GAMEacho Provides Over an Hour of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Footage from Recent Tournament

By on December 4, 2013 at 8:39 am

The folks over at GAMEacho recently uploaded footage from a Street Fighter Alpha 3 (also known as Street Fighter Zero 3 in Japan) tournament they hosted earlier this week. The video below includes over an hour’s worth of high-level play in the classic title.

If you’re in the mood for some old-school action this morning, be sure to give this some of your attention.

Source: GAMEacho via UltraDavid

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  • RunningWild1984

    First half has alot of boring Ryu but Zangief saves the day, then we get to see some Dan and Mika.

    • SgtKardashian

      RunningWild has positive things to say about Capcom games? #Kappa

      • Justin Archer

        Why does he comment on the if he hates them so much? I think he secretly likes them.

  • BulletToothTeddy

    Oh custom combos, you are so awesome.

  • Emezie Okorafor

    Yes, GAMEacho, ImbuedGold, kouhatsu, etc…

    I recommend subscribing to all channels like these for lots of Japanese footage from old school, new school, popular, and obscure fighting games. Uploaded regularly: <–lots of SNK goodness

    Fighting game fans (a.k.a. people who genuinely like watching the fundamental concept of FIGHTING GAMES regardless of artificial "hype" and superficial BS) should find great enjoyment in channels like these.

    • BlackMasamune

      Yep, these channels have made me wish for a way to get my hands on Daemon Bride.

    • TiredOcean

      Don’t forget ZERO3Japan! Tons of footage from A-Cho that doesn’t go on the main channel.
      EDIT: Turns out that this is tournament footage from A-Cho, whereas GAMEAcho is casuals footage. The more you know.

    • SgtKardashian

      Shoutouts to my boy Gatoray,

      If you want some awesome KOF 2002UM, 98UM, KOF XI and other SNK goodness, hit him up on Youtube.

  • grezex29

    I always love me some Alpha 3, since it reminds me of my favourite (or 2nd favourite if you count CvS2) version of Sakura. And Dan vs R.Mika was way better than I was expecting. For some hilarious stuff though, check out the GAMEacho video where they’re playing Street Fighter The Movie: The Game. Words don’t do that justice.

  • Quan Chi

    31:40 – why dafuq do ya’ll retards complain about what’s fair and what’s not and yet nobody says anything about glitch abuse and why this is still legal in the tournaments when it is obvious that it’s not intended to work this way……..

    • d3v

      Because the community had less “scrubs” back when this came out. Stuff like this was just accepted and abused. Not like today where everyone complains about every little thing.

      • JasinWalraven

        oh there were plenty of scrubs, they just ran outta quarters quicker than everyone else

    • TS

      A. Ryu could have escaped the infinite setup he got hit with, he didn’t react in time between the standing Jab and the jumping Strong

      B. Ryu in particular is about even with Sagat, tier-wise, and had he made a better read he could used the fake fireball and baited Sagat into losing all of his meter.

      The more you know about the game, the less remarkable it is; Ryu threw a bad fireball and got killed for it. Play more Marvel, you’ll get used to it. Even if you used a better example- it either bothers you enough that you stop playing the game, or it doesn’t.

  • ReddChief78

    This is nothing new GAMEacho has been putting out these videos across multiple games some even non fighting games for awhile now

    You wanna see some high level JP gameplay check out GAMEacho they most likely will have whatever fighting game you’re interested in new or old

    • d3v

      I wish the they’d play more Alpha 2 over Alpha 3 though.

      • ReddChief78

        Shoot them a message they might make that happen for ya those guys play everything and at high level i wouldn’t mind seeing more Alpha myself

        • d3v

          But didn’t the Japanese play more Alpha 3 and Alpha 2 (which I believe is more an American thing)?

  • TS

    Very smart Dan and Mika players. The Dan was really good at doing the juice kick (instant forward air hurricane kick at ground level)- clearly a Dan player, and not just someone playing as Dan.

    Incidentally, these videos are from after the tournament, which is why there are win streaks here and there. Actual tournament matches are here IIRC, with some post-tournament matches at the end.

    Always good to see A3 on the front page.

    edit: I’m dumb, these are also from after the tournament, they usually post one tourney vid to zero3japan and one casual to gameacho, this time it’s just 2 from after true tourney. Still, enjoy.

  • Kal El Cool J

    I definitely want more Alpha, JJBA, 3S, hell any non SF4 game is fine by me. and while I have the 09ers, Alpha 2 > SF4

  • SgtKardashian


    Did Sagat just AIR THROW Ryu? That is awesome.

  • RaiiN

    Fast forward to 44:54 to see a match not featuring Ryu.

  • TS


    Tournament matches from that day (also with a fair number of R. Mika matches) have been uploaded.