[UPDATE] Rest in Peace Nelson “Remix” Reyes, One Hour Left to Donate to Memorial Fund

By on January 5, 2014 at 2:51 pm


UPDATE – The memorial fund that was set up to help Remix’s family with funeral costs will be open for one more hour. If you are interested in donating, please visit YouCaring to see what you can do to help.

It’s with heavy hearts that we share this next piece of news. Nelson “Remix” Reyes recently passed away according to his sponsor, Empire Arcadia. A perennial Marvel competitor, Reyes’ mark on the fighting game community can be seen in the multitude of messages, memories, and more provided by those that knew him below.


Today a loyal and loved member of the Empire Arcadia family was lost. R.I.P. EMP_Remix our condolences to his immediate family. He lived his life to the fullest. I’m happy to have known him. All he wanted was to play video games and enjoy the company of his friends and family. He did just that this weekend. Hanging out with Cole Tocci, Samantha Hancock, Kevin Landon, James Fink, Christopher Gonzalez, Erin Diaz, Michael Dicks and more playing games and watching the Lord of the Rings Marathon. All Hail Emp Remix. Empire Arcadia will make sure that you are not forgotten and follow out your last request. Make EMP successful and keep the family alive. ~ TriForce


Feel free to provide your own condolences in the comments, as well any fond memories you may have.

While the loss of life is tragic, the passing of one so young adds yet another layer of heartbreak for those already grieving. Our hearts go out to Reyes’ family and friends in this trying time.

Rest in peace.

Sources: YouCaringEmpire Arcadia, image via Twitter

  • VicViper

    welp, just got a face to the name and holy shit Remix was THAT guy?

    oh my god dude, like I’ve seen him a bunch at majors but never really interacted with him at all, but like

    He was one of those dudes who absolutely oozed positivity. He just seems like that kind of guy who could put a smile on anyone’s face.

    Holy fuck RIP dude

  • Kanye West

    Never met him but RIP. The FGC is such small but welcoming community. Everyone is cool with each other for the most part. So it feels like I knew him.

  • Nelson, my dude that taught me Marvel 2, let me sleep on his couch, made me laugh constantly… Too young my friend, too young… Just a few years ago, you lost your closest, and now you lost yourself.

    This is the worst way to have Christmas. Too many fond memories. I love you my dude, miss you forever.

  • soakrates

    Reposting (from memory) what I posted on the previous version of this story before it got deleted:

    Just to clarify, I didn’t know Remix (as the story implies), but I really enjoyed him as an on-stream personality. Plus I can attest to just how awful it is to lose someone in a close-knit group of friends like this. It’s truly terrible. All the best.

  • Chooch

    What the hell happened?

    • VicViper


      It’s been a long term problem with him apparently. Didn’t make it to the hospital in time if I’m not mistaken.

      • Fabian222


        Just like that? Fuck man…..

      • Chooch

        Epilepsy then? Damn.

      • bavobbr

        One plays marvel with epilepsy? Looks dangerous

  • Lorance Carroll

    Wow. Rest in peace man! It’s always sad when good hearted people die so young! Definitely making me appriciate being able to type this a whole lot more!

  • vastreammonster

    Offering my condolences. Rest in peace, Nelson.

  • MikelAL93

    I’ve posted my thoughts and condolences on my twitter account.

    I may have never met him, but damn… Rest in peace dude.

  • I only say RIP as joke or meme in the FGC community. I cant believe this. I hope this is a joke. This cannot be real..

  • Amir

    Nelson was slick. I use to call him “Said” (sai-eed) and he use to get salty, haha. We stopped hanging out a while ago because MVC2 died and I didn’t move on with the rest of the community. I did run into him here and there however, and he’d always invite me to hang out.

    I’m competing in the golden gloves this year and I’ll dedicate the tournament to him.

  • BrooklynGRAVESEND

    This was my homie outside of gaming, he really always looked out for guys and sometimes I couldn’t understand it, he is a real angel

  • Lawrence Ohh

    AH! This MvC2 player. Never personally knew him but I enjoyed watching his matches long time ago. RIP.

    Also, isn’t this the guy who always appear in TeamSpooky stream? And host Nycfurby stream?

  • salindy13


  • Frisbee

    I remember hanging out with him, Fanatiq, and Knives at TFC till like 4am.. I even asked him for Marvel help and he said he’d be rooting for me to make a splash in the scene.. this is terrible. RIP Remix..

  • General_Awesomo

    Nelson was an incredibly fun guy to hang out with. A lot of people from Next Level, me included, are gonna miss him.

    Rest in peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

  • Tekknight

    RIP EMP Remix =o(

  • EMP CrazyJoe

    R.I.P., my fallen brother!!!! I have more then a decade of marvel memories to be honored of you. Nelson Reyes, you will be missed.

  • Ricardo Medero

    this really sucks i remember when he was on stream talking shit to everybody then he lost and kept talking shit

    he was that kind of guy who was always hyped even if he was salty
    RIP Remix we’ll miss you i never met him but it’s really sad to hear this


    I saw this guy at a lot of majors, but I didn’t know him, follow his competitive matches, and I never really hung out in the same place as him. I’d mostly see him hyping up matches and being cool with just about everyone in the building.

    But at NEC on Sunday night, I was hanging out in a hotel room with a bunch of people and he was there. I consider my sense of humor really particular and it takes a lot to make me even chuckle, but THIS dude was cracking me up the entire time I was there. On top of that, everyone loved the guy. The only words we exchanged was the both of us making fun of this dumb-ass looking pillow the hotel provided that looks like a giant lumpia roll or something.

    It was fun, sir. Take it easy up there.

  • Funky Bottoms

    RIP Met him once. He was a cool guy. IMO the article should also include posts from Chris Matrix’s twitter as well since it gives insight as to what kind of guy he was.

  • RobertEspaillat

    Wow i just saw the dude this pass Battle Circle Dawn, RIP Sir

  • Shut the fuck up… This isn’t the thread for nitpicking at shit like this.

  • Timothy Ian McMillan

    What happened???? You showed me the way of Spencer/Wesker/Hawkeye 🙁 🙁

    Find peace, sir, never rest.

  • Theresa Jenkins

    Real talk, this should send a message to everyone, never take anyone you care about in your life for granted and always try to forgive even if u find it hard to forget. You never know what the future brings in life.

  • Julian Gray

    Damn yo. Didn’t really know him that well, but he was always pretty hype. RIP dude.

  • Jon Nitti

    Honestly such an awesome dude and im absurdly bummed out

  • PJ

    Looks to me and probably everyone else here that it was a simple misspelling. You’re the only one here who seems to have the stream monster frame of mind to even equate what he said to that, and the fact you had to come back here and “defend yourself” instead of just letting it go does indeed make you look like the bigger jackass. Not the time or the place my friend. The fact you laugh at the end just makes it worse. I’m gonna just reiterate what AJ said and say shut the fuck up. Have some respect and grow the fuck up.

  • Asshole, whether it was or was not intentional, this isn’t the place to start getting dickish about semantics. I’m a grammar nazi myself, but this really isn’t the time for it.

  • If you’re interested in giving some money to his grandmother, please do.

    For what it’s worth, Nelson’s only family is his grandmother. His mother died a few years back. And no, this isn’t a rumor, this was Nelson calling me on the phone, years ago and telling me. This poor woman is on her own. Please donate what you can.

    • Remster

      Gotta love the FGC, almost funded, keep it up guys!

      • Show’s how much of a family the FGC is… Rivalries or not, salt, shit talk, whatever… Dudes like Nel go way back… We’re all brothers.

  • vastreammonster

    It was a typo. Please delete your comment if you have any shred of decency.

  • 0bscura

    what the fuck…
    this is soo sad… i seriously can’t believe it,,,,. Man i feel soo bad for everyone at emp. Remix was amazing…. way too young to die….. the world is too cruel

  • Proximus

    That is a bit of sad news. Rest in peace, dude. A few days ago i was watching a video of a replay of YIpes vs Ray Ray on Summer Jam 7 and him and Chris Matrix were commentating. That was a good vibe to see the video. ”What’s up homies? I’m EMP Remix and i’m your host on this stream” Again, rest in peace fella.

  • pandemlc

    The most electrifying man in Esports history is gone? Gonna miss him, loved his personality whenever he was on stream.

  • EvaUnitO2

    Sad day on one hand but pretty great to have a guy like Remix on this Earth and in this community for the short time we had him. RIP, bruv.

  • BlackMasamune

    Justin Wong is also doing a side fundraiser for people with paypal since the site doesn’t accept it.

  • OchoSerial

    I’ll always remember him bashing Fanatiq’s use of one-button dash in MvC2. RIP Nelson.


      one-button dash is still not legit

      rip nelson 🙁

  • Felipe Pereira

    Damn this is so sad. I’m sorry for everyone that knew him.

  • Noir

    I met him at The Fall Classic a few months ago and I was outside smoking a cig when I overheard Remix talking to some guy a few feet away. The guy was telling Remix that “new players should just play without pressing buttons, to get used to defense”. Remix’s response? “I’ll hit a button just to see what a nigga’ll do.”

    I’ll never fucking forget that. My only interaction with this guy and he had me in stitches.

  • Nelson was an incredibly fun guy to hang out with. A lot of people from Next Level, me included, are gonna miss him…

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