Mane6 Provides Update on Fighting is Magic Development, Crowdfunding Campaign Planned for Early 2014

By on January 2, 2014 at 9:17 am
New artwork by Lauren Faust. Click for full-sized version.

With a rather tumultuous 2013 behind them, the folks over at Mane6 are looking forward to a more progressive 2014 as they continue development on Fighting is Magic (title still a work-in-progress). Thanks to the generous contribution of the Skullgirls engine by Lab Zero Games, their team has been hard at work adapting it for their purposes as well as creating new additions that look to benefit things such as hitbox editing and more.

Mane6’s latest blog post runs through the past year and provides a brief glimpse at what they hope to accomplish in the coming months, most notably a crowdfunding campaign that will allow them to devote much of their time to the project and speed up development.

Fund raised during the campaign will also allow them to procure additional tools for the game, including the popular GGPO netcode.

Little has been revealed of the new character designs since the last teaser (included below), but one of the newer members of the cast appears to be a cow, keeping with the game’s expanded ungulate theme. Feel free to check out the rest of the teaser images below and let us know what you think, remembering that these are still subject to change.

Mane6’s fundraiser will go live sometime in the first quarter of 2014, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated when it opens. Further information on the progress the title has made can be found in the original post.

Source: Mane6 via NeoGAF

  • RunningWild1984

    Barnyard Brawler, COMING SOON.

  • Raymond

    I forgot all about this. I thought it had died or something.

    • Azrael VG

      I wish it had died or something!


    If one of the new characters ends up being a llama, this is a day-one buy for me.

  • Rohan Zalani


  • R.D. Covenant

    I wanna see where this goes.
    Besides the Bronies helped us with Skullgirls….even if it was mostly to support this game.
    May as well return the favor.

  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    I hope the characters keep the same basic moveset styles that they had when the game was still about ponies. It was pretty neat, imo.

    • Jason Orozco

      the new characters personalities are being built around the existing moveset actually. now that they have the SG engine though some stuff could change.

      • TheAverageGuyTAG

        Well, as long as they keep the general feel the same, I’ll be happy. 😀

        • Jason Orozco

          I think you will be. thanks for supporting this project!

          • TheAverageGuyTAG

            No probs!

  • Slade

    Serious and non-hating question here: will anyone even play this now that it doesn’t have ponies? Because I’m sure the ponies were its driving hype for all the bronies, and to be frank now it looks like some kind of monstrous parody. Fighting animals? Huh?

  • Mista X

    I’ll back it, Mane6 helped LabZero get some backers for the SG IGG campaign so might as well return the favor. I also played the FiM leaked beta (when it was still an MLP game of course) and it was pretty fun to mess around in, so a more complete version sounds promising.

  • Jason Orozco

    glad the SRK community isn’t bashing this like other people on other sites. can’t wait for this.

  • Patricia Ophelia Cross

    I’ll play the fuck out of this. I’m not even a bronie, only seen a few episodes. Enjoyable but not a big deal. FiM however looked really awesome and now I want to play a Lama, better be a grappler.

    • SonOfTheNorthe

      The Llama is probably a replacement for Pinkie Pie, who was very mix-up heavy, and a charge character. She had reverse-charges too, giving her teleports.
      The cow though, I can tell is a replacement for AJ given the elbow drop. She’s got a long-range grab via a lasso, which charges up her magic meter. So, the cow’s the closest to a grappler I know of in this game. (Assuming what I remember is true, that the character’s movesets are staying mostly the same, just that the art is different.)

  • Novril

    George Orwell’s Animal Farm Extreme Versus

  • Michael Zaimont

    If you’re wondering about the art quality, looking at the lighting the lower-left picture appears to be an in-engine screenshot.
    This isn’t private info or anything, but they didn’t appear to mention it anywhere on their own article.

  • LKArtillery

    Wow, you really can see the look of the Skullgirls engine in that screenshot there.

  • Jason Slade

    Actually that reindeer looks pretty cool (no pun intended). The cow not so much.

  • Triox

    AJCOW is best cow

  • Samuel Ryder

    I do have to wonder why we’re being so secretive about this. I supposed there’s always the risk of showing too much before its ready, but I don’t see how screen shots (or even non-silhouetted art) of what the game actually looks like now could do any harm.

    Unless they’re planning on getting scooped up by a publisher and running a press tour this is pretty asinine teasing.

    • Mista X

      Probably because there isn’t much to show yet / it’s all subject to change soon anyway? They did say that after the campaign, they were going to try and be more public about everything so there’s that.

  • Eric Nguyen

    I already dropped a significant amount of money last year to get these guys the Z-engine in the first place. But, those elves compel me to donate enough to Mane6 to at least get pre-order keys/beta access… if they’re planning a beta.

  • leingod

    A shame all the work that went on the actual ponies was lost.

    • Jason Orozco

      not all the work was lost.

  • Mash Harder

    I will main the llama thing that robo fortune is riding.

  • Azrael VG

    lol “popular GGPO netcode”. It isn’t popular and it make playing third strike a pain to play.

    • JasinWalraven

      yup, 3rd is a turd online