Tomoaki Ayano Shares Impressions from Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Kichijoji Location Test

By on December 6, 2013 at 3:38 pm


Following up on his breakdown of responses from their web questionnaire, Ultra Street Fighter IV producer Tomoaki Ayano recently updated Capcom’s Saikyo Blog with player impressions from the title’s location test at Plaza Capcom Kichijoji, which was held from November 29 to December 1. Opinions from this particular showcase are very middle-of-the-road with the exception of the community’s reception to Hugo, with 58% of the participants ranking him below average and a variety of responses saying it was too difficult for him to get in.

Additionally, players noted that Ken and Sagat may be a little too strong in the alpha, which may lead to a few more tweaks for those characters in future builds.

A full rundown of each poll can be found below. More information about the responses Capcom received from the Kichijoji location test can be found over on Capcom-Unity.





System Mechanics


Ayano also took the time to announce two additional location tests, one that will be held this weekend at Plaza Capcom Yokosuka and another hosted in cooperation with Mad Catz at Taipei Game Show on December 13. The latter will have a live broadcast for those of you who can’t be there in person, so be sure to tune in and catch all the action.

Source: Capcom-Unity

  • Freakmasta

    Average…except for Hugo & W Ultra. Those are some impressions.

  • Logan Via

    I’d say on “average” only a few people at the loketest knew what they were talking about when they graded these things. lol.

  • Barlton Canks

    Haha. Yeah, buff Hugo. He’s so bad…


    Why didn’t they add Alex and Urien instead? I hope the secret character be Goutetsu or the Old Master who appears in Street Fighter Alpha Generations!xD

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Oro. Definitely should be Oro. Fuck Urien spam.

  • limear

    Wait, how is Sagat now too strong. He only got the ultra juggle buffs and ex knee 0 on block.

    • Barlton Canks

      Bison did a lot with that 0 on block.

    • Guilherme Fickel

      Cancelable stand short (usually in low tiger shot for getting away), Ultra 1 in corner doing full damage AND not putting him in the corner, and finally delay wake up that should help him against the vortex characters. Putting all together, he is way better now. But most of the other characters are buffed also, so it’s still early to say if he will be high in the tier list.

  • GO4PRO

    Delayed wakeup…average?

  • pootnannies

    i hope this game doesn’t end up boring with minor tweaks here and there. they need to make most if not all characters a lot stronger or this update just isn’t worth it.

    • Skudd Stevens

      Pretty much every character is getting more buffs than nerfs, and a large portion of the roster is very strong now. It seems like their aim is to make every character as viable as possible.

  • CharmingRogue

    Just looking at the poll for “Delayed wake-up” already tells me that I can’t take these polls seriously. How that can not score 100% Good is beyond me.

  • 100 people if you add them all up