UDON Announces Softcover Version of Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works Artbook with Special Pixel Sprite Dustjacket

By on January 2, 2014 at 8:23 am


Back in 2012, UDON (in cooperation with Marvel and Capcom) released Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works, a limited edition hardcover artbook. Now, UDON has announced that they are releasing a softcover version of said artbook, complete with the new pixel sprite dustjacket pictured above.

The dustjacket, which contains original sprite art from the MvC series as well as new pieces by Arnold Tsang, will be included only with the first printing of the book, available exclusively through the UDON store. Those who miss out on this (or those who already have the hardcover and simply want the dustjacket) will have to wait until April for the dustjacket to be sold separately.

The softcover version of Marvel vs. Capcom: Official Complete Works is currently available at the UDON store for $44.99. In addition to the dustjacket, UDON will also include a copy of their pin-up book NUDO, for a total value of $80 worth of items at the aforementioned price.

Source: UDON via Siliconera

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  • Jesse James

    Everyone get yourself a copy fast before marvel takes this away from us as well

  • Tekknight

    I saw the hard copy for a reasonable price at an anime convention. Seeing as how “Mahvel” probably won’t happen again, I might scoop this up when I see it at a good price. Maybe this Katsucon.

  • samirerre

    for the love of sprites.make mvc4 please

  • CyberAkumaDK

    i just say one thing seeing this image CPS3!!!

    • Edu Alonso Carrasco

      A CPS3 Marvel would be pretty dope

  • shinquickman

    I may be mistakened, but weren’t those UMVC3 sprite mock-ups made by some guy in Deviant Art?

    • Tim Whitehead

      I think so that artist name is Steamboy33

  • Bought..

  • Alvin Balce

    If all those characters are supposed to be arranged alphabetically, then they failed with Blackheart and C.Viper.

    • Sephiroth

      Haha, didn’t even noticed they were alphabetically arranged.

      • Alvin Balce

        They had one job. LOL

        • They alphabetized the Marvel characters on the left and hte Capcom characters on the right and it was also sorted by game.

          • Alvin Balce

            If you’re talking about this cover, then I want to ask you this: Since when have Dante, Gouki, Felicia, Haggar, Jill Valentine and Captain Commando among others become Marvel characters? :v

          • Oh that, I thought you meant inside the book. TBH, I didn’t even look at the cover. I was too anxious to open it up.

          • Alvin Balce

            And thus the misunderstanding has been cleared. LOL

            I’m not sure if I’d want this book, I mean, I’m more clamoring for a new Rockman game instead. I guess Mighty No. 9 will have me covered in that department on April.

  • It says Abyss is unlockable… Dafuq?