Project M 3.0 Now Available, Full Change List Released

By on December 9, 2013 at 5:46 pm

The latest version of popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M is now available. 3.0 adds a wide variety of new content to the title, including cast additions Roy and Mewtwo, an all new Turbo mode, brand new costumes and colors, a ton of character tweaks, and much more.

As the official website is currently unavailable due to the amount of traffic it’s receiving, the Project M developers have provided an off-site download, so feel free to grab it here.

The previously released trailer and a couple of image galleries showcasing some of the cooler alternate outfits and palettes can be found below, and a full change list has been released over on Smash Boards.

If you own a copy of Brawl and are interested in trying this out for yourself, be sure to visit the official website for instructions on how to implement this mod once it recovers from the strain.

Alternate Costumes

Alternate Colors

Sources: Project M (1, 2, 3), Smash Boards

  • SouthernGent

    Heads up for anyone who doesn’t really know about this. Not only does it have some cool recolers and alt costumes but it is also made with the competitive scene in mind so it is much more balanced than Melee or Brawl.

    • R.D. Covenant

      eh, the balance thing, as with most fighters, is pretty subjective (there are still people who believe that having 6 viable characters out of 54 is balanced “within the viable 6”). I’ve played it a bit, admittedly about a year ago, and it was still pretty unbalanced in the sense that there were still clear tiers, albiet the lower ones were slightly higher (I appreciated the Ness up B change). It was pretty much melee with brawl characters, a few changed moves (i remember zelda being able to set/trigger magic traps), and a fan made rebalance. I’ll check out the change notes to see how much has changed though. I wasnt impressed last time, but this could change my mind.

      • kingsharkboi

        “I’ve played it a bit, admittedly about a year ago, and it was still pretty unbalanced”
        You can’t judge balance based on “playing a bit” and not taking into account national/international tournaments over time from MANY players. If I just play in 1 apartment with a couple housemates and Jimmy’s Falco beats me 9/10 times, I know better than to say Falco is top tier and P:M is unbalanced. Hence why fighting games are so tricky to judge/purchase based on balance….you never know what’s gonna shift.

        • k.b.a.

          but it’s the nature of smash. if you start with smash it’s a rough uphill battle given how many esoterics are in the game not to mention gimping. but to focus on melee? that’s a clear statement that you’re going to mod this game in the image of one where with proper technical skill Fox could wave shine you free before you could say no items final destination, there’s always that rough pull between balance and spectacle, and for some characters, smash puts spectacle first, not even mentioning loyalty to subject matter and inventive original movesets, which some characters just don’t bring.

          that being said i still love smash and i can’t wait to play link as soon as i install this, but smash has always been a beautiful disaster.

          • Louis Lam

            english plz

          • k.b.a.

            smash is a chaotic symphony. attempting to make a game like it is admirable but it’s an action in the same vein as orchestrating a car crash outside of a burnout game because the characters have a previously established set of abilities. from a design standpoint + this style of game some characters are hamstrung from the jump.

            add to that remaking the game balance wise not from scratch but in the same respect as the arguably best/most broken version… you can only go so far. it’s as if ultra sfiv had the clear goal ‘we’re going to make this game as close to third strike as possible or alpha 3’ which would be insane considering they’ve been working so hard with the goal being a reasonable amount of balance. Chun-Li, Wack Sean, and Custom Combo’s immediately come to mind, not that those games weren’t great. but when someone “oops it’s broken oh well” the first time, you shouldn’t really try to work on replicating those issues

          • Louis Lam

            What you’re saying would make sense for something like an Alpha 3 recreation but I don’t think you have a very good idea of what competitive Melee is like.

            The only two “infinites are Fox’s waveshine which only works on like 5 characters only hits like 4 times before people hit the edge of the stage and recover right away, and wobbling which only 2-3 IC players in the entire world can perform consistantly and require the victim to be grabbed at 40%+ with both Ice Climbers alive (people normally go for the Nana kill at the start of every stock), and in a specific position.

            In all other combos both players have 20+ options/factors to manage (+- 30 degrees of knockback angle influence from victim’s DI, Smash DI, 7 tech options on knockdown, crouch cancels, etc) so all 0-Death combos and gimps are rare and fair.

          • SouthernGent

            What you are saying about Fox washining is fairly true except he can not waveshine opponents that fall after they have been shined. I understand that is a small portion of the cast but I feel that it is worth mentioning.

        • R.D. Covenant

          I understand your point but could you complete the quote: ” in the sense that there were still clear tiers, albiet the lower ones were slightly higher”. I was talking about a specific sense: clear tiers. Things there were being established by many players well before I started playing (I actually took time to watch matches, streams, and look up changes). It is my fault for not mentioning the other aspects I looked into, though, so that’s my fault.

          • SouthernGent

            I feel it is possible to have clear tiers and balance if the tier list is based around how many options any character has in any given situation as well as the strength of said options. Fox is obviously a better character than Ness but that isn’t to say Ness doesn’t have the tools available to beat Fox.
            If the clear tiers you were referring to was the fact that the Melee top tiers were still pretty much the best than I would like to point out that they were left relatively unchanged from their Melee incarnation and so they have a decade plus metagame already developed for them.

          • R.D. Covenant

            You just said it yourself. It’s not just the number of options, but the strength as well. Ness inded has the tools to beat Fox. Fox also has the tools to beat Ness. Fox’s tools are just way better. So statistically speaking if the people playing ness and fox are of equal skill and are playing at the highest level, Fox is going to win way more than Ness. The Ness player has to go above and beyond just to make the match “even.” Why can’t I like the stronger characters ;_;

            But concerning the metagame issue, if anything, I think that’s part of the issue. It’s a brawl mod but sooo many of the patch notes (I’ve gone through about half of the current notes) for previous characters involve making things closer to Melee. It’s the same for previous notes as well. That’s like manually shifting the metagame in favor of previously strong characters instead of letting it evolve on its own

          • Matthew Bluettmoore

            Melee is mentioned a lot in the technically thorough patch notes, but that’s more to get the game to ‘feel’ similar. The mod matches Melee’s physics exactly, but character balance is entirely new. The top tiers like Fox, Falco, and Sheik have actually been slightly nerfed, and almost every other other character is redesigned or buffed, depending on how much they need it.

    • Fahd Al Zarooni


  • RomanceHD

    YESS! Now I can reek havoc with Roy again!

    • Fahd Al Zarooni

      Me too as well as Mewtwo, I really can’t to get back from work…(^0^)/

  • I’ve seen this before and, I’d love to buy a disc-version of this considering I don’t have a modded Wii.

    • Louis Lam

      Disc version would never work because Project M requires the use of Ocarina/Gecko codes to work.

  • CharmingRogue

    This looks awesome! But… site is down?

    • THAT one fan 77

      go on there twitter they have the download links

  • Elloyd Bennett

    For those of you confused people who don’t want to mod a Wii, modding is not at all required.

    All you need is a 2 gig sd card, a Wii and a copy of brawl.

    All you do is download it and put it on the card, you can load it from stage builder in brawl when you want to switch over. As great as melee is, I end up playing this way more with my friends because there are more viable characters so we get a ton of variety when we play people. Check it out if you casually or competitively play smash. Oh and the new turbo mode is so hype!!

    Ps:Btw Riivolution isn’t even supported at the moment.

  • Nap1400

    That Donkey Kong alternate.

    Shout outs to Punch Out.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    Man, I’m not gonna lie Project may end being a better game than the new Smash Bros Game For Wii U/3DS if they keep this up…:O

    • k.b.a.

      bold statement. we’ll see what the roster does and if returning characters get revamped movesets. i say cut a chunk and give other nintendo characters a fair shake, but i’ve come to understand that’s an unpopular opinion… from people who want toad, waliugi and diskun

      • Fahd Al Zarooni

        Thank you. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

        • k.b.a.

          Glad I could help

      • metaxzero

        A bunch of the returning characters have been shown to retain their Brawl movesets. Off the top of my head, I think Bowser is the only one who has actually gotten revamps instead of just move property changes (if any).

        We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath. Especially with Sakurai confirming he is once again handling things like hitboxes all by himself.

  • k.b.a.

    so i’m at the site… aside from the installer, i’m guessing homebrew wifi? is the one without wifi for wii minis? ugh wish the site wasn’t down right now

    • Larry Guest

      I should probably mention you need an empty 2GB SD Card.

    • EvaUnitO2

      Homebrew: The version to use if you want to launch it from Gekco, Homebrew Channel, etc. Nohomebrew: The version to use to launch right from the Brawl stage editor. Wifi: The version to use for online play. The non-wifi version has some additional features but cannot be used in online play.

  • Tan Tan

    Can one play this on the Wii-U with a copy of Brawl since you don’t need a modded Wii?

    • MrPoot


      • Tan Tan


  • Gamegeezer

    This looks amazing. I’m impressed and i’m not even really a smasher.

  • yongho choi

    Can I do this on Wii U? I don’t have a Wii.

    • J.P. Kellinberg

      Yes, it works on Wii U.

  • Fahd Al Zarooni

    PROJECT M 3.0 VERSION WAS AWESOME, I’ve just finished playing it, by far it’s my BEST SUPER SMASH BROS. GAME I EVER PLAYED…(^0^)/