Ultra Street Fighter IV to Be Included in Official Evo 2014 Lineup, More Tournament Details Coming in January

By on December 5, 2013 at 12:37 pm


Our very own Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, co-founder of the Evolution tournament series, recently provided us with a statement regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV’s inclusion at next year’s event. Earlier today, Capcom announced that the upcoming title will be available in the early part of June in an effort to have it ready for Evo 2014 in July, leaving many to wonder if it would indeed be part of the festivities in Las Vegas.

While further details won’t be made public until next year, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be included in the lineup should it meet the proposed release window. His full statement has been included below.

While we plan to reveal the full Evo 2014 lineup sometime in January, we wanted to put minds at ease by stating that if Ultra Street Fighter IV does see an early June release date, then we will include it in our roster for 2014. We’re confident that this gives the players enough time to prepare. In 2011, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition came out in June of 2011, yet it provided an incredibly memorable tournament.

More details regarding Evo 2014’s lineup will be coming in January, so stay tuned!

  • Gene Q.

    Makes sense…GRIND it OUT!!

  • Mista X

    So wait, let me get this straight. Skullgirls wasn’t in the EVO 2012 lineup because an April release was apparently too close to EVO. Injustice was released in April 2013 and was able to be included in the lineup for EVO 2013 on account that WB was able to support the extra game in the lineup.

    But now you are telling me that Ultra will be included in the lineup when the release date is a MONTH before EVO 2014? I seriously hope Capcom is supporting EVO financially, because with what Mr. Wizard said last year about having such limited constraints on how many games can be run, this means that a month old game will end up knocking another game out of the running. Will it be SS4AE? Or will it be something else?

    Listen, I am hype for Ultra and all but if it means that something has to be cut from the lineup to put in a game that people have less than a month to prepare for, I can’t say I would be happy.

    Some clarification would be nice.

    • Gene Q.

      I GUARANTEE they will NEVER…EVER give and official answer to that.
      100% chance one of the reasons is because they believe like all the other tournaments, is that SkullGirls isnt worthy of being a main game.

      • Mista X

        I’m not arguing for the case of Skullgirls here. I am pointing out that there is a logic that goes into putting a game into the line up here, and Skullgirls and Injustice show you that indeed games may or may not make it onto the list because of certain factors.

        But what I am asking here is what is the logic behind the decision? Is it simply because SF is a classic series everyone loves and it deserves this? Or is there something else that is driving this decision or allows it to happen?

        I am just looking at the roster as a whole, I don’t want to see games cut unfairly. I just want to know why.

        • Mike Pureka

          It’s getting included because Evo always has the latest version of Street Fighter on stage. I really don’t understand your bafflement here.

        • NicolaAcoust

          Money. SF4 is the main atraction, and they’ll put it there even if it comes out the day before the tournament. Top players will always give a good show no matter when it is released, and that brings up the atention to sponsors and fans. But it’s still a legit FG tournament so they’ll include whatever has competition anyway, only that they’ll always prioritize big names and big companies.

          • I don’t think that is always the case. We know Skull Girls was an indie developed game and it didn’t get much in the way of advertising. Being it didn’t get the Triple A treatment amongst other things, I can understand why it doesn’t get the attraction that SF4 gets but lets not fool our selves here.

            Street Fighter has been out WAAAY longer than Skull Girls almost every title you see on EVO’s stage is backed by people who have been in the game for a long time. So it really isn’t a surprise that Skull Girls isn’t getting the kind of support they get.

            No one is saying that its not worthy of being at EVO but it’s the small fish in a big pond of players. It needs time to generate that kind of fandom and its not going to be overnight. It may very well take another version or even the version with all the created players before it see’s the light of EVO’s stage. Still, I say, never say never who knows what those guys have planned for this year it may just make it.

    • Mike Pureka

      Of course it’ll bump AE. What kind of sense would it make if it didn’t? When has EVO ever had two different versions of the same game on stage? (And no, having an SF2 title and an SF3 title doesn’t count.)

      They’re saying: “Hey guys, if Ultra makes it in time, we’ll play that, otherwise, it’ll be AE”. There’s really no other way to read this.

      • Mista X

        That’s what I believe too and I really hope that’s the case. My concern that there really is only a month between release and EVO and people have to get adjusted to the changes. It’s a good thing SF4 has been around for years so this problem is really mitigated by experience, but I don’t want to see top level play affected because people just didn’t have time to prep.

        • Mike Pureka

          Welp, the Evo staff clearly thinks that the proposed release date is early enough for players to get a handle on it:

          “We’re confident that this gives the players enough time to prepare.”

        • Amer1ka

          I assume you didn’t read the article and if you did you ignored the section about how AE came out at the same time when it was released and EVO that year was INSANE for AE (and really all games). I don’t see how you have issues with this when there has already been established precedence. Also, Skullgirls and Injustice were not proven games within the community. They did not come with the come from all over the world built in audience that the SF series has as it’s been around for a very long time and it will be an exception to certain “rules” due to this. Also, it’s a big money draw and even though EVO is a big tournament it’s still a business.

        • Yudir Chang

          It’s a 4 year old game adding in 5 characters, not quite an entire new game. I agree Skullgirls got the short stick (probably Ed Boon used his Jedi powers to get Injustice in), but this is nothing suprising. Arcade Edition released in June and promptly replaced Super.

    • d3v

      I think it’s because SkullGirls was an entirely new game while Ultra is just an update to an existing game.

      • Cat Astrophy

        so they banned the new injustice char because he was too close to evo…he’s just an update to an existing game

    • ReoAyanami

      The simple answer is that Skullgirls wasn’t popular enough while all versions of SF4 are way too popular. It had nothing to do with release date.

  • BlackMasamune

    I hope people find a bunch of infinites, unblockables, and game breaking glitches the week of EVO.

  • POS Industries

    Pretty sure that “should it meet the proposed release window” is code for “should Capcom cough up the required dough.”

    • Michael Zaimont

      Cynicism about the game’s inclusion with that late release aside, I’m pretty sure “should it meet the proposed release window” just means “if the game isn’t delayed and actually comes out when they are saying it will.”

      • POS Industries

        Oh no you don’t, I’m sitting right here in my cynicism. You can’t take that away from me like it’s a third george or something.

        It’s all I’ve got left, man!

      • yovideogames

        does robo fortune have rock-cat-punch?

      • Gene Q.

        Aww that’s cute. You actually believe that.