Kokonoe Banned from BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Competition at Rebel Up, Community Effort Orlando’s Alex Jebailey and Level|Up Series’ Alex Valle Asking for Community Feedback

By on January 21, 2014 at 2:56 pm

While talk about banning BlazBlue: Chronophantasma’s Kokonoe from competitive play has been a hot topic for quiet some time, much of the discussion remained hypothetical and no moves were made to actually do so until earlier today.

Prominent Arc System Works streamer Joshua “Jyosua” Moore, who regularly handles broadcasts at event like The Runback, announced this morning that Kokonoe is officially banned from all Rebel Up (a bi-weekly tournament series held at Super Arcade) events for the foreseeable future. He mentioned that he is also in talks with the folks at Level|Up Series to ban her at The Runback and SoCal Regionals 2014.

This announcement arrives after tournament organizers in Chicago made a similar decision for their own local tournaments.

In response to this, Community Effort Orlando’s Alex Jebailey gathered details from Moore and Team Spooky’s Josh “Nerdjosh” Jodoin, the latter a Kokonoe player himself, about the situation. Some of the issues they find with the character include her blockstring infinite, various Black Hole setups that are inescapable for much of the cast, and guaranteed touch-of-death combos from anywhere on the screen. Video examples of a few of their grievances can be found below.

Jebailey also included a quick poll asking the community to provide feedback. He stresses that the results are in no way a final decision and that Chronophantasma will definitely be a part of CEO 2014. Jiyuna got in on the action as well, providing a variety of counterpoints to the issues detailed in the aforementioned poll, which you can find here.

UPDATE – Jebailey recently provided us with a look at early results in his poll.


Level|Up Series co-founder Alex Valle has yet to weigh in on the topic, though much like Jebailey he has reached out to the community to hear what they have to say before making any decisions. Should you have an opinion one way or the other, be sure to give him a shout through @AlexValleSF4 and (politely!) make your voice heard.

As for past tournament results, LordKnight recently took home first place at Apex 2014 using Kokonoe as a secondary character to Valkenhayn, who is also seen as a rather dominant force in the game. Before that, Defend the North saw SKD and Necro Undine take first and second place respectively, though both also used different characters over the course of the tournament before the mirror-match grand finals.

So, with all that laid out, what do you think of this situation? Should the half-beastkin be barred from competition or should the community just let it rock? Be sure to take part in the discussion by following the links below and feel free to drop your opinion in our commments section as well.

Sources: Jyosua, Alex Jebailey, Alex Valle, videos courtesy of Pen Ninja and BananaKen, tip via Dahbomb