Major League Gaming Seeking Feedback from Smash Community Regarding 2014 Plans

By on December 7, 2013 at 3:41 pm


While rumors have been floating around for some time that Major League Gaming is looking at incorporating Super Smash Bros. Melee into their events again during its resurgence over the past year, the first bit of solid evidence recently surfaced over on Smash Boards. MLG’s Jake “Solid Jake” Kulinski took to the community hub yesterday in an effort to gather feedback on various topics in advance of “exciting plans” they have planned for 2014.

The major points of discussion center around hammering out a set stage list and tournament format as well as deciding whether or not to allow wobbling, the Ice Climbers infinite grab technique named after Wobbles, its most proficient user. UPDATE – Kulinski has since said wobbling will most likely be legal.

If you’re interested in providing your thoughts on these topics, be sure to visit the official Smash Boards topic and/or send Kulinski correspondence via Twitter.

Kulinski returned to the forum today to drop a few more details, mentioning that it’s entirely possible for the upcoming Wii U/3DS installment to be included as well, providing it is released by the time MLG Anaheim rolls around. If not, Brawl may also make a return alongside Melee. Project M is obviously not an option at this point in time.

He also made a point to mention that nothing is 100% at this point in time, so now would be a great time to let the folks at MLG know just how much you would like to see Smash make a return to their events.

Source: Smash Board via NeoGAF

  • Art Salmons

    Unfortunately the Smash community does not offer a lot of good advice outside the realm of “You have to catch them all.”

  • Ndebe

    I really doubt MLG will stick with Melee this time around either. At the end of the day, MLG is a company seeking profits first and foremost, and Melee just doesn’t bring the crowd and sponsors the way LoL and DotA does. Melee is way more suited for the grass-roots tournaments where fun and love of the game is a higher priority than profit. Good attempt by MLG though and Smash heads will definitely get a kick out of it for at least a couple of events.

    • Mista X

      I mean at EVO they did bring in ~100k viewers so they clearly do bring in the numbers.

      • Spabobin

        Then why aren’t AE and Marvel at MLG?

        • Louis Lam

          For a different reason than why MK and Tekken were.

        • Morieris

          Because of Capcom. It’s been discussed MANY times before.

      • Rahavic

        I’ve seen Smash bring in like 12k viewers just a couple weeks back. No other fighting games besides Melee being played at the event. Think it was called RoM and was an Apex qual.

        Watching NEC right now and we are at about 21k+ with every “big game” being shown. Pretty sure they are ok on bringing numbers with Smash alone, and that thing was barely promoted. Imagine MLG promoting their events.

  • Justin Bennett

    MLG will just drop Melee again when it’s no longer profitable. They dropped Melee the first time after the 06 season and in 2012 dropped Halo. And Halo was their flagship title for many years. It shows how little they care about their communities and players. They also got rid of individual player contracts in the 2010 season. Eliminating the purpose of going pro in the first place.

    MLG has proven time and time again that all they care about is the money, Corporate greed is even starting to ruin competitive gaming.