The Fight Network Interviews Creators of UDON’s Street Fighter Origins: Akuma Graphic Novel

By on January 7, 2014 at 3:57 pm


Back in September of 2013, UDON Entertainment released a brand new installment of their Street Fighter comic series, Street Fighter Origins: Akuma, which highlights the history of the demon warrior. Wai Ting of  The Fighter Network recently interviewed author Chris Sarracini and illustrator Joe Ng to gain a bit more insight into their goals when creating this book.

Check out the quick interview below and, as always, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: The Fight Network via Capcom-Unity

  • Marvin Choi

    It’s always really bothered me that Akuma is smiling on the cover.

    • Steven

      Thirst for battle and blood. But it kind of looks like he could be digging deep to focus his dark energy rather than smiling.

  • Dat Azure

    This depiction of Akuma bothers me, too. I prefer the stoic, dedicated martial artist passionate only about the fight. This maniacal depiction of Akuma really betrays his esthablished characterization to me, and I don’t like it. Probably why I don’t like his depiction in SFxT or his English VA.

    • Peter Locke

      “stoic, dedicated martial artist passionate only about the fight”
      you mean Ryu?

  • Kevin Vernon

    And your 5th street Ultra Street Fighter 4 character was just unveiled to you.


    “quote me”# Shots Fired

  • FLStyle

    Definitely not a fan of this revenge for (whatever happened to) his father sub-plot.