AVM|Gamerbee Showcases Elena in Ultra Street Fighter IV

By on December 26, 2013 at 9:19 am

The folks over at Mad Catz recently released a handful of videos from the Ultra Street Fighter IV location test that took place in Taiwan a little while back. While it provides glimpses at how characters like Adon, Ibuki, and more perform in early builds of the title, the focal point of the footage is AVerMedia’s Gamerbee, who stuck mainly with newcomer Elena.

Could a character switch be in his future? Give the playlist below some of your attention and let us know what you think.

Source: Mad Catz

  • Blam57

    i’d like to see gamer bee use elena seems like its appropriate. elena looks like the best footsie character in the game so far and with the adon nerfs its more that likely he’ll change.

  • I wonder what PC modders are going to do for Elena considering she’s already naked.

    • DukeMagus

      it’ll happen within the first week of ufs4. sf4 and sfxt modders are extraordinarialy efficient to make good stuff, be it 18+ or not

  • TT301

    This took place several weeks ago and it was in Taiwan, not Singapore. At least get your facts straight.

    • k.b.a.


      • shubit

        it’s just important for a site whose main goal is fgc news to have their news about the fgc correct. Mixing up countries is a pretty big mistake.

    • DukeMagus

      it’s more of an honest mistake than anything else… mail them politely and they’ll fix it gladly

  • Smang

    they really should have gotten the original artist to do the new character portraits, Elena looks like Dante with a Tan

    • mathan81

      Can’t unsee.