Divekick to Make Microsoft Console Debut Courtesy of Xbox One’s Indie Developer Program, More Information Coming Next Week

By on December 4, 2013 at 9:42 am


As we move into the next console generation, all three of the major console manufacturers have placed a ton of importance on independent games and their developers. A recent announcement by Microsoft provided an initial list of studios who will be working on titles for their latest platform, a group that includes Capy, Gaijin Games, Double Fine, Nicalis, and more.

A quote provided by Dave Lang, CEO of Chicago-based developer Iron Galaxy Studios, revealed that they will be porting their two-button fighter Divekick to the Xbox One courtesy of the ID@Xbox program. The title initially released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and this debut on a Microsoft console “will take advantage of all the platform’s unique capabilities” according to Lang.

Some may remember that Divekick was also scheduled to appear on PlayStation 4 at launch, a mark that was pushed back for good reason. Divekick creator Adam “Keits” Heart recently told us that the port was delayed so that they had more time to create new content for the indie title, and that other upgrades are being worked on in addition to those that are necessary to bring Divekick to these next-generation platforms.

When asked for further details, Heart mentioned that they will be discussing these topics during an upcoming installment of their Divekick #eSports Hour live stream, so be sure to tune in next week for information on these additions, release dates, and more.

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