Ultra Street Fighter IV Location Test Taking Place at Plaza Capcom Kichijoji This Weekend, Character Gameplay Vote Opened

By on December 27, 2013 at 2:50 pm


Ultra Street Fighter IV producer Tomoaki Ayano recently updated Capcom’s developer blog with information on the upcoming title’s next public showing. Game center Plaza Capcom Kichijoji will be hosting a location test of the latest playable build over the next couple of days. An official Street Fighter II tournament, dubbed “The Strongest Is Me!!” and hosted in collaboration with the arcade-themed manga series High Score Girl, will also be part of the festivities.

In other news, Capcom is hosting a vote for what characters fans want to see in gameplay videos played by “top players.” The listing is only available in Japanese, but you can use the chart below to match your votes to what characters you want to see.

If you’re looking for the four new characters, don’t worry, they’re already included in the video series.

To vote, choose three characters, click the bottom button, then on the next page, click the left button (送信する)!

Ultra Street Fighter IV Character Gameplay Video Vote Page

Ryu リュウ
Ken ケン
Chun-Li 春麗
E.Honda E.本田
Blanka ブランカ
Zangief ザンギエフ
Guile ガイル
Dhalsim ダルシム
Balrog バイソン
Vega バルログ
Sagat サガット
M.Bison ベガ
C.Viper C.ヴァイパー
Rufus ルーファス
El Fuerte エル・フォルテ
Abel アベル
Seth セス
Akuma 豪鬼
Gouken 剛拳
Cammy キャミィ
Fei Long フェイロン
Sakura さくら
Rose ローズ
Dan ダン
Dee Jay ディージェイ
T.Hawk T.ホーク
Guy ガイ
Cody コーディー
Ibuki いぶき
Makoto まこと
Dudley ダッドリー
Adon アドン
Hakan ハカン
Juri ジュリ
Evil Ryu 殺意の波動に目覚めたリュウ

Source: Ultra Street Fighter IV official blog

  • Emezie Okorafor

    Dear internet,

    Please don’t vote for Ryu, Ken, and Akuma, even though I know you will.


    • $19298411

      Oni Gouken Elena ok?

      Edit: No elena 🙁

      • POS Industries

        Yeah, looks like the newcomers are a gimme so we don’t have to vote for them.

        Went Juri/Hakan/Dan here.

        • $19298411

          I did Oni Gouken Guy though idk why I didn’t do Juri since Guy is more or less the same still.

    • ReoAyanami

      Well, they are the most popular mains. Lol.

    • TheBlackHombre

      This is going to be Ken’s best version and he will be played radically different. I voted for him along side Sakura and Bison.

  • Hailstorm

    Juri, Gouken, Yang… NOW!

  • Icy_Black_Deep

    Also important (thanks Google translate)

    Send: 送信する
    Return: 戻る

    (which I notice now is alluded to on the last line, but The More You Know).

  • Steven

    Fei Long

  • Art Salmons

    I voted for Urkel.

  • Spabobin

    I want to see Ibuki, Balrog, and Guile. Balrog to see how much people will spam his ridiculously safe, high priority specials and how people will deal with it; Ibuki to see if a high-level player can even be remotely competitive with her and to see if I’m right about the kunai being worthless; and Guile to see the awesome improved U1.

  • martian

    Going Rose/Juri/E. Ryu here. I need to finally see some footage of my mains.
    Also if I can just point out some of the Google Translate names are fucking beautiful.

    Akuma = Australian Demon
    Gouken = Tsuyoshikoubishi
    Evil Ryu = Lui Woke Up On The Wave of Murderous

    • NicolaAcoust

      Lol yes they are! I translated them to spanish, and the results were similar and hilarious too! Guy appeared as “Tipo”, which is loosely translated as “Dude” hahahaha.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Well, Evil Ryu’s full name in Japanese actually IS “Ryu awakened to the Satsui no Hadou”…and “Satusi no Hadou” DOES mean “murderous energy wave.” And “Lui” is a crappy transcription of “Ryu”. So, that one…was pretty accurate.

      Gouken means “Strong Fist”
      Tsuyoi is another way of saying “strong” in Japanese

      “Kobushi” and “Ken” both mean Fist.
      So, “Tsuyoishikoubishi” is kinda like saying “Gouken”…kinda.

      For Gouki, the kanji symbol for “Gou” used for Gouki is different from the Gou in Gouken. Coincidentally, this kanji is also the kanji for Australia. The “ki” in Gouki can mean demon. So, you get “Australian demon” for Gouki.

      Google is crazy…like a fox.

  • defghui

    when the fuck are they going to announce the 5th character?!

  • Drago Umeharevich

    voted Guy/Deejay/Dudley!

  • Цветозар Георгиев

    Does anybody here know if they are going to stream this?

  • sshano

    Where is Yun & Yang?

    • Justin Beauchamp

      yun ユン
      yang ヤン

      • sshano

        Thanks mate.