Namco Bandai Introduces Tekken Revolution’s Vampiric Brawler Eliza, Playable After December 19 Update

By on December 11, 2013 at 6:38 pm

Earlier this evening, Namco Bandai released a brand new video for Tekken Revolution that showcases the title’s upcoming original character Eliza. Many of you may remember Eliza from when she beat out a variety of other character concepts as Female Vampire during the developer’s San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Back then, she was merely a collection of drawings, but now she has been brought to life in the Tekken Revolution engine. The introduction video below highlights her offensive arsenal, which includes a ground-traveling projectile, a few blood-draining grabs, and more.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Famitsu is reporting that Eliza will be playable in Japan starting December 19, with other regions sure to follow suit shortly after.

Character Profile

A powerful, immortal female vampire. It seems she was born 1000 years ago, but she isn’t certain. Once, when entering her coffin for just a short nap, she ended up sleeping hundreds of years. Having just awakened, she can’t control her sleepiness, sometimes falling asleep without warning.

Sources: Tekken Channel via Avoiding the Puddle, Famitsu, translation courtesy of USD

  • shion16

    Impresive boob…..moves.

  • NyuBomber

    Still salty about not getting that fish,

  • Freakmasta

    I’ll stain my hanz…wis yo brod…

    • Patrick Toworfe


      • Death Metal

        High five!

    • Emezie Okorafor


    • ArcadesMuch

      You cannot escape your death.

    • Shadaloo


  • Victor Thammavong

    Devil Jin got his dick sucked.

  • Kaneco

    Did her boobs get bigger in the outro?! :O

    • Chooch

      Seems like her breasts get larger each time she sucks blood..

    • shion16

      Harada put some personal touches

    • Joe’SoopaMan’Walker

      I thought I was bugging out when I saw that!


  • Chooch

    She looks really cool for the most part.

  • Justin Revere

    This is cool and all but um…are we ever gonna see something about Tekken x Street fighter?

  • Joe Silva

    I think this is a test for characters that use fireballs in the still -hopefully- upcoming TxSF… She looks cool.

    • DukeMagus

      was about to say that. her moves really look inspired by capcom/snk

  • Rachid Aouda

    kyo kusanagi fireballs?

    • solidoutlaw

      More like REPPUKEN!

    • Death Metal

      More like Geese Howard’s.

  • Peter Locke

    Some people are thinking her boobs’ size is going to be a visual indicator of how much longer she can go before she falls asleep or something else gameplay related.

  • kinv

    tekken is possibly the most boring fighting game recently

  • Azrael VG

    more importantly. Is Tekken seeing a PC(steam release) soon?

    • ReddChief78


    • ThePoopTickler

      The only NAMCO game in recent history that got a PC release was Ridge Racer Unbounded. They haven’t released another game for Windows, let alone steam, since.

      • Brandon Michaels

        That shitty pacman game did .

      • Huenchu Manu

        what about the latest naruto fighting game?

      • Death Metal

        They have also released The last Naruto (UNS3) for PC, which is odd. Granted, that was Bandai, but they are pretty much the same company.

  • Kirbichu

    Still would’ve preferred Fem!Paul…

  • Maxim Cryseria

    Would buy this as a TTT2 DLC character but I doubt they’ll use her besides T:R.

    • Anjon

      Yeah, she seems designed from the ground up to be used in TR. I have no doubt that they’ll bring her into the main Tekken games, but she’ll probably be toned down so much that the hype would be lost. Seems like there aren’t a lot of ways to punish her without TR’s special mechanics.

  • Asaid AieezyOle Falah


  • Peter K. Mawolo

    tekken X street fighter prototype it seems. hopefully projectiles will be blockable and they wolnt have those invincibility frames. i want a tekken experience at the core. this is just speculation though

  • Tekknight

    Came for the Soul Fist. Stayed for the magically magnifying mammaries.

  • guest131925

    The Comic-Con election seemed to be manipulated in favor of Harada. Let’s ask here who actually expected Eliza here in place of Shin Kamiya?

    • ZenTzen

      Eliza is actually better than Shin Kamiya, so yes i expected at least another character than one from subpar movie

      • guest131925

        FYI I voted Togo, well I wanted to vote him, but the facebook app is buggy and made my vote gone to the very first option (the female assassin). I had stated my situation to the facebook owner immediately but the problem was never addressed by anyone.

    • fgclolz

      Shin Kamiya was a wimp.

    • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

      I voted for Eliza

  • The fuck is this shit?

  • Quan Chi

    Tekken has become a complete mockery and comedy show. so long tekken. You can never make a good movie with the real creators screwin’ it up.

    • MasterScrub

      Because a game with a kangaroo beating up martial artists was the pinnacle of seriousness.

      • Quan Chi

        And this is why hideo kojima says that he’s stuck in the present because ‘gamer’s’ refuse to mature πŸ˜›

        • Kaihedgie

          Stuck in the present…

          So why is it that he’s still making only Metal Gear Solid games instead of a new IP like ZOE?

          • Quan Chi

            Yeah, ZOE sure is a new IP…….
            If you were really smart, you wouldn’t ask questions that already were answered in the same sentence that you’re trying to argue against.

          • Kaihedgie

            ‘Cept I didn’t. I stated ZOE BECAUSE it’s the latest IP he’s done as of today, which was more than a decade ago. He hasn’t made any new franchises since then. It’s all been MGS from that point on.

          • Quan Chi

            and like i said, that answer is in the very statement you’re arguing with me about.
            thumbs up thumbs down thumbs thumbs thumbs. who tha fuq cares… you ain’t hurting my feelings guy.

      • martin rush

        and to clarify its actually the his mother is doing most of the work despite the character is “roger jr.”

    • Pooh Hardy

      You probably know fuck all about tekken

    • Kaihedgie

      The game regularly features animals who have actually been trained in martial arts to fight (half of whom are actual bodyguards) and forest spirit animating a mannequin to mimic other fighters. What gave you the impression this was super serious?

    • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

      Can you say that again, this time with some sense?

      • Quan Chi

        Ok. Tekken sucks. #Dealwithit

        • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

          Seems like someone’s salty, I’m sorry you’re trash at this game. But it’s a good fighter and you’re just to stupid to learn it. #Dealwithit

          • Quan Chi

            Nobody cares about your recycled and redundant baiting techniques πŸ˜›

            errrr uuuu stoooopid. dddeeeeeeerrrrr.

            Hodgetwins:”Fuq out deh WHEY!”

          • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

            hey I’m only talking on your level, since you fail to provide any reason why “Tekken sucks.” So all in all, you’re a bitch. Plain and simple.

          • Quan Chi

            Lol. You are so mature and intelligent πŸ˜›
            I want to be like you when I grow up xD

          • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

            Good, you should want to be me. I’m da best.

          • Quan Chi


          • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

            Hey watch your fucking language, there’s children here sir. I’ll not have any hurs or durs here mister.

  • Pooh Hardy

    “she can’t control her sleepiness, sometimes falling asleep without warning”


  • ReddChief78

    Man i thought i would never see interesting gameplay in Tekken Namco finally coming out of that old 90’s mechaincs and gameplay, step it up Namco

  • o ChocolateMilk o

    dem Soul Fists…. ChrisG approves this video

  • RaiiN

    A narcoleptic vampire that throws plasma, and has ever changing boob size?…….It’s about damn time!

  • martin rush

    the chest. and yes health draining grabs =genius.

  • ウam ‏

    I really appreciate how when she performs a grab that sucks blood, you can see Jins body totally FREAK out! It really makes it feel like shes stealing his vitality or whatevs.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    well those breasts are illegal…gotta call miss vermilion

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    Geese Howard approves of this video

  • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

    Harada put his heart and soul into this character.