B3 and B4 VHS Tapes, B5 and Evo 2002-2008 DVDs Now Available to Download

By on December 4, 2013 at 6:26 pm


New to the fighting game community and interested in past competition? Or were you present for historic events and want to relive the experience? Then look no further than ZachD’s video archive. Long one of the best sources for classic fighting game footage, it was recently updated with full Evo DVDs, spanning from its inception in 2002 all the way to 2008. Archives from Evo’s predecessor, the B tournament series, are also available to download.

Each tournament archive is split among multiple RAR folders, the ISO of which can then be burned onto a blank DVD or mounted on a virtual drive for viewing.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, be sure to check out Zach’s thread in the Shoryuken forums for links to each tournament’s files. And don’t forget to give some love to the folks who made this possible!

Source: Shoryuken forums via Ryo151 and UltraDavid

  • grezex29

    Awesome news to hear. Now if only I could find a complete archive or the whole tournaments of EVO 2009 and 2010 somewhere…

  • gigantor21

    SO awesome. Downloading now.

  • This is GODLIKE!

  • Wow that is real cool of them. This guarantees that this footage will never be lost. Very good idea!

  • J.D SRK

    We need a warrior to upload CVS2 EVO 2K8 on youtube plz plz plz

    • Preppy

      You mean like I did back in May? 😉 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNEDfJZKAl4s-1h3hHvTQ6Meh2I3QJZOj
      Once I received permission, I slowly uploaded the full lot to YouTube. I’ll update the linked post of mine to include the associated YouTube playlists. =]

      • J.D SRK

        I LOOOOVE YOU!!
        that was one of the hypest top 8 I’ve ever seen live at EVO.
        Haven’t seen it since the day it happened.
        Thank you so much!!

  • BlackMasamune

    Ok list of highlight matches from each EVO to watch?

    • Unemployment Master

      MvC2 top 8 (2005-2008; 2007 is a favorite of mine)

    • Johnny Donuts

      Duc vs Sanford money match from Evo 2k6, one of the all-time best

  • Rodolfo Camarena

    This was a Premium Member’s only perk. Really cool to see that everyone may now have access to it. Good job guys!