Capcom Has No Plans to Transition Street Fighter x Tekken to Steamworks After Games for Windows Live Shutdown

By on January 17, 2014 at 11:07 am


With a rumored shutdown of Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live platform approaching in July, Joystiq recently reached out to various company’s who employed the service to see what their plans were in regards to updating titles for compatibility elsewhere. One of those companies was Capcom, who currently have two fighters available on PC (Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Street Fighter x Tekken) that will be affected by the discontinuation.

While Street Fighter IV will eventually be moved to Steamworks, fans of the aforementioned crossover title may be left out in the cold. According to Joystiq, Capcom replied that Street Fighter x Tekken is among a long list of titles that they currently have no plans to update. As GFWL handles online play, saves, and other various features in the games its attached to, some functionality may be lost if a transition isn’t made before July 1.

Ultra Street Fighter IV, the much-anticipated update to the Street Fighter IV series set to release early this year, will launch with full Steam support.

Other details are scarce at this point in time, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available. Joystiq’s full list of titles and plans for updating can be found here.

Source: Joystiq, tip via Stephen M.

  • supersonicspear64

    thank fucking god

    • Redblaze27

      Have you been forced to play this game against your will?

      • supersonicspear64

        believe it or not, YES

        • That sucks bro but I actually liked the game.

    • Dubaddict-ND

      The game is amazing.. dunno what the hell you are on about…

  • MetalMusicMan

    PC SFxT has been abandoned and nearly unplayable online since release, so this isn’t much of a surprise.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Actually, it’s not JUST SFxT:


      Dark Void (No plans.)

      Dead Rising 2 (No plans.)

      Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (No plans.)

      Lost Planet 2 (No plans.)

      Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition (No plans.)

      Resident Evil 5 (No plans.)

      Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (No plans.)

      Street Fighter X Tekken (No plans.)”

      This article makes it look like Capcom singled out SFxT, when in reality they did not. Resident Evil 5 is Capcom’s all time best selling game, and it’s not even being transitioned. So, this isn’t a slight at SFxT at all. Really, SF4 is the only game that GOT transitioned.

      • ArmoredBoar

        Even LP2?! Holy shit, fuuuuuuuuuuck Capcom.

      • AriesWarlock

        I wanted to play LP on PC 🙁

    • the7k

      I haven’t had much problems with SFxT PC’s online, and I pretty much only play there. (Well, except now, since it’s obviously going to die.)

      I have to wait A BIT to play it online, but honestly not any longer than KOFXIII Steam Edition. Hell, it’s usually a significantly shorter wait.

      Granted, I didn’t get it until 2013 edition… for obvious reasons. Maybe they fixed it by then compared to release.

  • HotDunk

    PC Master Race, eh?

    • supersonicspear64

      even the Master Race knew this game was a pile of shit

      • HotDunk

        I’m referring more to the GFWL fiasco.

        • supersonicspear64

          even the Master Race knew that GFWL was a pile of shit

          • HotDunk

            But still had to deal with GFWL of they wanted those games.

          • Fuzzy Bunny

            Only if they wanted those pieces of shit?

          • PJ

            Only if they actually paid for it. The real PC master race torrented that shit and doesn’t give a fuck about GFWL.

      • JasinWalraven

        even the master race knows your mom is easy

        • supersonicspear64

          you’re an unfunny piece of shit

    • Art Salmons

      Just like every new console is so great about backwards compatibility now. At least the game is still playable. Decent odds that some hacker can patch a matchmaker in.

    • For sure.

  • Jason Slade

    Its really pathetic how little dedication Capcom has to its PC fan base.

    The SFxT port was half-assed to begin with, this is just icing on the cake.

    • supersonicspear64

      icing on a shitty cake because this game sucks

      • ざくや けよ

        I dare you to explain why the game sucks, without using the words “DLC” and “Money”

        • BattleOverride85

          how about…the gameplay? the graphics? the whole engine? need I go on?

          • ざくや けよ

            Yes, explain

  • Andrew Fein

    This is stupid on Capcom’s part.

    • HotDunk

      Well everything about Capcom’s vision and handling of SFxT has screamed cynicism.

    • supersonicspear64

      you should try and be good at a good fighting game instead of holding onto this because you are somewhat good at it

      • CAE

        or he can play whatever he wants

        • supersonicspear64


          • Emezie Okorafor

            ugaf enough to reply tho.

          • supersonicspear64

            i get notifications and reply to them

          • salindy13

            You’re not required to. So you still gaf.

          • supersonicspear64

            work is not interesting all the time and i have a lot of extra time to kill, so no, i don’t really gaf. this is a direct result of boredom

          • Jelani-Akin

            There are far more constructive and healthy things to do at work if you’re bored.

          • supersonicspear64

            Thanks, SFxT defense force for the great suggestions. You do realize this takes me like less than 15 seconds to read and post right?

          • Julio D. Zulkarnain

            still, ugaf

          • JasinWalraven

            supersonicspear64 living the life trolling SRK in between finding dicks to suck on craigslist

      • HotDunk

        I don’t even know what this statement means.

        • supersonicspear64

          It means that mr. andrew has invested way too much time in a game that sucks

          • HotDunk

            I’m certain you’re opinion matters.

          • supersonicspear64

            no one’s opinion matters, man. not even yours

      • JasinWalraven

        who the fuck are you and what game did you place at EVO? Andrew placed well so eat a dick, troll.

        • supersonicspear64

          yeah like i give a fuck what he placed in SFxT

      • the7k

        I love how you said, and I quote:
        “how about you let them play what they want”
        When people were shitting on Injustice, but you come here and have the same shitty attitude as the people you criticize. Fucking hypocrite.

        • supersonicspear64

          I said it to him for the same reasons you said the above comment to me. He’s the true hypocrite.

  • Oniros

    That’s awful. Even if it was a shit game, some people paid $60 for it and shouldn’t be locked out of their game.

    • CAE

      don’t think they’ll be locked out, just no multiplayer

    • Ndebe

      Since its on PC, there are other ways of playing the game even if you didn’t pay for it. Since online was dead from the start, there won’t be any drawbacks to using this alternative way to play the game.

      • Jelani-Akin

        Interesting point actually.

    • Jason Slade

      Some people paid $70 or more if they bought DLC, which may or may not be accessible after GFWL shuts down.

    • Bob101910

      If anybody pays $60 for a PC game, I feel bad for them.

      • Apocalypse

        If anyone does not pay $75 once in a while for a pc game, I feel bad for their wallets.

        Nothing against getting cheap games, but sometimes you just want to game now, because it is exactly the thing you simply want. If you are to broke for even that, than I am really sorry for you.

      • We usually get better for less (in stores).

  • MikelAL93

    Not really surprised, since not many people liked SFxT anyways…

    • Bob101910

      On PC it died quickly. Still alive and kicking on consoles.

    • JasinWalraven

      it out sold marval

  • J.D SRK

    SFxTK is a good game.
    Unfortunately, even to this day is still being hurt by its awful release.
    People still havent let go the bad taste of version 2012 with all the problems it had, so they criticize the 2013 version as if it was just as bad.

    I really hope Capcom takes note of that and puts special attention to future title’s releases. The release months are the most important in a game’s lifespan.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      This has nothing to do with SFxT.

      All Capcom PC games except SF4 are in the same boat. Even a game like RE5 that sold way better than both SF4 and SFxT.

      • Jelani-Akin

        He’s speaking more to some of the…. “responses” below, methinks.

    • HotDunk

      First impressions are make or break in this industry and Capcom couldn’t have done worse with Sfxt in this regard. Gems and Gem dlc, disc-locked characters held back for 6 months, a bunch of sloppy ideas and poorly thought-out mechanics, garbage balance, recycled character models, hideous graphics and aesthetic. Capcom took a very cynical approach to the product and their fans. They had costume DLC out the gate, meanwhile TTT2 gave included their characters and costumes and stages for free rather than asking for even more money, which made Capcom’s angling even more distasteful in retrospect. Not to mention that no one asked for this cross-over. The FGC wanted a more competitive game and it ended up being a nightmare game to run with a brain-dead combo system and a time-management issue. Version 2013 IS a fun game, especially for new players of the genre, but it still retains a lot of the original problems -mainly that it’s 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound sack. It’s not a game for the FGC, it’s a game for casuals, and that causes a lot of disdain.

      • MrAmbitious

        Game for casuals?!?!? proof your just a bandwagon troll.

        The game has mechanics for casuals, yes, but the game itself is by far the most strict aside from KOF13. Did you mix up PSAS and SFxT or something? SFxT has by far the biggest learning curve of any fighter on the market.

      • Julian GameHead Irwin

        If that is the case Marvel 3 should be on everyone’s castrated list. brain dead combo system, where even the weakest of characters have 50-60% bnbs with the basic combos,TAC mechanic that doesn’t really punish mistakes,Dark phoenix,revamping the game only 8 months in its life span, no spectator mode. still having to pay for jill and shuma gorath,

      • David

        Poorly thought-out mechanics and crappy balance?
        No freaking way, man, you could use meter for anything in this game. The only really dumb mechanics were the auto-combo shortcuts (which can be wiped) and the timer still being somewhat of an issue (but really only for people who think that timeouts are lame).
        The balance in this game is fine, pretty much any character can compete, the real problem is that the game is far less explored than SF4. Shoot, at least there’s no way to reliably vortex in this game.
        Edit: Okay, so the cross assault shouldn’t have the partner be an AI partner, but it was very freaking broken in beta (100 percent combos and such).

      • The flying gonad chews or the feckless gone cases are inconsequential together with that unnecessary patch and then you but still, it’s not that casual or anti-competitive when you obviously can’t even pass round 1.

  • ArmoredBoar


  • j95lee

    company’s = companies

  • Eduardo Campos

    what about halo 2?

  • Mash Harder

    How can anyone feel justified holding Capcom responsible when the platform that supports the game was/is being shut down by… Microsoft? They spent their budget already putting the game on GFWL. Imagine if valve went bankrupt and steam shut-down.

    Other than “being awesome”, what kind of business plan involves spending money with no expected return? It’s Microsoft’s fault, not Capcom.

    • Jason Slade

      Because they chose to use GFWL in the first place, which is stupid and lazy.

      • Mash Harder

        I agree with you that GFWL was a bad decision, but there was probably more to this decision than being stupid and lazy (rarely the case).

        At least they didn’t put it on origin… I’d rather not have it at all.

    • Redblaze27

      Its the fault of Capcom for holding out on Games For Windows Live despite the communities distaste for the service.

      • lambdoid

        Yes. They made the decision. No-one made that decision for them. They are entirely responsible for it. They have no regard for their customers, so I will have no regard for them.

    • Sp00ks Pls

      “Imagine if valve went bankrupt and steam shut-down.” I don’t have to because Valve/ GabeN has already said that if a scenario like that happened then we would be able to download and play are games normally without the Steam service.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    dang i liked this game.

    • the7k

      No! You are not allowed to like this game!


      • TheBlackRabbit

        lol i’m sorry but i *PHOENIX: CAN’t CONTROL IT!* ;D

  • Redblaze27

    If Capcom does not support their games to function, why should we ever trust them on any PC releases ever again?

  • IrregularHunterX

    I kind of expected that this is going to happen, but it’s still disappointing.

  • ReddChief78

    Capcom finally coming to they’re senses wasting money on a dead platform is just stupid, well atleast they tried gotta give them that.

    • Evu

      oh i see, you meant to say “dead game (on that platform)”, but somehow made a horrible typo

      You should really be more cautious about these kind of mistakes, otherwise people might gonna think that you are stupid~

    • Sp00ks Pls

      >”Dead platform”
      >75 Million active users on Steam

      Yup. Definitely a dead platform…. Really hoping you meant dead *game

  • David

    I like this game. Capcom continues to betray me, although I will always feel sorrier for MM fans. Oh well, the console version runs acceptably, not like companies like Capcom are known for listening to their fans anyways.

  • logat890

    stupid fucking Capcom as usual….

  • vowvoonrsq

    The game isn’t even 2 years old. Microsoft should be legally and financially responsible for the fallout from shutting down GFWL.

  • Cee Mcneil

    So…practically since i had ta get my laptop cleaned out from viruses and i reinstalled my bought sfxtk game from GFWL and bought dlc for it,i cant get my dlc back kuz the Microsoft store is fucked up smh