Steam’s Autumn Sale Offers Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Mortal Kombat, Skullgirls, King of Fighters XIII and Street Fighter x Tekken at Discounted Prices

By on November 28, 2013 at 10:25 am


Steam is currently having its annual Autumn Sale. As part of this, a number of fighting games can now be purchased on Steam for discounted prices. In addition to this, the DLC for some of these games are also being discounted. We’ve put up a list of these games below (all prices are in US dollars).

The Steam Autumn Sale runs until Tuesday, December 3 so be sure to take advantage soon if you’re interested in any of the games listed.

Source: Steam, thanks to Cellsai for the tip.

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  • Felipe Pereira

    the only one i still need is injustice, but i’m not buying for that price =/

    • TempBast

      But ultimate edition includes all DLC.

  • pootnannies

    AE is 14.99, not 9.99

  • Ndebe

    If anybody is thinking about buying any game, wait until either a daily deal or the flash sales. If the game you don’t want isn’t in either, then just buy it on the last day. You’ll feel mighty stupid if you get a game now, then a day or two later it is even more discounted on a daily deal or flash sale.

  • ウam ‏

    SFxT Gem Booster Packs! About time *cough*

  • Yahya Osama yahya

    Looks forever thing that IS NOT Capcom and prepares to pay money for

  • JasinWalraven

    I hate steam, but may pick up kof for that price

  • Petran79

    hopefully they release a much needed MK9 patch with the launch of Injustice