Kokonoe Banned from BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Competition at Rebel Up, Community Effort Orlando’s Alex Jebailey and Level|Up Series’ Alex Valle Asking for Community Feedback

By on January 21, 2014 at 2:56 pm

While talk about banning BlazBlue: Chronophantasma’s Kokonoe from competitive play has been a hot topic for quiet some time, much of the discussion remained hypothetical and no moves were made to actually do so until earlier today.

Prominent Arc System Works streamer Joshua “Jyosua” Moore, who regularly handles broadcasts at event like The Runback, announced this morning that Kokonoe is officially banned from all Rebel Up (a bi-weekly tournament series held at Super Arcade) events for the foreseeable future. He mentioned that he is also in talks with the folks at Level|Up Series to ban her at The Runback and SoCal Regionals 2014.

This announcement arrives after tournament organizers in Chicago made a similar decision for their own local tournaments.

In response to this, Community Effort Orlando’s Alex Jebailey gathered details from Moore and Team Spooky’s Josh “Nerdjosh” Jodoin, the latter a Kokonoe player himself, about the situation. Some of the issues they find with the character include her blockstring infinite, various Black Hole setups that are inescapable for much of the cast, and guaranteed touch-of-death combos from anywhere on the screen. Video examples of a few of their grievances can be found below.

Jebailey also included a quick poll asking the community to provide feedback. He stresses that the results are in no way a final decision and that Chronophantasma will definitely be a part of CEO 2014. Jiyuna got in on the action as well, providing a variety of counterpoints to the issues detailed in the aforementioned poll, which you can find here.

UPDATE – Jebailey recently provided us with a look at early results in his poll.


Level|Up Series co-founder Alex Valle has yet to weigh in on the topic, though much like Jebailey he has reached out to the community to hear what they have to say before making any decisions. Should you have an opinion one way or the other, be sure to give him a shout through @AlexValleSF4 and (politely!) make your voice heard.

As for past tournament results, LordKnight recently took home first place at Apex 2014 using Kokonoe as a secondary character to Valkenhayn, who is also seen as a rather dominant force in the game. Before that, Defend the North saw SKD and Necro Undine take first and second place respectively, though both also used different characters over the course of the tournament before the mirror-match grand finals.

So, with all that laid out, what do you think of this situation? Should the half-beastkin be barred from competition or should the community just let it rock? Be sure to take part in the discussion by following the links below and feel free to drop your opinion in our commments section as well.

Sources: Jyosua, Alex Jebailey, Alex Valle, videos courtesy of Pen Ninja and BananaKen, tip via Dahbomb

  • Gamegeezer .

    RIP NC Pain

  • BlackMasamune

    In my day, we regularly got bodied by broken characters and we liked it.

    • Steven Noxalyz Gale

      Well, infinite blockstrings so that you can still build meter to use your unblockable black hole is… ya know, a bit much. Infinites are one thing, but infinite blockstrings? You can only burst the first time it happens, but if she touches you again you die, and you no longer have the burst for thew next game, so if you get touched the first time next game, you die. And with her kit, it isn’t hard for her to set up that infinite blockstring again or easy get in. Not saying she should be banned, but some action should be taken.

      • Loli Bacon

        The blockstring isn’t infinite; they already found ways to deal with it. God forbid you can’t afk defend against a blockstring.

    • 하세요

      You mean to tell me you’d willingly pay money enter a tournament you know you’re going to lose constantly? Wish I had your bank account to have ‘fun.’

      • Dubsys

        What tournament have you won?

        • Steven Noxalyz Gale

          Here comes the “you don’t win anything/ you know nothing” comments…

          • lonedragonmaster

            uhmn you don’t….. If you know something this whole nonsense would of not have been started. Their banning a character because people refuse to use top tier.
            Like I said before, where the hell was this outrage and calls for ban back in CT when there were 3, count them, 3 characters that were destroying the rest of the cast.

          • Steven Noxalyz Gale

            So everyone should just play Kokonoe?

          • lonedragonmaster

            Everyone should grow a pair and play Top Tier like in every other game.

          • k.b.a.

            so… killer instinct is the wave of the future? just drop 10- characters in a game and make them all good. get rid of variety. ONE grappler who protects the land air and sea… and space. and shuma’s place too. one rushdown character with absolutely no health.

            seriously is there a JUST top tier game? no? fine i’ll just play barabariball and nidhogg

          • YYD

            In Lethal League, only the ball is top tier

          • ReddChief78

            KI has a grappler WTF when did this happen i haven’t seen a grapple move in that game yet except throws i guess that makes everybody a grappler. Night Wolf i mean Thunder is a rush down character nothing more.

          • Majin Akuma

            This guy is always hating on KI

          • lonedragonmaster

            You know what a better option is instead of banning a character is? Is what the rules state in every tournament now. All glitches, infinites, etc are banned. Why can’t the tournament providers ban a move set? specifically the Black Hole Super which the central issue in the entire debate.

          • OrehRatiug

            It isn’t the central issue.

          • lonedragonmaster

            It is though, most of the unblockables and TOD revolve around the Black Hole Super. Remove that, there’s non of the stuff people are arguing. If there’s anything else, it because they’re crying cause they can’t beat top tier.

          • Dreiko

            Sadly, the black hole is only but part of her issue. Her gravitons are borked, she is in DESPARATE need of same move proration on her 22 specials and 6B and she needs to be punishable when you bait her fireball super.

          • lonedragonmaster

            I repeat my answer, your arguing about top tier qualities. Those are not reasons to ban a character. What is broken is one move that allows her to essentially reset without mix up. You don’t have a valid argument beyond that one item. If we to go off what your stating you might as well ban every top tier character in every game.

          • Dreiko

            These qualities are so much better when put in context and when examined next to the qualities of the top tier group before Kokonoe was put in the game that when added up they amount to her being broken and unbalanced to a degree beyond merely “top tier”.

          • void

            because not everyone follows the rules

          • Flutterderp


      • ReddChief78

        Bro that’s like 95% of the players at tournaments there called pot monsters it’s more about having fun an experience and if you happen to win which rarely happens then great

    • NicolaAcoust

      In my day, Terry Bogard power-charged us to death and we kept putting those quarters in, until a well placed hip smash hinted the oponent that we won’t be taking it for much longer.

    • Robert Ng

      We loved it.

    • Cloak

      Fun fact: characters were banned in tournaments even in the SF2 days. Guile and Bison were banned in CE, Akuma was and still is banned in ST.

      Kakonoe is broken and obviously wasn’t tested enough so this ban is well deserved imo

  • Inan

    Rebel Up? /Dead. That joke could not have been better utilised.

  • MikelAL93

    As a BlazBlue player myself, I have to say that this whole “Ban Kokonoe” nonsense is getting out of hand…

    • grezex29

      As someone who’s been a Blazblue player since CT I agree, and I don’t. I think the ideal solution would be for Aksys to just patch her a bit like they did with Makoto in CS1, and like they’ve done with both Azrael in BBCP arcades, and Yukari in P4A2 arcades. That being said though, she DOES often come across as a UMVC3 character with Overdrive as her X-Factor. Or something.

    • lonedragonmaster

      You telling me. Where the hell was this outrage back in CT when there was 3 characters who were destroying the rest of the cast like a bunch of chumps? I don’t know what to say….. I really don’t…..

      • Andrew Norris

        There were at least 3 of them then

      • Steven Noxalyz Gale

        BB wasn’t big enough back then for any tournament organizers to care. Actually, if I remember correctly BB CT was barely at any tournaments for people to get angry at. Not major/weekly ones anyway.

        • lonedragonmaster

          You really want to go into this conversation? I can list a few other games that were in every NA tournament that had characters that should of been banned, but guess what? They weren’t, so this nonsense is beyond hypocritical.

          • lonedragonmaster


          • ChatKnight

            Insert Melee example here?

          • Steven Noxalyz Gale

            I don’t think you get what I was saying, but oh well. I don’t want any conversation dealing with you truthfully, since it’ll just be a debate/online argument.

          • Glenn Vaughn

            …yet you keep replying?

          • Steven Noxalyz Gale

            He asked a question. I replied. Nothing wrong with being civil.

      • Dreiko

        Nothing in the history of BB has ever been quite as broken as Kokonoe. Not CT Rachel, not CS2 Makoto, nothing. She’s a notch or ten above everything we’ve ever seen in the past.

        • lonedragonmaster

          Oh really so CT V-13 was not the vane of every character existence in the game?

          • SecretInformant

            Jiyuna, who’s the best Kokonoe from America, and currently living and playing in Japan, called Kokonoe the strongest character who’s ever been in the series, and said she’s way stronger than CT V-13

          • Caleb Scottie Spicer

            v13 didnt do 6k and had a unblockable reset

          • Chris |Eshi| Manning

            CT V-13 had even match-ups. CT also had plenty of other crazy shit (Arakune curse on block, Rachel instant guard break block strings, Carl’s infinite). No one even comes close to Kokonoe in a cast over twice as large as CT.

          • Dreiko

            Nope, in fact Bang had a 45-55 matchup against her and he was the third weakest in the game.

            Rachel was better than CT Nu btw.

      • PotatoX

        None of them had a gapless on IB blockstring into an unblockable that’ll kill you. Not even CT Rachel. j.2C train wasn’t gapless and her corner pressure that looped into itself also had gaps. And to get the kind of damage that Kokonoe gets off of black hole, Rachel would need 100 meter. Koko can do it meterless. On top of that, she has a teleport and a reversal that you have to take damage to punish. That set already outclasses all of the CT top 3.

        • lonedragonmaster

          Wow, so your going to use the same argument that I already beat in all the other comments. This is like elevator music, set to play in a loop.

          • PotatoX

            Your argument was the existence of the top 3 in CT. Kokonoe’s stronger. Your reply was “B-but v-13”. Even CT V-13 can’t do Kokonoe does. Did you actually play any of these games?

            For the most part, this decision is being kept up to the TOs. I do think this kind of decision is more important for America than it is Japan because we all can’t run away to the arcades to not have to deal with Kokonoe.

          • lonedragonmaster

            In essence did V-13 defeat every character? yes or no? Did she have any bad match ups? yes or no? Was her dmg insanely high compared to other characters in the game? yes or no? Could she shut down half the cast with her one button move? yes or no? You’ll find that the answer to all of them is yes except to one. Your argument about a system that has drastically change since CT compared now is flawed.

          • lonedragonmaster

            You want to sit there and list moves and proration and say V-13 wasn’t doing the same thing is bull.

          • PotatoX

            She didn’t have any bad match ups, but the only characters she shit all over just for existing were Arakune and Tager. No. Her damage was high, but not insanely high compared to the rest of the cast. 5D you could still airdash over it and hit her if you called it out, though characters that didn’t have good airdashes like Arakune or Tager who simply doesn’t have an airdash were screwed, even so Fumo played against pretty much only V-13s and won SBO.

            Now I’m really thinking you didn’t play the game. Highest damage in CT was Rachel, period.

          • Vocaloid 00

            Welcome to Kokonoe.

        • Loli Bacon

          False: Rachel in CT had a gapless infinite blockstring that not only guaranteed a guard break, but forced you to drain your barrier if you didn’t want to take chip damage, which made her follow up combo do about 8k damage for only 50 meter: CT Rachel was more broken.

    • Skillionaire

      I’m sure the other ten people that play BlazBlue agree.

  • King9999

    I think they should leave her and let the tourney results speak for themselves. That’s how it’s always been done, right?

    • Vocaloid 00

      I think they should just ban the blockstring and if things are really needed, ban the blackhole. I understand that gravitron is kinda stupid. But it’s able to be dealt with.

  • Let her rock at the next tournament. If the exploit is widely used, then ban it. If you decide not to burst out of it and get killed, that’s your fault. It’s not like this tech is secret so EVERYONE has time to prepare.


    • TheAquacharger

      But all she needs is a mid-screen 2A to get you back into this. You only get one burst.

      • Loli Bacon

        And she needs to use her burst in order to go into it, otherwise she doesn’t get the corner carry. She’s not as broken as everyone thinks (although she’s pretty dumb)

      • Vocaloid 00

        You act like this is a common thing that you’ve been dealing with constantly. There are ways out of the pressure, I swear the people who want her to get banned are too lazy too find out how and just want too get babyfed a ban.

  • ivanchu77


  • Tan Tan

    Damn, so she’s ST Akuma broken after all.

  • King9999

    BBCP is gonna be hilarious to watch this year.

    • Radiance-

      As long as it’s not a capcom fighter. God forbid it.

  • swordsman09

    Nice thumbnail you guys.

    Interesting to finally see Kokopuffs taken to the point of being banned. This didn’t happen with Makoto when she was broken.

    • Steven Noxalyz Gale

      Did Makato have touch of deaths off of almost anything, unblock mixups and/or blockstrings? I wasn’t in tournaments during that time, so I honestly want to know.

      • swordsman09

        Well since I started playing Blazblue in CS2, I wouldn’t know too much. There aren’t many videos from back then either. But, when she was first released she had this trick called the parry loop which allowed her to do the same blockstring over and over again.

        As for touch of deaths, even now she can TOD you with the help of goldbursts. But even though there aren’t any TOD I’m aware of, she could get a pretty ridiculous amount of damage without much effort.

        • Dreiko

          The parry loop was a cs1 thing which was soon patched out of the game. If they fixed Kokonoe like they fixed Makoto I’m sure she’d be unbanned.

          • Wil Hart

            The Parry loop in CS1 was caused by being able to cancel prejump frames into parry then immediately into another normal. That was one interaction that needed to be changed in order to remove the loop. “Fixing” Kokonoe” requires much more than that. The comparison between the two instances is terrible. Kokonoe won’t get changed until an update at which point we can hope that she doesn’t get Rachel’d

          • Dreiko

            The cause or the way of fixing the issue is irrelevant. However much work it would require, if they altered Kokonoe in a way which resulted in results similar to those of altering Makoto, then she’d be fine for tournament play. I don’t see how the work required in fixing Kokonoe is relevant here. Sure, I agree that it’d likely need a bigger patch for Kokonoe to be fixed, I’m just saying IF she was fixed (however much work that entails), then she’d too be fine for competitive use like Makoto in cs1 was.

  • Dubsys

    If you can do multiple 1f links you deserve the infinite. (if kokonoe is banned, why not abel)

    • Steven Noxalyz Gale

      It’s logic like that that made characters like Vergil :c stahp pls. Ie beeg u.

    • Jason Slade

      Missing the 1f to make it a true blockstring still results in it being an incredibly tight block string that’s not quite impossible to get out of.

    • LordKnight

      there is advance input in this game, you can repeat inputs for an additional 3f, so it isn’t technically a 1f link

      • yeee geee

        Does no one have trouble but Me on the hazzy matchup
        So is she gunna be banned online haha 🙂

      • Dubsys

        that changes my stance on it then

  • NicolaAcoust

    It’s just Aksys giving free ranked points in gratitude for purchasing the DLC… they’ll patch her soon 😉

    • Peter Loney (ピーター)

      Aksys don’t do anything regarding balance, Arc Sys do.

  • TrulyAmiracle (EB)

    Took them long enough, broke ass braindead character fully deserves the ban.

  • a real ghost


  • Hulft

    Just let it rock, there is a bunch of broken chars in other games that are not banned like Pet shop in Jojo, Meta Knight that people complained a lot about and it is not banned and I don’t think It should be mentined but even Jean back in Vanilla was really broken and not banned at all. People adapt over time so should not be a problem in the long run. My opinion tho, but this comes to the BB comunity to take a decision about this matter

    • PringerX

      Petshop isn’t banned but if you pick him your opponent is almost always gonna counterpick him on you, no reason why BB players can’t just pick up a pocket koko, everyone i’ve talked to says she’s pretty braindead to learn

      • Urien (仙人をリンク)

        Dude, she is from what my friend tells me and he’s a Koko main. From what I’ve heard she’s just a really braindead Rachel. Though putting in work with Rachel is fun, and facing Koko as Rachel is like… what the fuck. Wind vs. Gravity but maintains the same aspect? Totally weird.

  • Dom Bonato

    Yes, ban this character, majority of the people want her banned and majority do not play her. Kokonoe is going bye-bye.

  • Andrew Olson

    There is a god!

    • lonedragonmaster

      if there was a god, they would not ban her because the arguments are unsubstantiated except for one.

      • Andrew Olson

        I dunno. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them. I actually didn’t care that much either way, but not having to deal with Kokonoe anymore is in no way a bad thing for myself lol. I’m positive this will be reversed sooner rather than later.

  • ImperiumProTeamMcArthur

    dude this can be counterd lol, there are holes in this string

    • Luke Tottman

      Go play a character without a DP and see what you can do.
      Also, if done correctly, the blockstring puts you in guard bonus and keeps you there even if you instant block. It’s tight.

    • PotatoX

      No holes, hence guard bonus activating. In the ones shown in the video, there are gaps on IB. However, she has other versions of the blockstring which are gapless on IB. Only ways out are to burst or to IB enough meter for guard cancel.

  • Luke Tottman

    Can I present an argument against Jiyuna’s comments?


    • TheAquacharger

      Yes you may.

      • Luke Tottman

        Well too bad! I already di… oh.

        • TheAquacharger

          I think they are pretty good counters to his arguments, honestly. I have no idea why he’s defending her so much since he argue’s player skill for the bottom 3. If he’s so confident in player skill then he should enter EVO (or whatever tourney he is planning on entering my assumption is EVO) with the lowest tier character possible. (Which I know he’s not arguing that aspect about player skill but anyone who argues player skill should enter tourneys with low tier characters like T-Hawk)

          • Urien (仙人をリンク)

            People do. I’ve seen low tiers. Remember, that Makoto in AE was considered low tier, but almost made grand finals.

            Anyways, even so I believe if one can be confident in their skill it works. Jiyuna knows his shit even moreso than most people do. I enter tourneys with low tiers. I know someone else who does too, they are both quite fun to do. Especially when you get far because people take tier-whoring seriously.

          • Excelancer

            Makoto was never ever considered low tier in AE, in fact, it was the best version of her, even better than now.

          • Urien (仙人をリンク)

            Then I was apparently lied to. (- – 😉

          • TheAquacharger

            Yeah, I’m not saying people do, but apparently this guys plan was to go to tourneys with Koko and wreck ass.

          • Urien (仙人をリンク)

            Literally everyone has a pocket Koko in the BBCP community (except the ones who DON’T want to pay for DLC). There are literally four types of people:

            A) Ones who paid for her, but have a main and keep her pocketed

            B) Ones who paid for her and main her
            C) Ones who didn’t even bother to get her
            D) Ones who didn’t even bother to learn to fight her

            D is usually the case. I’m C. I didn’t get her, but that’s mainly ad because I’m poverty tier for starters, and I wasn’t going to main her any time soon. Jiyuna actually is a pocket Kokonoe player, but he has a main. Kokonoe is just fun as fuck to play as, and that’s what I hear from other people as well. She’s “Rachel for Dummies.”

  • Dom Bonato

    Anyone listening, this character is BROKEN, don’t you understand. Remember how Hilde in Soul Calibur IV was banned. Exactly, I would agree to this. Kokonoe is more brutal than Valkenhayn, does more damage and is more cheap than Valkenhayn. Final thought, BAN HER.

    • Vocaloid 00

      Val does like max 3k with a good starter lol, Koko can 7k.

  • k.b.a.

    i had heard, but i didn’t know that the struggle was so real

  • I don’t think they should ban her, Lay down some rules yes. Cheap characters need love too.

  • ArmoredBoar

    so uh whatever happened to CS1 Bang and CS2 Makoto

  • I love BlazBlue and haven’t played CP yet, but from what I have seen Kokonoe is just too much. I used to be big into Smash, but ended up stopping because Meta Knight ruined the game. Basically I don’t want her to be another Meta Knight.

    • Vocaloid 00

      How is she too much if you don’t even have the game, lol.

      • I watched multiple tournaments, and Kokonoe just does good for absolutely no reason. I may have just seen the tournys where a good Kokonoe showed up, but even someone with a simple understanding of fighting games can realize she needs a nerf.

        • Vocaloid 00

          “Does good for no reason” I actually don’t know if you’re trolling or that dense.

          • Guest

            I guess that dense.

          • Guest

            By any chance do you main Kokonoe?

    • Urien (仙人をリンク)

      Believe me, she’s stupid, but not stupid to the point where she was unbeatable.

  • BloodWolF

    Not to make this any worse, as I’m not sure where I stand in the banning fight, but the second graph’s numbers do worry me. Almost 600 people have voted and almost 20% are maining a single character…out of 26. I do understand that this has more to do with them, however it’s still unsettling.

    • Urien (仙人をリンク)

      You know? … Looking at it now, that’s pretty fucking frightening.

  • Richard N

    After all these years of people begging for Kokonoe to be playable in BB here she is! Unplayable and the center of massive arguing and questioning of one’s gaming skills.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      the personal attacks will be coming soon on NA release watch

  • Steven Noxalyz Gale

    To those saying “Just learn to play against her” and “you’re bad if you think she is broken” I say to you… Yes, nothing is unbeatable, and yes, you can just get better, but that doesn’t mitigate the existing problem. Even pro players, the best of the best, can lose to, and admit, when something in a game is poorly designed. Justin Wong, for example, admits that Vergil (actually many top players agree with this) is dumb as all hell and even he can get scrubbed out by one. Doesn’t mean he’s bad. Justin has beaten numerous Vergils, but that doesn’t mean Vergil isn’t busted. You don’t have to be “unbeatable” to be broken, remember kids at home… Kokonoe is the same way. You can both be good at a game AND admit when something is clearly poorly designed. If you can’t admit to that, then maybe it is you who is bad at the game. After all, you would be the one who isn’t seeing something that is so obvious.

    Now am I saying ban her? No. Am I saying she is a problem? Yes, and I am not surprised that something is being done about it.

  • Ralph Brown

    inescapable block strings do suck but why all the crying over it?

  • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

    Talking to someone who actually plays, you have the following options:
    Counter Assault
    time a trade or invincible move after pillar
    Instant Block to build meter for the above choices

    So apparently there’s more ways out than just Bursting. Unless she legit 10-0’s people, I’m against a ban. Doesn’t seem like the case.

    • Luke Tottman

      Burst and Counter Assault, yes. These take resources though and if you don’t have them, bad luck.

      The initial setup for this loop is DP safe. Certain characters also need meter for their invincible moves…

      Instant blocking for meter is an option. After some combos though Koko only needs to do 1 or 2 reps into black hole to get enough meter. Sometimes IB’ing to get 50 meter in that space needs you to IB every hit of normals and multiple hits of the projectiles.

      While it’s not guaranteed, it’s more than any other character has by a long way.

  • Hecatom


    The BB comunity becoming more bitch made than ever

    I find hillarious that they ban her while she is not at the levels of characters like
    Zaton on GG in general, Toki and Rei on HnK, Kabal on MK, etc, etc

    This is why no one takes seriously the community anymore, stay free bitches

  • RobertEspaillat

    Banned a Character because they have a one touch death Set Up Comon guys didn’t you guys play MvC1, 2 Or Any 90s to 2000s Fighting game

    • Steven Noxalyz Gale

      There’s a lot wrong with this comment, but I’ll leave it be.

      • RobertEspaillat

        Really, really WTF is your problem.I giving my opinion about the subject your reply has NOTHING to do with this topic.

        • Luke Tottman

          What would you do if in SF4, Ryu could hit you with a jab at match start conditions and kill you without you even having a chance to escape after you get hit once?

          • RobertEspaillat

            Let see Vergil can do that, Any Mvc2 Character can do that, Just Deal with it and get better

          • Luke Tottman

            Vergil kills a character, another character comes in and gets a chance to block. Same goes with any MvC2 character. They’re effectively only taking away 1/3 of your HP.
            Once Kokonoe hits you, she gets you into a situation that’s either impossible or nearly impossible to escape, then you die. There’s no 2nd character to come in and save you.

        • Steven Noxalyz Gale

          It was your remark about everyone else, but you apparently edited it out, which is fine.

  • Divine Methidz

    The unfortunate and fortunate part is that we have technology to stop
    this type of stuff. Yes, we have dealt with non-sense like this before
    and dealt with it but so many really good players suffered from that
    because of a god-like overlook and they played at the time low tier
    characters. Now we can fix it easier so old school players say deal with
    it while new school players don’t want to put in the work. The thing is
    that “IT IS REALLY BROKEN” and needs to be fixed. Old school praise the
    fact that your hard work on something overpowered can still beat the
    bs with work and new school uses hotfixes to justify your lack of
    hardwork. The biggest issue I see today is that us old school players
    don’t understand program issues can be fixed because we have work
    through 16bit broken games from back then. While new school players
    whine about the fix before working through it because they know
    developers will “handle it’ with enough comments. This is the first
    character in a long time that is truly broken fighting games has come a
    long way. As a old school player I feel like “deal with it” but as a
    person who have seen the programming flaws first hand players deserve
    that option to ban something till it is fixed because of the quick fixes
    that are available. Especially because of the level of competition,
    skill and diversity that players play with today doesn’t care about tier
    as much anymore. It’s about I want what i love to do can be

    • ReoAyanami

      Children will never learn to grow up if their parents kept trying to make life fair for them.

  • Urien (仙人をリンク)

    Honestly how I see it is this: What game doesn’t have a broken character in the cast. Also that 2A into death combo setup, I’m guaranteeing is done with the CPU who is probably put to block on recovery, not to mention the fact that that kind of pressure can be broken with ease if you know how to play your character well enough.

    Kokonoe isn’t all that broken. If people were smarter, if you play Terumi, Hazama, or any character that throws projectiles, they set off the lightning trap easily and give you no damage, iirc.

    Terumi’s 5D sets it off
    Hazama’s Serpent Fang can set it off and cause the same result. Hell, I play as Rachel and set it off too. That’s how I found out some of this shit.

    Back to the whole thing at hand here. You wanna see a bullshit character you can’t press buttons on? Play against a Kagura that literally has to do nothing but watch you go in and get bodied by all his negative frame data trying to press buttons on him Also, I play others rather than Rachel, so I’ve seen my fair share of bullshit and Kokonoe is the most common matchup. Sure, I lose at times, but it’s not unanimous. Just learn to fight her. She’s stupid and dumb, but realistically, she’s still beatable. Practice more. At least she’s no CT Noel, or Rachel, or Mu.

    BlazBlue is my literally my second airdasher that I own since P4A, and I’m still learning. Play the matchup more, and you’ll be more than likely to succeed. Don’t complain.

    Someone who doesn’t really give a fuck, but decided to just throw his two cents in here, for banning a character doesn’t mean shit if they get good with another and body you.

  • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

    it’s 2014 and people are still bitching about difficult shit in fighting games and don’t take the time to learn how to play against something? Come on now, Marvel can get away with this shit and Kokonoe must be banned because “SHE’S BROKEN, I DON’T WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH WHATEVER SHE HAS WAAAAHHHH.”

    Just like people bitching about Deathstrokes guns back when Injustice came out. Nothing but whinny bitches.

    • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

      And I’m sorry but when did touch of death combos constitute a ban? We have infinites in UMvC3 and that shit isn’t banned.

      That’s like Banning Kazuya’s CH df+2, PEWGF, EWGF~5 into a character like Bruce who can then do a combo with TA! that ends up being a full kill. Or Banning Jack-6/Devil Jin team based on this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8scuSI-rDM or any death combo ever in any game.

  • MrJechgo

    So you ban a character that is simply overpowered in a game where you can get out of her combos because players wanted so? Geez… where were these complainers when MvC2 was around? I would have gladly accepted the ban of those annoying 8 characters they kept using over and over with the same fucking tactics.

    Seriously, if Kokonoe is used by only 20% of the players, just let them do it. Don’t ban because other players can’t deal with her. Beside, not every Kokonoe player will play the exact same way. So what if she’s powerful? Have the players learn to deal with her. Tip of the day: BURST out of her combos.

    Finally, again, so what if she’s powerful? She’s FUCKING Kokonoe. Her brokeness is at least legit. That would be like banning Jubei for being too strong when it,s the actual case in the story.

    • ArmoredBoar

      You had players deal with Hakumen’s 9k OD combos at the very start of a match and you didn’t hear them complain about jack shit.

  • Thearesou

    Is Kokonoe banned in japanese tournaments? (I don’t really follow this game)

    • I_made_this_account_to_post_th


      • Thearesou

        Ok, thanks for the info. Then I don’t really know why Kokonoe should be banned in the US..

        • Peter Loney (ピーター)

          She is kind of banned in Japanese tournaments by being console exclusive, along with Terumi and Kagura.

          • Urien (仙人をリンク)

            Last time I checked, Kokonoe isn’t banned at all.

          • Vocaloid 00

            There is no kinda banned.

          • Peter Loney (ピーター)

            No, of course there isn’t, that’s why my comment was an obvious joke. She’s not banned because she’s not in arcade. Would be like stating ‘Magneto is banned’ in the rules for an SF4 tournament.

    • Novril

      She’s not in the Arcades so she’s not Japan’s problem for now, outside of GodsGarden at least.

  • Here we go again with another ban like this…..


    Hahaha, why are BlazBlue characters so stupid. They finally got something worse than Nu?

    Best part is that adding Kokonoe was such a crying fanboy gesture to Japanophiles who want every background character in story mode to be playable and they have to buy it as DLC (the Makoto thing was the most scandalous shit).
    No wonder these games drop back down into “Joke of a Guilty Gear game” status after a few tournaments post-release. Hang in there, anime kiddies.

    • Johnny Donuts

      lol @ “background character” …. Makoto and Kokonoe were fan favorites from day 1, they both had a ton of importance to the story and have unique personalities.

  • Roger Biggs

    Ban her. I don’t play bb, but if she’s making tournament uncompetitive and less entertaining for audiences, get rid of her. Most of the players think tournaments are held in their honor, but they’re not. Theyre for fun and so unfun characters gotta go.

    • Vocaloid 00

      Banning someone because they’re not entertaining too watch? Let’s ban Vergil!!!!! Kappa