Killer Instinct Updated to Ver. 1.1, Patch Notes Released by Double Helix Games

By on January 2, 2014 at 11:02 pm


Earlier today, Double Helix Games’ Killer Instinct was updated with a large patch that addresses a number of different areas of the game. In addition to Sabrewulf replacing Jago as the rotating free character and a variety of fixes, alterations were also made to characters in an effort to further adjust the game.

If you’re interested in what was changed, be sure to check out the full list of patch notes below.

New Features


  • Character rotation has been added. Sabrewulf is the new free character, replacing Jago.

General Fixes


  • Players will now have access to play regardless of what USB port they plug into.


  • Sign-in changes via KINECT will no longer erase save-data


  • Players will be able to disable toasts from the option menu (under display options)

KI Store Fixes

  • Color #5 properly unlocks

* NOTE: Players who have accomplished these tasks prior to launch will now be awarded retroactively

  • Training mode icon unlocked

*NOTE: If you have completed all the tasks required to unlock the costume, the TRAINING OCON will retroactively be unlocked.

In-Game Updates

  • Character Select option added to the pause screen of local versus
  • Command List corrected and updated
  • Game will now pause when the controller for player 2 is removed
  • Accessory menu screens updated and patched
  • Added access to the MELD from the pause screen
  • Replays library will be cleared since executable has been updated to a new version number
  • Jago’s equipped accessories now display properly while in dojo mode.

Online Updates


  • Privilege check has been moved into the Xbox Live menu so non-gold members can view leaderboards


  • General fixes have been implemented to ensure the proper user-flow for people wanting to play exhibition matches with friends.


  • RANK events (Rank-up/Rank-down), display notifications to both players prior to the start of the match.


  • The rank point distribution method has been updated. Please see the chart below for the updated system.


Gameplay Updates

Global Fixes


  • There were several instances where SHADOW MOVES we’re un-breakable after performing an instinct.-mode cancel With the current fix, SHADOW MOVES will be fully intractable after an instinct-mode cancel.


  • Players can now adjust block height during instinct mode activation.


  • There were several instances where certain moves labeled as “ENDERS” where unbreakable .

Character-Specific Fixes


  • Jago’s Endokuken is now classified as an OPENER, when used in the beginning of combos.


  • Shadow Eclipse now scales properly if used as an OPENER.
  • LEVEL-3 eclipse ENDER has been corrected to hit the opponent after performing a JUMPING SLASH


  • Category correction for the first (2) hits of ICHI NI SAN.
  • Damage scaling correction on UPPER FIRECAT


  • Shadow Hail will now have the same hit properties as an OPENER.


  • HP /Shadow version of Widow’s bite is now categorized as OPENER.

Source: Double Helix Games

  • Raymond

    Hmmmm where is Tj combo?!

    I am just waiting for him, then i will play this game. XD

    • $17468069

      Hopefully they don’t keep you waiting too long, maybe March after Fulgore.

      • leingod

        If there IS a second season. I’m really hoping there is, though… I haven’t enjoyed a fighting game like this in a while.

        • Osei TheTalent Tyson

          It is. With another 8 fighters

    • $18011339

      Yay, somebody even more stereotypical than Balrog

      • k.b.a.

        Stereotypical ‘muricans?

      • $17468069

        You’d prefer a gay african american ballerina?

        • Peter Locke

          um, everyone would???

  • swordsman09

    Ah so now Sabrewulf is the free character instead of Jago for the time being. I was wondering why you had to buy Jago from the store before.

  • Gimpt


  • Humbag

    Yes sadira’s broken ass combo is fixed =)

    • leingod

      You mean her ultra? Because yeah, that bothered me too.

  • $18011339

    Is Orchid supposed to be Japanese or is this just them trying to be cool by putting Japanese words on shit

  • David Von Raesfeld

    I used my shadow jago code that I received with my day one Xbox live 12 month subscription on the wrong account (I entered it online, and the 12 month code online, but there was another XBL account linked to my e-mail. They were able to transfer the 12 months to the right account, so I won’t be losing my live subscription, but they were never able to transfer Shadow Jago. It’s been a while, but can I still get help with this?) Also, when will the story mode be ready?

    • Marvin Choi

      Why are you asking this question here?

  • grezex29

    “Rotating Free Character”? Why don’t you just give 2 or 3 free characters then? Oh wait, that’d be too generous for Microsoft.

    • John Sergel

      I mean why don’t they just give the whole game away for free!?

      Those greedy bastards….

    • GuyAlpha

      Yeah, because letting you play the game for free even with online modes isn’t generous enough.

      • grezex29

        Someone obviously never heard of Tekken Revolution. That game has online modes, is Digital Only as well, is free, and starts you off with EIGHT characters at the beginning instead of just 1, so no, it’s not enough to just have 1 when other games do more than that.

        Plus, they don’t even have an Arcade Mode, Story Mode, or physical copy, let alone a complete roster. I’d be less hard on this game if they waited to have a complete 16-24 character roster or so, finished the game so it’d have some single player modes, and waited to release it as a FINISHED physical disc copy for say $59.99 or something.

        • Rol

          Is this the same game that lets you play with coins then makes you wait to play both Arcade AND online? Or maybe the same game that didn’t launch with a training/free play mode? I mean, I do love Tekken Revolution, but keep some perspective here….

          • grezex29

            Either way, none of this stuff excuses Double Helix for releasing an incomplete game with the Roster being a “work in progress” and no physical copy.

          • Osei TheTalent Tyson

            U are an idiot

        • leingod

          KI is a whole new game. Tekken Revo is basically some bits and pieces from TTT2.

        • Marvin Choi

          Except Tekken Revolution is complete shit and an insult to everything Tekken stands for?

    • JasinWalraven

      This is why you should never give anything away for free. No matter what you offer for free, there will always be some jackass who will rip on you for not giving more. Stop being so greedy and grow up.

    • EEKman

      Yeesh! Kids these days are so spoiled. In my day we had to pay 50 cents per game at the arcade and you whine about playing for free! I was considering dropping $3500 for a KI arcade cabinet back in the day. Now I can get a much better version of KI with an arcade stick and an Xbox one for about $880. Its a deal. Childhood dream = fulfilled.

  • Edrick296

    The game also looks better, the graphics seems smoother than before not so shinny sharpy and bright. I want sabrewolf s dash to be a little more vulnerable , like thunder instinct mode dash. he is invulnerable ant the beginning of the dash , but not at the end, sabrewolf dash is TOO Good at the beginning and at the end.

  • ReddChief78

    Does this means more than 10 people will play it now.

    • SgtKardashian

      It got 75 people at NEC if I remember correctly.

  • Bob101910

    Was hoping to see less Jago, but it appears that people like him so much that they bought him. Out of 15 matches this morning, only two Sabrewulf. Glad to see the game getting support from players though.

    • leingod

      Well, Jago was the free character since launch, so naturally you’d see more of him. Prepare to see only Saberwulfs now.

  • Louis Lam

    Players can now adjust block height during instinct mode activation.