Kineda and MCZ|Tokido Provide Impressions on Akuma and Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Capcom Cup Build

By on December 18, 2013 at 3:42 pm

sfiv-akuma-ragingdemon-622 In addition to intense tournament action in their three flagship titles, Capcom also provided a look at the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV with a new build at Capcom Cup this past weekend. Unlike the other location tests, unfortunately, a full list of official changes wasn’t easy to see with so many people in attendance, leaving those who weren’t able to be there themselves reliant on impressions from other members of the fighting game community. Two such members were our very own Terry “Kineda” Ng and Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi of Team Mad Catz. Below, you’ll find short lists of changes for both Akuma (their character of choice) and Ryu, as well as impressions on how the tweaks and new gameplay additions felt in use. [hr]


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  • st.MK forces opponent to stand
  • Demon Flip to EX Zanku Hadouken
  • EX Tatsu’s vacuum increased
  • Teleport unchanged
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  • First hit of j.MP juggles opponent
  • cr.MK reduced from -3 to -2 on block
  • EX Tatsu’s vacuum increased
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Kineda: st.MK allows for new combo opportunities but in the current build pushes the opponent too far back for anything significant to connect. Capcom needs to adjust the amount of pushback after hit. Delayed wake-up and the ability to punish divekick easier (hurtbox increased 10%), significantly affects Akuma’s vortex style. Being swept by cr.HK isn’t such a threat anymore. Akuma players will need to rely on a stronger ground game in Ultra. Tokido: The biggest change for Akuma is the new delayed wake-up mechanic. Akuma’s style is to knockdown your opponent and then defeat them with okizeme. I will continue to try to main Akuma in Ultra, but may test other characters as well.


Kineda: Allows for some fancy juggle combos such as Jump Strong (2 hits) -> Jump Strong (1 hit) ->  Tatsu (2 hits) for a 5-hit combo that does roughly 225 damage. cr.MK -> Hadouken is still not a true block string. We were still able to EX Shoryuken in-between the string in this current build. [hr] Feel free to let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.

  • Marvin Choi

    Delayed wake-up alone knocks Akuma down few pegs.

    • Azrael VG

      Maybe they should add those few pegs to his Stamina since its harder to land those strong 50/50s and he now has to footsie even more.

  • FakMeLaterally

    Remind me again why Akuma is getting buffs?….

    • defghui

      because jpan wants to see tokido beat xian

    • PJ

      Delayed wakeup offsets any buffs they might give him at this point.

    • VicViper

      because you should never give a character buffs to compensate for nerfs right?

      • Azrael VG

        Akuma needed buffs because Capcom has decided that aerial vortexes are not good gameplay but ground vortex like Cr.MK fireball, ExFireball is brillaint and high skilled.
        So now Akuma needs a better ground game. Simple.

        • Yudir Chang

          Cr.MK fireball is a vortex? I guess if your stick is broken and you can’t block low.

  • Jacob Paul Schmidt

    They better up Ibuki’s damage or normals since she will no longer have her mix up game. I think crouching lk should be +1 on block and make it to where its not a one frame link to standing Jab. I think she will still be strong if her footsies get better. But then again they ruined her LK tsujimi so damn…. F+HK at -2 on block would be great too.

  • Mike Pureka

    Delayed wakeup is a big thing for Akuma, yeah.

    Not sure what the point of the c.MK change is for Ryu – since c.MK > Hadoken is a cancel and not a link, making the c.MK less minus on block doesn’t change fact that there’s a gap there. I guess this means it’s a little better to sometimes NOT do the Hadoken on a blocked c.MK, but really? Who cares?

    • Azrael VG

      I personally have never seen any Tournament Stream where someone did DP and but I have seen many where Teleport or coward crouch came out instead of ultra. So why the effort on,dp instead of shortcuts that actually are a problem.

  • pootnannies

    please give back vanilla st. hk for akuma. make far st. lp have slight more push back so you can’t loop hk as much. that shit was fun and very useful, pushing the opponent across the screen. without his vortex now, he needs buffs elsewhere.

  • Azrael VG

    First isn’t Ryu’s Cr.Mk -3 on block.
    I don’t get why Ryu most annoying poke Cr.Mk needed a recovery buff whereas M.Bison scissor kick needed a nerf. Is it that M.Bison shouldn’t want to spam more Scissor Kicks but Ryu needs to spam more Cr.MK.

    • Yudir Chang

      Probably because Combofiend hates Bison and Bison players.

    • That’s correct. It should’ve said -3 to -2. It’s so cr.MK -> fireball can be more of a true blockstring.

  • Jumpyburd

    Ryu cr. mk went to -1! Dafuq

    • Mike Pureka

      Uh, so what? How does this change his game at all?

      • Jumpyburd

        for punishing purposes.

        • Mike Pureka

          What could punish it before that can’t now?