Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Mysterious Fifth Character Pulled from Street Fighter Comics

By on January 3, 2014 at 1:40 pm


Another day, another hint regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV’s fifth character. After a recent reveal by Capcom that the character is female, Siliconera has been provided with another teaser on her origins. Apparently, the new fighter appeared in the Street Fighter comics, which we’re assuming means either the Street Fighter II manga or UDON’s series, not the Malibu Comics travesty.

This seems to place even more of a focus on Ibuki’s friend Sarai Kurosawa (pictured below in the aforementioned UDON release and Ibuki’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ending), especially with her cameo appearance in Street Fighter x Tekken, the most recent title the first four characters have been pulled from.

That being said, other strong choices still remain, including various Dolls, Gouken’s daughter, and more. All guesses are still entirely speculation at this point, so feel free to head to the comments and let us know who you think this and previous hints may be alluding to.

Source: Siliconera, images via Street Fighter Wiki and Giant Bomb

  • That Guy

    Given that we know the character is (1) female, (2) appeared in the Street Fighter comics, and (3) will be making her fighting game debut, I’d imagine the list of possible candidates would be pretty short.

    • Gene Q.

      Tell us oh Wise One!

    • Ransu X

      At first I had my money on it being either Gou Hibiki or Chun’s father. Then when I heard it was female I was thinking Ken’s wife Eliza. XP

  • AnhVuDo

    Can they possibly be from the mangas too??

    • John Doe

      Manga = comics.

      • AnhVuDo

        Gotcha. Overlooked that.

  • Patricia Ophelia Cross

    They already have Sarai’s character model for SFxT, so it would make sense to reuse resources.

    • Timothy Ian McMillan

      The models from the backgrounds do not have the same detail as the player characters.

      Refer to Yang in the Half Pipe stage.

      • Ndebe

        I’d imagine it would be less work to add more polygons/make more detailed textures for an already completed model than to create on from scratch.

        • RaidenNC

          Actually its a lot easier to reduce the number of polys from one with a higher poly count than to go the other way and add details. Adding detail to a low res model rather than creating a new one will probably be marginally faster/easier at best.

          • Louis Lam

            He’s comparing low poly-> high poly vs nothing ->high poly

          • RaidenNC

            I know. The point I’m making is that its not all that easy to add more poly’s and make new textures to something that’s very low res. The amount of work won’t be significantly different than starting from scratch. Of course, it depends on the gap I guess (between how much detail there was in the old model, and the desired level of detail for the new one). Been a while since I’ve done any 3D modeling and texture mapping, so I could be wrong. Thats just coming from my personal experience/memory.

      • Justin Archer


  • Lawrence Ohh

    This is probably the most logical 5th character. Rather then a wish list.

  • SgtKardashian

    Sarai? I wonder how she will play when compared to Ibuki, if she is in of course.

  • NickLeake


    • Justin Archer

      i hope not

  • Gene Q.

    As long as it is all new and not a Shoto-Grappler-DiveKick Archetype Im down!

    • Gethoff Mahfacebuk

      lol son, this is CAPCOM. Be real.

    • Louis Lam

      “Divekick” is as much as an Archetype as “Uppercut” is.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Buki fo life! Fuck those spammy shotos.

  • Andrew Olson

    I hope that they make an effort to make her (or whoever it is) play differently than the others. If it is Sarai, my only worry is that they’ll do what they’ve done to the shotos forever and just copy and paste Ibuki’s basic skills with new animations and slightly modified attributes.

  • Dave

    Santamu > Decapre.

  • Liquid

    Awesome. Only half a year until they confirm IbuKen! Probably shouldn’t have added any other popular characters that have been requested since the arcade release of SFIV, just add one that nobody gave a shit about until you started teasing possible new female characters from the Street Fighter universe that have never been seen performing any fighting for the next version.

  • Timothy Ian McMillan

    Sarai is in Ibuki’s SF4 ending and opening.

    How on earth did you miss that?

    • Spabobin

      What does that have to do with anything?

    • swordsman09

      That’s exactly why she’ll be put in. This was also the case with Yun and Yang in Vanilla Street Fighter 4.


      • TiredOcean

        Just realised that Guile was presented some handcuffs to Chun-Li in her arcade intro.
        Did Capcom reference some World Warrior tech?

        • swordsman09

          …I didn’t think about that. O_O

    • Jacob Paul Schmidt

      But there are other female characters that are in the game. Rufus’s Girl Friend Candy, Hakans Wife. to name 2.

  • AsDeEspadas


    • Paul S


  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    So what happened to that girl Balrog rescued from Shadaloo?

    • Phil Wright

      Punched to death

  • Earl Grey Summers


    I’m banking on Agent Satsuki. My first guess (and choice) was Jessica Haggar from Final Fight, but I don’t see her in the comics.

    • Smang

      that would be amazing. imagine the cody v jessica matchup…

  • H_Magnus

    So it’s either Gouken’s long lost daughter or a chick from Rival Schools.

    • EnkiduV3

      “Fighting game debut” kinds of removes the possibility of it being a character from Rival Schools.

  • solidoutlaw

    If it’s female and from the comics, it’s going to be a doll. Likely the cammy clone.

    • $18011339

      No it’s the one with curly hair

  • PeterPanPiss

    I don’t know why but another female shoto intrigues me. But I hope they go for some diversity. Sarai would probably provide that as she doesn’t HAVE to have comparable moves to Ibuki.

  • Unemployment Master

    I just hope she isn’t a Dan character and actual fighter.
    I still won’t play Phoenix Wright on UMvC3 because of him being on UMvC3.

    • Tekknight

      Could you elaborate on that? You mean because he’s not a fighter? the “because of him being on UMvC3” part is confusing.

      • Timothy Ian McMillan

        Sarai doesn’t not a ninja until VERY late in the comic arc. She’s not a ninja at all in the SF story – she’s just Ibuki’s friend from school.

        She’ll be the Sean to Ibuki’s Ken.

        • Tekknight

          I was referring to the P Wright thing.

      • Unemployment Master

        I dunno how to explain it.
        Let’s say I wanted Nero/X/anyone besides Phoenix Wright.
        I like joke characters but only when they aren’t hyped for months to come and disappoint me.

        • Tekknight

          I get you, I think some words may be missing from your original post. I wouldn’t call him a joke character. Usually joke characters are funny, have non-traditional attacks are not very powerful. Many characters in Marvel are non-traditional (M.O.D.O.K.) or funny (Deadpool). As far as being powerful, Wright starts out that way, but with evidence temporarily becomes one of the 3 strongest characters in the game. I wouldn’t call him a joke character. Just unconventional.

          Also what’s wrong with hyping him up?

    • Dr. Claw

      Dan > whoever you main.

    • Omar

      Dan is a very legit character.

  • Darklurkr23

    No bad no Ibuki copy.

    I’m telling ya they need to make the 5th character “Creature your own character” Tha’ts unlimited combonations w/ attacks based on poit values and color shops the whole 10 yarrds. Custom character seperate ranked league. It’d be amazing. AND worth the 15 bucks on top the other 4 people

    • $18011339

      Oh yeah and Ultimate Marvel 3 would be better if they patched the game to let you scan any comic book and it uses the Mugen engine combined with Photoshop, Ableton Live, and AutoCAD to create a 3D model with moves based on what logically should be used by super heroes and it turned your Xbox into a coffee maker so you can stay up later OMG man that would be like so cool and and aand it makes ghost rider real

      • Darklurkr23

        Yea but at least it’d be a PATCH!

      • HatredInfinite

        Moves based on what logically should be used? Every team would be made of some combination of Dormammu, Shuma Gorath, Dr. Strange, and Morrigan. Doom, Magnus, and Phoenix would be solid contenders for slots in slightly-less-than-top-tier variants.

        So, y’know, Dorm, Doom, Magnus, Morrigan, and Phoenix continuing to be heavily used characters…the only change is that Vergil and Zero aren’t bitched about so much, hahaha.

    • PJ

      Because that wouldn’t be unbalanced at all…
      And ya know what? Tekken tried that with Combot and it failed miserably.

  • Earl Grey Summers


    After seeing this, I’m banking on Satsuki. But I was hoping it would be Jessica Haggar from Final Fight.

  • Bryan Rosas

    For the love of god let it come from the malibu comics XD

  • Ndebe

    Seeing how Capcom has been pretty much reusing all assets from SFxT (characters, stages, etc) I really doubt Capcom is going to create something from scratch just for the fifth character. I would definitely be pleasantly surprised if that was the case though.

    • EnkiduV3

      Actually they would be more likely to create a character from scratch considering that they didn’t have to create 5 characters from scratch. That said, there was still a lot of work adjusting the 4 characters from SFxT to work in SF4.

  • Cameron Alexander

    i wish they would just say who the character is. yes its fun to speculate who it is but why the wait?

    • ReoAyanami

      Probably waiting for the SF movie to come out.

    • Justin Archer

      they announced her too early
      should have waited a bit

  • KCrayola

    Anybody think it can be the woman that taught bison Psycho Powuh?

    • Ragada Blaze

      She was in the special version of Alpha 3 so no

    • Donovan E Hart

      You mean Ingrid. She didn’t teach him, he stole the psycho drive from her, but she should be i the game.

      • KCrayola

        No no, not Ingrid. I’m talking about this woman that doesn’t have a name.

        In the comics, Bison says he was her greatest student. Was a woman from Rose’s village

  • swordsman09

    Also take into account that Sarai is also already in Ibuki’s story mode. I’m guessing that the character is Sarai because this happened with Yun and Yang in Vanilla Street Fighter IV. This could either confirm or deconfirm her.



    “never appeared in a street fighter game!” “appeared in street fighter comic!”

    • MrJechgo

      game =/= comic
      Come on now

  • MrJechgo

    “especially with her cameo appearance in Street Fighter x Tekken, the most recent title the first four characters have been pulled from.”

    Huh… where exactly?




    Geez… simple, right?

    Where’s Lupinko when you need him,…?

    • LockM

      She stands on the rooftop on the temple stage

    • Andrew Olson

      She stands on the rooftop stage in the background arguing with a Tekken character. Probably should have looked that one up before saying that…

    • ReoAyanami

      Maybe he got fired and thus can’t leak any more.

  • Art Salmons

    That’s good, because everyone knows you can’t run a violent worldwide tournament of death without lots of high school girls.

    • Modelspiceboi

      Aside from Bison, who dies in Street Fighter? This isn’t Mortal Kombat!

      • j95lee

        Charlie and Rose “dies” in the Alpha series.

  • solgen9

    5th character gonna play like Karin for some odd reason!

    • EnkiduV3

      We can only hope… I won’t be totally happy, but at least it’s a female character that has Karin’s style. I honestly couldn’t justify complaining about that.

  • $17468069

    Damn I was hoping for something more original, this character fits street fighter for sure just not too pumped for it.

  • RobertEspaillat

    I dont care who is i just happy that is a female lol

  • Albirieo

    Is it too much to hope for Noembelu? She was in the ova as one of the dolls and her tomahawk could be interesting for a female grappler.

  • Vas Gian


  • SavingPrincess

    I would love a legit female Shoto.

    • Daniel Axelsson

      It will be Juri’s sister!

  • Magegg

    He will be Retsu. He’s in the anniversary artwork along with the whole roster of USFIV, for some reason.
    It won’t be a female. Ono said it will be a female, but Ono is a troll.

  • TS

    5th character is the actual drug DOLL from the SF2 manga by Tokuma comics.

  • Brendon Love

    What about that blonde chick with the buster sword from Delta Red?

    Or Guile’s secretary? T Hawk’s sister?

  • Jacob Paul Schmidt

    Hakans Wife

  • munnymagic

    kens wife kens wife kens wife!

  • AriesWarlock

    Hopefully, Gouken’s daughter. Why hype Sarai?

  • MasterScrub

    It’s gonna be Decapre, all Capcom would have to do is slap a mask and a claw on Cammy. Clearly that’s what they’re gonna go with.

  • Anjon

    If the character was “pulled from Street Fighter comics”, that means she was introduced through the comics, not games. So I really doubt it would be Sarai (since she was featured in 3S). Capcom also said the character has never been featured in a video game before, but “will fit in very well in the Street Fighter universe”. If it’s a comic character, it’d probably be one exclusive to the comics til now.

  • PJ

    Oh yay just what SF needs… ANOTHER schoolgirl. I was really hoping for something more original. If this is true I bet she does play just like Karin just to appease all the crybabies who won’t stfu about her not being in a new game…

    • EnkiduV3

      Yep, another schoolgirl in Street Fighter 4 would bring the grand total up to… 3. That overpopulation of schoolgirls, am I right?

      Karin deserves to be in the game more than Evil Ryu and Oni. I would even argue that she deserves to be in it more than every 3S character, as SF4 comes before that game chronologically, even though I like most of those characters.

      Please tell me that you at least treat the Alex fans this way.

  • Donovan E Hart

    Karin was a copyrighted UDON character you know, just saying.

    • xero18

      Karin came out well before the Udon Comics started guy.

      • Donovan E Hart

        I think you need to check your facts,
        “Karin first appeared in the Street Fighter-based manga Sakura Ganbaru! by Masahiko Nakahira. Although originally not part of the Street Fighter canon, she was integrated into the games after Nakahira was hired by Capcom as a character designer.”
        Sakura Ganbaru! is an UDON comic, I should konw because I have both volumes.
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_Fighter:_Sakura_Ganbaru! (read the karin section under characters)
        http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=10057 (read the description)
        Want me to get more proof for you.

        • Kaihedgie

          “Ultra Street Fighter IV will mark her fighting game debut”

          Karin isn’t coming back. She didn’t return for III, IV, or any of the crossovers to have come out recently.

          I know am I talking about myself, but I hope she NEVER comes back after everyone whining about her. She’s not interesting, quite frankly, she’s quite annoying.

          • Donovan E Hart

            Karin was interesting. She had great mix-ups which could be improved and expanded in sf4, especially with focus attacks. She’s also the only character besides Gouken who can counter, the game would be more interesting with more characters who can.

          • Donovan E Hart

            I’m not going to lie, Karin is my fav out of the mia sf characters, but she’s not the only one i was to come back. R.Mika, Alex, Q, hell I want even Juli and Juni back. I just want a SF game that’s mvc2esque, with a lot of characters. Yeah It’ll be hard to balance, but that’s what I want one of these days.

        • EnkiduV3

          Wow… YOU need to do your research a little better, as UDON was only the ENGLISH PUBLISHER. UDON does not own Karin, the writer of Sakura Ganbaru (Masahiko Nakahira) does.

          He is also correct because Sakura Ganbaru came out in 1996 and UDON was founded in 2000.

  • Petran79

    what about Hakan’s and Dhalsim’s wifes?

  • HatredInfinite

    Unlikely as it is, I think it’d be kinda funny to see Ken’s wife as the fifth character and have her, ironically, play completely differently from shotos.

    • Skudd Stevens

      I still think they should give Ken an alternate costume that turns him into his wife.

      Then again, I still think it would be hilarious to do the same thing with Hakan, so I probably shouldn’t be listened to.

  • Aureolin

    Screw that, just make it Karin.

  • Jacob Paul Schmidt

    Hakans Wife…

  • CrazyMobius

    Not sure if she’s in the comics but it’s probably that young girl Chun Li trains at the end of 3S. She’s probably the main character of Street Fighter 5.

  • Zyx Whitewind

    Actually, given those hints. I really feel like it will be Cammy’s Delta Red partner Luwanda. She appeared a lot in the Udon comics, and was said to be just a good a fighter as Cammy. She was also a weapons expert known to use a sword and various firearms. She will probably be a weapon based character.

  • CompetentFGC

    It might be one of the many many Dolls (like Cammy, Juni, Juli). Like the Native American one.

  • Mono Mau

    in sf legends-ibuki Sarai is just a girlfriend who doesn’t fight at all so i don’t think she would be the one

  • Paul S

    Sarai Kurosawa is possible, but there’s also Lita Luwanda, from Delta Red. I think she’s only showed up in Cammy’s endings, but has made plenty of appearances in the various manga and UDON’s original works.

    And it’s really hard to find a good solo image of her online that isn’t cosplay or creepy fanart.

  • Guest

    Hmm, my message never posted? Well anyway I feel like it’s Luwanda. She was pretty developed in the Udon comics and could be a weapons type character.

  • akaisuisei

    It’s Eliza Masters.

  • Arch_Necromancer

    It could be R. Mika’s trainer, Yoko Harmegeddon (sp?) She’s obscure enough not to be on everyone’s radar but she’s appeared in the alpha series and UDON comics and is responsible for training one of the most beloved characters of the franchise. Even though she comes with a training sword, the new roster comes with a couple of armed characters as well.

  • Arch_Necromancer

    It could be R. Mika’s trainer, Yoko Harmegeddon. She’s obscure enough not to be on everyone’s radar but she’s appeared in the alpha series and UDON comics and is responsible for training one of the most beloved characters of the franchise. Even though she comes with a training sword she would only be joining five characters in the game who do also. If it were her I imagine she’d have higher health than other female characters.

  • Chunmuchy

    I swear to God it should be dan’s father as a playable character. I’m not sure if he was in the comic book series though.

    • Paul S

      SF Legends: Chun-Li

      • Chunmuchy

        That gives me hope.

    • leingod

      It’s already been stated it’s a female.

  • hcaep

    What was sakura’s friend’s name again?

  • 13th Warrior

    I pray it’s gonna be Gouken’s daughter. she appeared in comic/manga, a female and never been in a fighting game before, she fits SF world perfectly.. and out of our radar

  • Maki.

  • Leonardo Araya

    Considero que es una buena idea por parte de Capcom. Ya que Ibuki es un personaje con mucho potencial e incluñir ahora a Sarai, le daría protagonismo a ella para tomar la importancia que merece. Es bueno que Capcom piense en renovar sus personajes con uno nuevo.

  • ali Al Harbi

    I think its the female with the blue jelly on hear shoulder


    or Ken’s wife, as she said she will not watch him die and not doing anything, maybe she went to train a fighting style.

  • Zalael

    Guile’s wife.

  • stephendeo

    All this hype for a weak fighter?

  • Ken Gibson

    i so wish u guys are sooooooo wrong and it ends up being Guile’s daughter