit adjusted to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • EX Messiah Kick: Invincibility reduced (16F->13F)
  • Light Messiah Kick: Can hit opponents in float state
  • Messiah Kick Medium follow up: Recovery increased (19F->22F)
  • Messiah Kick Heavy follow up: Recovery increased (17F->19F)
  • Spectacle Romance: Hitbox on the 2nd attack expanded
  • Space Opera Symphony: Damage reduced (460->420)
  • Big Bang Typhoon: Damage reduced (420->360)
  • Big Bang Typhoon: Ultra locks on to airborne opponents resulting in full hits


  • Crouching medium kick: Decreased disadvantage on block (-3F->-2F)
  • Jump forward/back middle punch: Can be cancelled into an air Tatsumaki
  • Air Tatsumaki: Will always combo after jumping medium punch
  • EX Air Tatsumaki: Hitbox and vacuum effect adjusted to increase consistency
  • Light/Medium Shoryuken: Disadvantage after focus cancel forward dash on block increased (-5F on block)
  • Metsu Shoryuken: Invincibility increased (8F->9F)
  • Metsu Shoryuken: Plays full animation if connected after an EX Shoryuken FADC cancel


  • Close standing light kick: 2nd hit is special, ex focus/red focus, super cancellable
  • Tiger Knee: First hit causes crouching opponents to stand when it hits
  • EX Tiger Knee: Disadvantage on guard reduced (-1F->0F)
  • Tiger Destruction: No longer switches sides when performed in the corner
  • Tiger Destruction: Distance traveled decreased
  • Tiger Destruction: Damage decreased against airborne opponents (395->340)
  • Tiger Cannon: Hits opponents more times when used in a combo against airborne opponents
  • Tiger Cannon: Damage reduced against airborne opponents (384->309)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Tiger Uppercut: Disadvantage on block after focus cancel dash forward increased (-5 on block). Angry scar version also affected


  • Far standing middle punch: Hitbox extended at the tip of her fist
  • Forward/backward jumping hard punch: Hurtbox extended under her hands so that opponents can anti-air her more consistently
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Shunpukyaku: Trajectory of the attack changed when used on the way up
  • EX Shunpukyaku: Advantage after guard decreased (+4->+2)
  • EX Shunpukyaku: Hitbox has been increased to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Shououken (all versions): Hitbox extended to hit from further away
  • EX Sakura Otoshi: Starts up faster (14F->11F)
  • Shinkuu Hadoken: Hitbox behind her has been reduced


  • Wall Jump: Distance travelled reduced slightly
  • Far standing hard punch: Disadvantage on hit reduced (11F->-5F)
  • Far standing hard punch: Disadvantage on guard reduced (-15F->8F)
  • Forward/backward jumping middle kick: crosses opponents up
  • Forward/backward heavy kick: no longer cross opponents up
  • Yosokyaku: Attack is active longer 3F->4F
  • Dive Kick: Hurt box increased slightly
  • Medium Hundred Kicks: Stun reduced (150->100)
  • Heavy Hundred Kicks: Stun reduced (200->150)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Piledriver: Stun reduced (200->150)
  • Light Shoryuken: Cannot focus cancel after the first hit if the opponent blocks the attack
  • Medium/Heavy Shoryuken: Invincibility reduced (7F->5F)
  • Medium/Heavy Shoryuken: Cannot focus cancel after the first hit if the opponent blocks the attack
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Shoryuken: : Disadvantage on guard after a focus dash cancel forward increased (-5F on block)
  • Light/ Medium/ Heavy Tandem Engine: Can no longer be cancelled into from regular attacks
  • Tandem Stream: Recovers faster (66F->55F)
  • Tandem Typhoon: Can connect more hits against airborne opponents in a combo
  • Tandem Typhoon: Disadvantage after blocking reduced (89->70F)


  • Movement: T.Hawk walks faster
  • Close standing middle punch: Pushback on hit and guard reduced
  • Far standing hard kick: Hurtbox on his leg has been increased
  • Far standing hard kick: Disadvantage on guard reduced (-7F->-5F)
  • Crouching middle kick: Special, super, ex focus/ex red focus cancellable
  • Thrust Peak: Command changed (3+LP->4+LP)
  • Condor Spire: Command changed (421+P->623+K)
  • Light Condor Spire: Disadvantage on hit reduced (-5F->-2F
  • Light Condor Spire: Starts up faster (20F->11F)
  • Medium Condor Spire: Starts up faster (20F->14F)
  • EX Condor Spire: Travels further distance
  • Light Tomahawk Buster: Starts up faster (5F->4F)
  • EX Tomahawk Buster: Can be focus cancelled
  • Light Mexican Typhoon: Throw range increased (1.5->1.55)
  • Raging Slash: Command change (63214×2+PPP->63214×2+KKK)
  • Raging Slash: Hitbox above his head has been increased


  • Mask pick up: Mask must be picked up with 2+PP
  • Crouching heavy punch: Attack is active longer (2F->4F)
  • EX Rolling Crystal Flash: Advantage on hit reduced (4F->2F)
  • Bloody High Claw: Hitbox extended on the top of the attack
  • Splendid Claw: Starts up faster (8F->7F)
  • Super Barcelona Drop: Hits on the way up
  • Super Barcelona Drop: Damage has been reduced (100*100*200->100*100*100)
  • Super Barcelona Drop: Gauge is lost when the super is inputted


  • Movement: Yang walks faster
  • Close/Far standing light kick: Starts up faster (5F->4F)
  • Close stand middle kick: Hitbox increased to hit crouching opponents more consistently
  • Far stand middle punch: Can be special, super, focus cancelled
  • Crouching light kick: damage increased (20->30)
  • Forward/back jumping middle kick: crosses up more consistently
  • Light/Medium Mantis Slash: Damage increased on third hit (60->65)
  • Heavy Mantis Slash: Damage increased on third hit (60->70)
  • Light Kick Senkyutai: Hitstop increased on first hit only (8F->12F)
  • Light /Medium/Heavy/EX Command grab: Does one point of damage
  • Tenshin Senkyutai: Starts up faster (7F->6F)


  • Crouching middle punch: damage increased (50->60)
  • Standing middle punch: damage increased (50->60)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy/EX Command grab: Does one point of damage
  • Command grab: Throw distance decreased (1.1->1.0)
  • EX Command grab: Throw distance decreased (1.3->1.2)
  • Heavy Nishokyaku: Invincibility removed


  • Close standing light kick: Special, focus/red focus cancellable
  • Far standing middle punch: Can be hit before attack comes out
  • Far standing middle punch: Hurtbox extended
  • Far standing middle kick: Disadvantage after hit reduced (-7F->-3F)
  • Far standing middle kick: Disadvantage after block reduced (-10F->-7F)
  • Forward/back jumping heavy punch: Hurtbox increased to allow opponents ability to anti air Zangief
  • Light Screw Pile Driver: Throw distance decreased (1.75->1.7)
  • Light Banishing Flat: Disadvantage on hit reduced (-5F->-2F)
  • Medium/Heavy Banishing Flat: Disadvantage on block reduced (reduced by 2F)
  • Light/Medium/Heavy Banishing Flat: Starts up faster (each version by 2F)
  • EX Banishing Flat: Starts up slower (13F->16F)

Below is a change list for the four new characters Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento, translated from the Japanese listing.


  • Hurtbox while standing, crouching, stand blocking and crouch blocking changed
  • Standing MP upper-body hurtbox expanded
  • Standing LK start-up increased from 3F to 4F; hitbox reduced; hurtbox expanded to same extent as Yang’s Far Standing LK
  • Standing MK upper-body hurtbox expanded
  • Crouching LP start-up reduced from 4F to 3F
  • Crouching MP hitbox expanded forward
  • Crouching HP active frames increased from 2F to 3F
  • Crouching MK upper-body hurtbox expanded
  • Crouching HK hurtbox greatly expanded upward
  • Jump HP hitbox size reduced
  • Round Step (Target Combo) command changed from Standing HP → 4+HK to Standing HP → HK; 2nd hit wind visual effect removed
  • Handstand Kick (6+MP) damage reduced from 80 to 70
  • Handstand Whip (6+MK) damage reduced from 60 to 50
  • Slide (3+HK) active frames reduced from 14F to 13F
  • All versions of Lynx Tail pushback on hit reduced, easier to use in combos
  • L Lynx Tail damage reduced from 90 to 60; changed from -4 to -9 on block
  • M Lynx Tail changed from -7 to -9 on block
  • H Lynx Tail changed from -9 to -13 on block
  • L Mallet Smash start-up increased from 20F to 21F; changed from -1 to ±0 on hit, from -11 to -5 on block
  • M Mallet Smash start-up increased from 23F to 25F; changed from ±0 to +3 on hit, from -10 to -3 on block
  • H Mallet Smash start-up increased from 25F to 27F; changed from +3 to +6 on hit, from -7 to ±0 on block
  • All versions of Rhino Horn no longer hit crouching opponents; hitbox greatly expanded downward, at close range if the 1st hit connects does 3 hits total
  • L Rhino Horn changed from -10 to -6 on block
  • M Rhino Horn changed from -13 to -5 on block
  • H Rhino Horn changed from -15 to -3 on block
  • EX Rhino Horn follow-up capability improved, easier to use in air combos; recovery reduced from 22F to 19F
  • H Scratch Wheel now considered grounded until the 1st frame of attack start-up
  • EX Scratch Wheel damage reduced from 210 to 180; stun reduced from 210 to 180; number of hits reduced from 5 to 4 hits; follow-up capability improved, easier to use in air combos
  • All versions of Spin Scythe follow-up attack now causes spinning knockdown
  • EX Spin Scythe knocks the opponent higher; like normal Spin Scythe, now has secondary input for follow-up attack
  • Spinning Beat (Super Combo) start-up reduced from 20F to 3F
  • Brave Dance (UC1) now connects all hits at the tip
  • Healing (UC2) Total frames after freeze increased from 80F to 102F; cancel timing at Revenge Gauge Max is only after 150 points of healing; at Revenge Gauge Max, healing amount reduced from 525 to 345 (252 with UCW)


  • Crouching HP hitbox greatly expanded to match the visuals
  • Hammer Hook (6+HP) hitbox moved upward with the arm section
  • Leap Attack (Jump 22+MK) now airborne 2F instead of 1F; from 4F now lower-body projectile invincible; knock back on air hit changed to that of Jump Medium attacks
  • Body Press (Neutral or Forward Jump 2+HP) knock back on air hit changed to that of Jump Heavy attacks
  • Ultra Throw no longer activates without Back input; 1st hit no longer causes stun, 2nd hit stun increased from 100 to 150
  • Meat Squasher simple command removed, without Forward or Back input → through Down inputs → ending with Up input, will not activate
  • L Monster Lariat start-up reduced from 15F to 14F
  • M Monster Lariat start-up reduced from 19F to 14F
  • H Monster Lariat start-up reduced from 24F to 18F
  • EX Monster Lariat now has two hits of armor
  • L, M and H Shootdown Backbreaker now airborne on 4F instead of 2F
  • L Giant Palm Bomber start-up reduced from 19F to 15F
  • L, M and H Giant Palm Bomber active frames increased from 2F to 4
  • Standing HP now has armor until just before the start of active frames


  • Hurtbox slightly expanded
  • Crouching HP 2nd and 3rd active frames now cancellable
  • L, M and H Aeolus Edge damage unified at 50 → 70 damage
  • L Aeolus Edge now reaches opponent at the edge of the screen
  • All versions of Whip of Love hitbox slightly expanded downward
  • L, M and H Whip of Love 1st and 2nd hits now Super-cancellable
  • EX Whip of Love 4th hit now floats the opponent higher; now jump-cancellable, on hit only
  • EX Kissed By A Goddess now Focus-cancellable
  • All Jump attacks can now be used as follow-ups


  • Hurtbox size expanded
  • Close and Far Standing MP now cause air reset on counter-hit (originally causes knockdown allowing for follows)
  • Crouching MP changed from +7 to +6 on block
  • EX Patriot Circle changed from -6 to -7 on block; damage reduced from 120 to 70
  • Patriot Sweeper (UC1) start-up increased from 6F to 7F

Source: Capcom-Unity, USFIV NESiCA site

  • Saba89

    So as Cody, if they make your safe jump whiff with delayed wake up you still have time to do a meaty cl.HP?

    • Wedge

      It’s 11f more recovery, so yes, obviously.

    • Slim

      Also Is Codystill gonna be wearing that prison uniform?

  • Deeyennay

    Can Makoto jump cancel EX Fukiage on block? Way to go Capcom nerfing Makoto’s U1, then putting her in 60%, nerfing her axe kicks and command grabs, etc. She already suffers from delayed wakeup. What’s going on?

    And does EX Red Focus absorb attacks? Or is it just a bit higher damage?

    This list really doesn’t tell us much lol.

    • Yorai Dragon

      Yeah some of the Makoto changes are silly -_-. Almost like they avoided most of the reasonable Makoto suggestions. Where’s more invincibility on Ex Oroshi, where’s lk mk target combo with mk ender having the same hitstun as mp.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      “EX Red Focus” means when you cancel into red focus from an attack.

      Just like “EX Focus Attack” means when you cancel into a rugalr focus attack from an attack.

      You know, like DP > FADC. That’s an EX focus attack.

      Also, good job eye zooming directly to Makoto’s nerfs, while ignoring the considerable buffs. EX Fukiage hitting standing opponents is HUGE. That already changes the way she plays considerably. Better cross up is also useful. An extra couple of frames of recovery are not game breaking. And, Ultra Double will serve her very well against projectile characters…that’s why she’s in the 60% group. You’re playing the part of “insatiable message board monster” well.

      • Deeyennay

        I know what an FADC is. I’m not stupid. Why would you FADC with Red Focus rather than a normal one? That’s why I’m asking if an EX Red Focus – NOT an EX RFADC – absorbs any attacks.

        And do you really think that her pathetic nerfed EX Fukiage, that can only be jump-canceled on hit, will change anything? Sure, it’s a nice tool for some new mixups but her entire game has been stomped into oblivion.

        • Emezie Okorafor

          I believe it was stated that it crumples on lvl1 hit (even though it wasn’t posted anywhere, I believe loke test reports from previous versions said it still did that).

          Also, if you watched some of the loke test footage, you saw Makoto players option selecting into EX Fukiage with crouch lk/mp from just out of range and scoring big damage (and possible corner carry) if the opponent tried to toss out a poke. If you don’t find that as well as more damaging punishes useful, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

        • k.b.a.

          i’ll wait for haitani

  • Dr. Claw

    CTRL + F “Dan” … ok, so the “BOOT” is now back + HK? I thought it was neutral HK in Ultra and the crappy old one was back + HK… they need to change that back

    • Wedge

      It should be considering the cl. hk is his traditional HK move and the far. hk was something they added. But whatever, at least it’s usable whenever you want now.

  • Aphelion

    WHOOOO! Cammy and Seth nerfs!

    • Yudir Chang

      Seth is dead lol. Can’t FADC srks. Which is funny because as “S Tier” as people made him out to be, it was only Poongko that did well. OnlineTony I guess, at a weekly.

      • Steven

        What type of bullshit is this.
        Edit: Nevermind it can’t be canceled after the first hit. It can still be cancelled first hit.

      • Elliot Roman

        he can fadc them but only on the first hit. just lik all the shotos

      • Sp00ks Pls

        Gentlemans agreement to not use Seth. Poongko and Tony didn’t get the memos.

  • TiredOcean

    Dudley rose changes are fantastic. A great tool for okizeme – but does the rose hit overhead or is it both high or low blockable?
    His f.HP change is also interesting. Will it be practical (or even possible) to incorporate his f.HP in juggle combos? In any case, using that move as an anti-air from far away will now have a greater reward (I’m thinking f.HP, LK/MK Ducking Straight/Upper may be possible [EX Ducking Upper will definitely be possible]).

    • deci

      the rose changes are mostly for fun. you still need to waste 2 meters to use it for a mixup which is only marginally better than your standard mixup. and the 1 dmg is nice in theory for those 3s chip kills but actually it’s kind of a damage nerf to any combos involving a rose setup now since it adds to scaling.

      also, his footsies honestly didn’t feel much different which was his main problem. they are slightly better but not much. his block strings pressure and combos got even scarier though. ch rh push back, only -1 on block lp mgb, hp mgb leaving you closer on hit. +10dmg on all chain combos? pretty good stuff.
      still kinda loses for free to low profile though 🙁

  • RunningWild1984

    At the end of the day, it’s still SF4. A terrible game.

    • Yudir Chang

      Your existence is terrible.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      It certainly still isn’t anywhere near Third Strike despite how much they’ve been changing IV over the years.

    • VicViper

      I wouldn’t say terrible, but in general it’s definitely not as good as the other games that’s for sure. I mean I played SSF4 back in 2010 and as soon as I first played ST, I was like why in the fuck am I playing this shit?

      USF4 is definitely shaping up to be the best version yet though. People actually have to play footsies to win this time instead of relying on stupid ass vortexes. Wish some characters could go back to their SSF4 glory though

      • Steven

        This sounds like a Marvel vs Capcom 2 versus MVC3 argument. So much in Street Fighter 2 has transitioned to SFIV there just seemed to be less of a wakeup game and combos. SFIV actually seems like a good upgrade and growth of the series. The fun of street fighter doesnt seem lost in IV or toned down. Players have just become more avoidant of being knocked down. Getting knocked down is something people try to avoid in real fights.

  • Henny Henri

    that makoto nerf … serious why?? because she can cross up easily ? pfff shame

  • Simeon

    It looks like Combofiend has a lot of explaining to do.

    • k.b.a.

      i really hope he says ‘nah this is it. it’s final. and it’s the last one. you guys can mod the pc version. we’re doing darkstalkers now’

      • Simeon


  • Kazamax1994

    Noooooooooo my Seth! Dx
    I understand the cross-ups and tandem cancel nerfs, but stun nerfs? really?!
    So much for being the ‘Glass Cannon’ of the game ;__;

  • JackgarPrime

    Oh man, I LOVE these Cody changes! I think he’s going to be very dangerous in Ultra due to his now-increased overall safety. And hopefully we’ll see more use of the knife now.

    • Wedge

      Dunno what you’re reading man, nothing got safer other than cr. mk as a poke. And EX CU is still not fully invulnerable, but is now super unsafe on block.

      • Sir Asdfghjkl

        CU was great to destroy FA players when close, so now that we have Red Focus, I can definitely see that as a problem

    • LockM

      What?Although Cody is “buffed” he is hurt alot by all the changes in Ultra. His bad matchups have gotten slight nerfs but are still bad matchups. His good and even matchups have now gotten buffs adnd combined with the DWU Cody has even more trouble with these characters.

      Cody his EX CU lost it’s throw invincibility, so that becomes shit against grapplers. it’s far more punishable now because of decreased pushback, a move that is already heavvily negative on block, easily safejumped, os’d, baited with neutral jumps and crossups. heck you can even do an OS throw and beat it! His is ok, it only does 70 damage and you don’t get anything from it unless it’s meaty on hit. His zonk fadc is useless because you would only ever use it when you know it would hit. Cody cant even combo after it so a useless buff. The knife combos are the same, he can now reset after light criminal uppeer which is gimmicky and oesn’t give him ANYTHING. Knife is still USELESS. Cody will fair worse in Ultra than in SSFIV.

  • melkore

    Did Cammy really need to be nerfed that much?

    • Flutterderp


      • stephendeo

        hell yes

      • Sir Asdfghjkl

        pffft. scrubs.. bring it, i’ll still dominate you pansies who don’t know how to duck. I said BRING IT!!!!

    • Wedge

      They just made her even more boring now, since her fierces are basically mediums now, there’s not even a reason to go for harder or character specific combos anymore…

      • Gary Gipson

        Hey canceling into cannon strike from hooligan is gonna be fun 🙂

        • Wedge

          Not with how the implemented it it isn’t. Except possibly EX hooligan.

    • RobertEspaillat


  • PJ

    What am I missing about the explanation of the EX Red Focus? Same input, 3 bars, same damage as regular focus. Is there some typo going on there or what?

    • Yudir Chang

      That’s the EX cancelling of another normal/special.

    • Justin Beauchamp

      1.5x damage, and crumples on level 1 unless they changed that.

      • Wedge

        It says lvl 1 and 2 are the same as a normal FA now… so yeah it sounds totally pointless to FADC with the Red Focus.

        • Emezie Okorafor

          No, it says that for REGULAR red foucs.

          For EX Red Focus, it does not say that.

          Notice that “Red Focus” and “EX Red Focus” are listed as different categories.

          I know people like to think Capcom is run by idiots, but no, they wouldn’t make you spend 3 bars for NO REASON AT ALL.

        • Justin Beauchamp

          I was referring to EX red focus, which is when you cancel into it (costing 3 bars). I’m not sure what they mean about regular red focus level 1 and 2 being the same as regular focus.

  • RazingPhoenix

    Respect my Ultra 2 Ryu…RESPECT IT!!! and thanks for Juri buffs. Also, I don’t understand the lk Tatsu nerf on E. Ryu. Is that a nerf on his big damage combos?

    • Andy Andrews

      If you’re bad it is…if your are average or better it changes nothing. The window to connect the SRK at the end is going to be smaller thats all.

  • Azrael VG

    So Ryu really needed a buff to cr.MK.

    Well I think Capcom settled it then cr MK Fireball , Fireball , Fireball, Fireball is the only good high skilled vortex in street fighter.

  • BulletToothTeddy

    Still not feeling the red focus. SFIV brought focus into the game as a dumbed-down parry for the masses. You weren’t smart enough or couldn’t react fast enough to parry and punish in Third Strike? Just mash two buttons together in SFIV without regard to timing for similar affect. Now they’re taking it to another level it didn’t need to go to with red focus. smh

    • Yudir Chang

      Eh, while I do enjoy 3rd Strike, parrying was way too strong, being there isn’t much counterplay. Air-parrying srk’s, for example, means even if you space yourself correctly and dp at the right time, that fundamental Street Fighter strategy is nullified. Focus was fine, grey health, grounded, can be countered with throws and armor-breakers. While I personally didn’t think red focus was a big deal, at the Super Arcade location test there were some interesting ways to use it. Generally when you’re close to Ryu, you could focus a fireball and dash in, so to counter that, Ryus typically use Shakunetsu at that range to blow up focus. This one Vega player read that and used red focus against Valle and caught him. Mind games!

      • deci

        dat chris king lol.

        fa is a completely different mechanic than parry. they are not even remotely close. fa mechanic in general gets a bad wrap but it’s actually a pretty deep system that adds quite a bit of mind games to the classic sf footsies and anti air gameplay.

    • Candle Ja

      Hey BulletToothTeddy do you like Third Strike?

      Talk more about Third Strike.

  • Jozef

    Making Elena’s rekka entirely unsafe is a little lame. First Rekka should be at least somewhat safe, -9 is too much.

  • Vega ShadowClaw

    What happened with Vega buffs? =/

    EX Scarlet Terror now completely invincible from 1-4F
    Crouching LP frame advantage increased from +4 to +5 on hit
    Cosmic Heel (3+HK) total frames reduced from 32F to 27F; +2 on hit against point-blank opponents; -4 when blocked on 2nd active frame (on active frames 3-5 block disadvantage decreases by frame)

    • Luisito

      PIE Zeus happened. Blame him. Blame him for everything. 🙂

      • Guest

        What are you mean? O_o

      • Wedge

        Lol yeah, Capcom decided he was fine and took away all his cookies. Such is the life of SF IV Claw.

    • Neil Merchant

      Chris King beating Alex Valle, I guess lol. Here I was all excited for Vega in Ultra…cross your fingers that maybe this is just an incomplete list.

  • Luisito

    “Red Focus Performed by pressing light punch + middle punch + middle kick”

    That is AWFUL for pad players. The fuck are you thinking Capcom. MP+HP+MK would be better. Or make it HP+HK and move taunt to select or whatever.

    • Vega ShadowClaw

      Not, you just can press PPP + MK and it’s the same.

      • Luisito

        I guess lol. I didn’t think about that.

        But mp+hp is still better than lp+mp for people who don’t use PPP.

    • solidoutlaw

      Just use your thump to press the the upper face buttons.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Or just buy a stick.

      • VicViper

        Even on stick, having it be HP would be way better.

        with LP you kind of have to do this awkward thing whereas with HP you can just put your fingers down naturally

      • Wedge

        I think it’s a weird input on stick too. I have to do mk+mp with my thumb and middle finger now instead for this, which is awkward.

    • deci

      i don’t like it either. MP+HP+MK is so much more natural.

      also, goodbye lp+lk+mp+mk focus tech os 🙁

    • Candle Ja

      At first it was MP+MK+any other attack button. When I read this change I thought, “someone must have thought that was too intuitive and had it removed.”

      And it’s not just bad for pad players. What the hell kind of claw hand do I have to make to hit those buttons on a stick? When it was any button, I was thinking I’d hit HP with my pinky.

    • OmegaNITRO

      Taunt is fine where it’s at. Focus+Heavy would be better though.

  • D Truong

    Seriously, capcom is messing up Fei too much. More disadvantageous after a dp fadc again? Nerfed rekkas by two counts, cannot chain his cr lk, basically he lost the essentials to pressuring. Stop this nonsense, I don’t care if combofiend doesn’t like Fei, doens’t mean they should all ruin him, continuously after a few iterations.. it’s enough stop it. Fuck.

  • D Truong

    Seriously, capcom is messing up Fei too much. More disadvantageous after a dp fadc again? Nerfed rekkas by two counts, cannot chain his cr lk, basically he lost the essentials to pressuring. Stop this nonsense, I don’t care if combofiend doesn’t like Fei, doens’t mean they should all ruin him, continuously after a few iterations.. it’s enough stop it.

  • $19298411

    RIP Elena, forever crap by Capcom.

    Had one good loke-test and then everyone promptly complained and whined until trash tier 🙁

    • JimScreechie711

      Shes not Crap WTH are you talking about .. Shes actually balanced now stop crying at the beginning of the movie

      • $19298411

        Lol she was balanced before numbnuts.

    • Sir Asdfghjkl

      She’s a bit speedy, so I understand. probably the same people who wrote off Hugo because he’s slow. Can’t wait to body some n00bs with a new grappler

      • $19298411

        Hey I wish you luck on your endeavors, I’ll still play Elena because that’s my girl, just sucks to see some of these changes, I thought Capcom would actually make her useful for once, but we’ll see when it drops, if she isn’t good just have to make her seem good.

        • Sir Asdfghjkl

          Well with Hugo, that’s pretty much how the story goes with every grappler; they’re too weak to use, yet too strong to fight. wut?
          thanks though, and every character is useable IMO. in 3rd Strike, Q was considered the weakest, then when Kuroda and other guys were winning tournament matches with him, suddenly Sean became the weakest. Crazy how that works, huh?

          • $19298411

            Well…let’s be real, Kuroda is the god of 3s. That man could win SBO with Q.

          • Sir Asdfghjkl

            He COULD,
            He COuld…

            Final opponent is *drumroll please* the man himself, MOMOCHI! Check it out

  • Tenmakujinkyaku

    thank god they removed that stupid wind effect from elenas target combo, it was awful.

    • $19298411

      Personally i liked it.

  • Is there a typo on Ibuki’s crouch light punch? It says increased, but the values show a decrease. Which is it?

    • Justin Beauchamp

      It’s 1 frame faster. It’s 4 now, so it has to mean it was changed to 3.

  • MaHann9224

    Man, so many Juri buffs; most I agree with, but that C.MK buff is a little too much :(. Glad the J.HP is still a hard knockdown, though.

  • Luisito

    Something I don’t understand is why they completely remove some buffs instead of tweaking them.

    For example why did they revert Chun’s jump speed? Of course it was too good you made it retarded to begin with. But instead of making it “less retarded” they just revert it to her original floaty jump. Like there’s no in between tested.

    It seems like they just try outrageous changes for the heck of it then they remove them when they notice how obviously broken they are. So in the end USF4 will just be AE 2014 with minor balance changes and a bunch of gimmicks added. Which is fine by me but it could look really bad in the eyes of the casuals which are 99% of the people Capcom are trying to please.

    • dopeedoo

      Agreed. Shit is stupid. The jump gave her the improvement she needed to feel like she “belonged” in SF4. She is too SF2 in a game that has an expanded air game.

    • Candle Ja

      A lot of these crazy changes make me think of HDR.

  • Moo Boo

    Well yeah, peoples capcom is actually adressing are clearly casuals here… But well, it’s not the only fighting game of the world if you are not interested by this.
    King of Fighters XIII is far better if you mean to play it seriously, and have a great character balance.
    I personally see SF as a good nostalgic game with tons of super ultra mega boom effects, but i can’t considere it as a seriously fighting game a seconde.
    I mean come on…

  • Steven

    Red Focus input sounds awkward on controller and arcade stick. Maybe it should be medium punch, medium kick, and any other punch button (Heavy preferably). And can you FADC with red focus?

    (I don’t play with arcade stick but how would someone hold the mediums and press the light punch button in front of them?)

    • Justin Beauchamp

      thumb on mk

      • Steven

        I thought that might be it. mp,mk,hp still sounds better. lp,mp, mk sounds like a mess on pad and regular controller.

        • Sir Asdfghjkl

          it’s not impossible. i can kara throw, and it’s much more complicated to slightly press M.p then l.k.+l.p .
          Stick sounds easy, though this is all just me

          • Steven

            i like to keep my thumbs positioned right on the 360 controller and I think you can FADC the red focus. Pressing those buttons with a dash cancel sounds super awkward.

  • Quan Chi

    Red focus command is pretty odd. I thought it was mp+mk+any other button? Good thing I put R1 and R2 as MP and MK and triangle and circle as light punch and light kick 😛

    RIP UCW….. Red focus already does more damage than you.

  • Jeptha Hines

    Interesting Abel and El Fuerte changes.

  • RomanceHD

    So Dan doesn’t have to hit the opponent anymore to Meter gain for taunting? … This is GREAT! Now we Dan players can really play Dan to his full potential with style & even more disrespect… just how Dan is suppose to be played! Now just give Dan a Saikyo Style Raging Demon and we’re really in business here!

    • Renzo Frassinelli

      Personally, I ever thought that some of Dan’s stuff, like Haoh Gadoken not fully-connecting after FADC’ing a Koryuken was made just for the sake of him being a joke character.

      Seems like he’ll be a lot better on this game!

    • Candle Ja

      He’ll slide for 1/4 of the screen then trip. The trip is the grab. He falls on the opponent, Blanka(or Sakura if you’re fighting Blanka) turns off a light switch and you see the hit sparks. The lights are turned on too soon and you see all Dan is doing is mudhole stomping.

  • General_Awesomo

    Seriously, not cool. Why does Capcom hate Vega so much? I really hope these changes don’t make it in to the final build, that they’re just seeing if Vega needs these buffs (AND HE DOES).

    So you deny Vega easier cr.LP linking (as opposed to near impossible unless you mod your pad/stick), his first true reversal (without Splendid Claw) in YEARS and deny him an improved Cosmic Heel as a means to get in.

    Also, I was hoping it was just a typo, but you really did nerf the frame advantage on EX Rolling Crystal Flash. A comboable Super Combo doesn’t replace that, as that will most likely just be a round finisher, whereas Vega prefers using EX moves instead in his BnBs.

    Essentially, all Capcom wants Vega to do is throw all day and nothing else.

    • Candle Ja

      They are so liberal with nerfs but conservative with buffs.

  • Wedge

    Wow that DP FADC normalization. No more DP FADC forward bullshit anymore outside of combos.

  • Steven

    Looks like they want dp canceling to be different

  • Tenmakujinkyaku

    Wait, isn’t seth getting his sf4 jump back heavy back?

  • Candle Ja

    EX Red Focus being 3 bars is a nice change.

    Overall I still wish I would have read this before watching the Spinal/Fulgore trailer. Aside from the new characters and Red Focus, this game is a hype vacuum.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Elena: Healing kinda sucks. 300+ at MAX isn’t much since it’s a defensive-type ultra, meaning that it can’t do any damage, so what’s the big fuss? if she was absorbing enemy health, it’s one thing, but a regen ultra is kinda useless if every other ultra can set you straight in a second, you can argue that with Red focus, you can spam heal, but R.F. applies to everyone, So healing kinda blows.

    Personally, I say boost it to 400. It’s not 525, but 325 at MAX is garbage, since most Ultras can destroy that easily, hell, a good combo can wipe it’s ass with that.

    • Marvin Choi

      The point is that you use Healing safely so that you CAN eat another UItra or combo. It’s not supposed to put you at a MASSIVE advantage just by activating it safely or still be worth it if you use it unsafely.

      • Sir Asdfghjkl

        But why not just take the offensive route? i can understand if you’re playing a much more skilled player tanking on you, but if you’re really are having a lot of trouble, you’re just gonna get bodied anyways

        • Emezie Okorafor

          325 damage is about how much damage Ryu’s Ultra does.

          So, if Elena lands a knockdown and heals 325 health, it’s theoretically the exact same thing…just in a different direction. Whether you do 325 damage to the opponent, or gain 325 health, the overall result is mathematically the same.

          “but 325 at MAX is
          garbage, since most Ultras can destroy that easily, hell, a good combo
          can wipe it’s ass with that.”

          Yeah, but if you DIDN’T heal, YOU’D BE DEAD. But, since you healed, you are able to eat that ultra and STILL LIVE. That’s the point.

          • Sir Asdfghjkl

            I was actually thinking about Ryu’s ultra1(369 at MAX) while writing that, and I figured that if you can distance yourself, you can still heal (at least that’s what you can do in 3rd Strike if you position yourself properly)

            Concerning that last paragraph: but if you use U1, YOU CAN TAKE OUT YOUR OPPONENT IN SWIFT ACTION

            Really, we can argue this in circles, but all we’re talking about are the advantages and disadvantages of Elena’s Ultra, something I’m sure we already know. My only point is that 325 is still pretty weak from what it can actually be. It’s less balanced since even though it fits Elena, her U1 as it is outshines it . if you manage to throw them in the air, you can catch them with U1 which is far greater than some measly health points, and with Red focus, you can take them out with much more simplicity instead of depending on a nerf.

            I didn’t play SFxT, so I’m sure 325 is great for tag play, but in SF4, if you’re going solo Ultra, U1 is a smarter choice (252 on w.U? GTFO)

            U2 fits Elena and her play-style, but 325 won’t cut it. It’ll impress the casuals (what won’t), but a deeper look would show that even though it FREAKING HEALS YOU, U1 is greater in every other way.

          • Emezie Okorafor

            I would actually guess that she has more set-ups that lead to healing than setups that lead to U1.

            For example, she could probably heal after landing a throw. She can’t land an U1 after a throw.

            She can probably land healing after a FA crumple…and unlike U1, it won’t be scaled by to 80%.

            Against slow characters, she might be able to just activate it from full screen. Or, use it to win a time over at the last second.

            None of these uses need meter. Some don’t even require you to be near your enemy. Comboing into U1 generally requires meter and a hit confirm (which decreases the damage of U1)

            In other words, U2 is looking like it will be easier to use than U1. Also, keep in mind that Elena is probably going to have 900 health (she does in SFxT). So regenerating life would actually be very useful for her.

            We really don’t know until we try. But, making her get 400 or 500 health would probably be overkill. Reports from the first loketest suggested that.

          • Sir Asdfghjkl

            Elena ALWAYS had more set-ups to heal, mainly because it was OUTSHINED by her other supers; SA1 had the most meter, and while weak, can do more damage with all 3. SA2, did crazy chip damage if a full hit didn’t connect(yes, it can be parried, but I’m not talking about that).

            Like i said, we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages in circles, so let’s agree to keep agreeing.

            All I’m trying to say is that U2 heal is just too weak! If it was used against after throw, full heal won’t happen, she’ll also keep having to settle against shotos because of one ball of plasma hurtling at her or take a hit if the player wants to just squeeze out a bit more, teleporters will get the drop on her, Dhalsim, the list goes on.

            There is no high risk, high reward, there is only high risk, somewhat moderate reward, whereas U1 has all you can ask for; full Ultra set-ups, great anti-air Ultra where if you miss will fling you to safety most of the time, and great damage. The only downside I can see is if they nerf the damage, in that case there are four other new characters to choose from.

            Elena has potential, but this ultra just doesn’t meet standards for solo ultra, and even less for a W (pretty much a joke at this point).

        • Marvin Choi

          The idea is that you use Healing while you are at an offensive advantage. You give up the advantage to gain more health and thus go into a safer neutral game. It would also make Elena really good for timer scams.

          • Sir Asdfghjkl

            I’m not saying the move is bad, and the advantages are obvious to anyone who takes a second to think about it, but it’s too weak, and trying to use it will require too much defensive play, and in that time your opponent will keep the pressure on, and wait for a whiff. It’s risky, and not much bang for your buck (especially if you’re using W ultra, which I assume most players will use if considering Healing)

          • Marvin Choi

            My argument is that you CAN’T use it while playing defensively. It only pays off if you’ve been playing offensively effectively.

  • Spiral0Architect

    I would be so much more interested in Ryu if they would just give him his damn donkey kick.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Can’t help but feel Cammy is to USF4 what Jin is to Tekken 5

    • Candle Ja

      But there’s no Devil Jiiiiiii-OH SHIT DECAPRE!


  • Shindoi Hayato

    If you’re gonna take everything else from SFxT, give Ryu his Joudan Sokutougeri.

    • Sir Asdfghjkl

      >>>>>inb4 sf3 did it FIRST

      • Shindoi Hayato

        I know that much. And I know that timeline-wise, this game is supposed to take place before SFIII, but at this point, continuity seems to have been pretty much thrown out the window. I just want more options for the old stand-by.

        • Omar

          If they give him the kick, then they’re going to take other stuff away…

          • Sir Asdfghjkl

            Doesn’t matter, was watching the location test and a co-commentator was talking about Ryu, and asked Combofiend if they will ever bring it back. Combofiend (in a low tone, mind you) said no. Dude laughed it off, but I could feel his pain ;(

  • JnKzm

    Combofiend…if you’re reading this….please…please, give Ryu some more buffs. Going through and reading the majority of these changes it is clear that many of the characters whom fought even with Ryu now look to having the advantage, while some of the difficult matches for Ryu have either stayed the same as in AE:2012 or gotten worse due to those particular characters getting significant buffs.

    Things like jumping MP into Airtatsu to me feels more aesthetic then anything else, but more importantly…Situational, which is not a significant improvement. The only things from reading his list that has any legitimacy is the slight buff to and Ex-Shoryu Fadc into U2.

    Outside of that, the rest of the changes don’t really improve upon Ryu whatsoever. Just simply keeping him near AE:2012 level will not be a good idea when you consider the fact that many of the weaker characters in AE:2012 from this list have definitely improved, while many of the strongest characters in AE:2012 are going to stay near the same or potentially being even better.

    It would be nice to see more indefinite buffs that will actually increase Ryus capabilities instead of really nothing.

  • DWU

    lp + mp + mk for red focus? how awkward this will be for pad players

  • Jeremy Wilson

    i really don’t mind the changes for all characters. it not about the characters is about,it about your skills as a player that’s what can be a noob or a top 10 player in the world it about you and whats move you make in the fight.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Daaaamn, Makoto got nerfed to death! instead of lowering recovery, they added frames to Karakusa!! EX Fukiage is also a victim. it’s hard enough to pull that move off more than once, but two bars for 160? that’s less than one bar in SSF4 where it was 175!!! i mean 120 seemed perfectly balanced, why are they pushing it???

    Someone’ seems to be holding a grudge from the 3s days LMAO

    EDIT: oh my god, Vega… AHAHAHAHAHAHA!@@!@@@!!!@!@!!@!@!@

    • OmegaNITRO

      The damage got nerfed because it hits standing opponents and is jump cancelable (apparently on block too which they initially had then removed). If you whiff a Karakusa you’re supposed to die for it.

      Vega got slightly unbuffed and lost one barely used combo. I don’t see how he’s not still improved.

      In this build they’re not making everyone better. But neither Makoto nor Vega actually lost anything major.

      • Sir Asdfghjkl

        Maybe it’s just me because I always saw that move as a dp, but c;mon, that damage is so shitty! how can you justify that??

        • OmegaNITRO

          Because on standing opponents you get a full juggle combo off of it, plus it’s a relatively safe mixup tool in blockstrings by being jump cancelable?

    • Guest

      I’m all for the EX Fukiage rebalancing since it practically doubles Makoto’s options, but the Karakusa, I agree is ridiculous. You whiff one of those and you’ll be standing there forever. That move already recovers really slow. If they want to add frames, I would say add no more than 2. 4 is basically breaking Makoto’s entire game.

  • Corto

    We are at build 4 or 5 and Ryu still does not have the donkey kick? LAME.

  • Cla

    Based solely on what is written in these change notes… I’m not understanding the difference between Red Focus and EX Red Focus. It sounds like with EX Red Focus, you’re just spending more meter for no reason…. ???

    • Fahad Swailem

      EX Red focus is when u cancel a special or normal move into focus attack while Red focus alone is just focusing outside of a combo

  • SenSx

    Vega changes must be a bad joke.
    Remove all the good buffs and nerf the character, really ?
    remaining buff are almost useless, the crouch HP and U1 invicible make
    little to no difference, U2 is not a buff, it is just making justice to
    something that was nerfed without good reason, and no one ever use his
    super anyway…

    The invicible frames on EX Scarlet are gone, I disagree with this, but I was expecting it.
    it is wrong or not, at least there is a reason behind this change,
    since Vega was not a character design made to have reversal or instant
    WTF aa moove.

    Ok, fine, but why is the +5 clp gone ?
    THIS, is a complete nonsense !!!
    get random shoryukened all the time while I am trying to combo those
    clp because of to hard timing execution for online play, this is not
    cool for people having average online connection or/and playing with a
    pad like I do, that still want a litle fun with the game, when all the
    cast can spam light easily.
    Sure claw has the range, but it is all he has, and it is far from being enough.
    not a buff that will make him OP, but only more enjoyable to play with,
    and less frustrating, it is more than a buff, it is an ergonomic
    change, what is wrong with you Capcom ?

    This update is just an
    offence in the face of all Claw players that have been waiting for
    improvements for over 5 years, if you don’t want claw in cast, just get
    rid of him definitly.
    I alwready gave up the game because of Claw
    suckyniess, but Ultra won’t make me come back, no one is going to main
    the guy if almost everyone is getting buffs but him, while he is one of
    the chars that need them the most.
    And dont use some god player as standard to balance a character…

    you’ll see Capcom will just remove the EX roll nerf to make us believe
    he was finally buffed in the end, congratz Capcom, good trolling job !

  • Sp00ks Pls

    What is the point in the Oni changes if none of them do anything? He is still going to get all of his specials beat out by almost 80% of the casts normals.

  • Guest

    Those Makoto changes are making me nervous as more build changes get shown. Initially, I thought that Ultra 1 being nerfed was too bad, but okay when EX Fukiage can hit grounded. Then EX Fukiage got nerfed. Okay, sure, that would make sense if it is easy to hit more often. But THEN, you add 4 FRAMES of recovery to Karakusa!? I get it, it’s a really good move, especially when Kara’d, but just how fast of a recovery did they think it had? If anything, an extra 2 frames is plenty, not 4. Now they’re starting to fiddle with the Tsurugis. If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it. If you start adding – frames on block to those, you’re taking Makoto’s forward pressure away. In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and continue sacrificing lambs in front of my Capcom shrine idol hoping that they don’t go any further with her nerfing. I would have wished they kept her largely the same tbh; Her flaws made her balanced due to high risk for high reward.

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    I always thought Balrog’s U2 was shitty, now it’s officially shitty. Was there some online technology I never heard of? Someone explain, cause this is hurting my brain :S