King of Fighters XIII – Best of 2013 Highlight Reel by DreamCancel

By on January 10, 2014 at 5:19 am

To celebrate the end of 2013, DreamCancel has put together the following highlight reel for King of Fighters XIII.  The video, compiled by Desmond Delaghetto, Malik, El Colt, Marchefelix and KLSADAKO, focuses on some of the best, craziest, funniest, and most hype moments from various matches throughout the year.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: DreamCancel, footage c/o Offcast, Yamoto, SOSToushi, Team Spooky, ArmshouseTV, OSOGonzoles, Canada Cup Gaming, KOFUNION, Fight Club Brasil, Level Up Series, Jason Axelrod and Khaos Gaming

D3v has worn many hats within the general fighting game community. The self proclaimed "Asian white boy" from the Philippines has done everything from arcade stick modification to match commentary. When not writing for Shoryuken's front page, D3v spends part of his time running tournaments in the Philippines, including the country's biggest fighting game event, Manila Cup.
  • yeee geee

    🙂 King of fighters 13 be a lot better if you could tag cancel in hd mode via k > Kula combos be fucking Reggie af swuuhuuu

  • Darklurkr23

    Jesus I can’t even pull off like a 5 hit manual combo in KOF 13 XD The frames on this game are insane

    • O_O you mean online or in training mode..have you played street IV?

      • Darklurkr23

        Man SF4 is a cake walk compared to this one

        • pablofsi

          Wtf, KOF usually has more cancelable frames. In SF you have to input the next move when the previous one just connected, in KOF you have a lot more previous and later frames where you can input stuff and it comes out. Better input buffering too.

        • Really?!! Cause I can do a lot more damage in this game then I could EVER do in that one..but maybe its because I play this one more.

          If we are just talking about normals linking,(granted links are probably considered chains which makes it even easier!!)
          I’ve had a much easier time getting things to link on this game then in street fighter.

          Once you learn how the hold button trick works, things become even more easier to pull off. And the great thing about this game is you can cancel normals into command normals.

          Now beyond your basic normal>special>super this game is not that difficult its when you get into HD cancels that the difficulty get real.

          • yeee geee

            Yea your right on chains are canceled attacks
            Links are not
            what other fighter are u imagining about? Marvel or 4

          • I know links are not. I didn’t communicate that properly. I meant to say that the links in KOF are more like chains, like a lk,lk could be considered a link to some, but I’ve heard others refer to it as a chain. I personally from playing felt like it requires a certain timing and that makes it a link imo.

            Street Fighter IV links are very very time influenced I like the fact that you can link mediums and strongs in that game but it still takes a lot of time.

            Marvel is chain city all day every day so no difficulty with normals at least.

  • Vocaloid 00

    This game is hype as fuck too watch

  • BlackMasamune

    KOF ! KOF! KOF!

  • yeee geee

    But thers chain combos lolz like marvel3…o I forgot I’m on srk…dooooy .-. I love noobys

  • Thanks for crediting all the sources and people involved SRK