Over 2.4 Million Xbox Followers Now Know EG|Justin Wong is the Killer Instinct Champion

By on November 26, 2013 at 2:26 pm

As I’m sure many of you heard (most likely courtesy of CEO’s Alex Jebailey), Justin Wong of Evil Geniuses recently took first place in Microsoft’s national Killer Instinct tournament, much like he did with Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat before it. While the event made some of the same missteps as those earlier competitions andΒ the prizes were a little exaggerated (but hey, they all got to meet Macklemore!), it also gave the fighting game community exposure on a huge stage.

Earlier today, the official Xbox account on Twitter sent out an image of Justin hoisting the championship belt over his head, accompanied by Xbox Live programming director Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, to all 2,427,497 of its followers. Combined with Evo’s recent reveal of their switch to Microsoft consoles and Jebailey’s continued partnership with the company in Florida, we may be seeing early signs of a collaboration that continues on into the future.

The message in question and an additional set of images (once again by way of Jebailey) can be found below.

Word is Microsoft was shooting a special highlights during the event, so be on the look out for actual footage of the competition soon. For now, feel free to let us know what you think of this news in the comments below.

Sources: Xbox, Alex Jebailey

  • Deusxmachina

    I didn’t even knew there was a KI tournament…

  • Tom Crook

    nice man, hope this game does well. looks hype

  • What, no videos? Who he fought?

  • Natat

    Uhh… when did this happen, again?

  • BlackMasamune

    Great promotion for the casual gaming audience, but the larger FGC didn’t know this was happening? Those priorities need some tweaking, if they really want to sustain this FIGHTING Game’s future.

    • Le Sun


    • windsagio

      Should say ‘the smaller FGC’, that’s more accurate πŸ˜›

    • JasinWalraven

      most likely invite only,didn’t want the below average joe FGC community people who are allergic to soap and deodorant showing up to make a mess and stink the joint up

      • Troy Hillary

        no, it wasn’t invite only. it was announced quite a while back; the AVERAGE JOE FGC are the ones who just couldn’t afford to fly to venue

    • James I’mthepappy Parson

      FGC Illuminati private tourney. Funds were secretly subtracted from our bank accounts. πŸ˜›

  • Barlton Canks

    Over 5 fgc followers now know that there was a Killer Instinct tournament.

    • PJ

      …and only about 5 more actually cared. πŸ˜‰

  • VicViper

    I didn’t even know this was a thing

  • victordonaho

    Justin needs to lose some weight and wash his greasy hair.

  • Devin Isom

    National tournament with no advertisement and not even a week after release? Ok.

    • Amer1ka

      It wasn’t like an FGC event. It was an MS Store event that was heavily advertised if you have an MS Store in your area and pay attention to that stuff. So it was mostly casuals entering to play with a few notables from the FGC also participating. Jwong had a pretty easy road for the win and he mostly won with day 1 combos and basic FG knowledge/footsies.

  • Joe’SoopaMan’Walker

    Isn’t this the one Max was hosting?

  • yovideogames

    sweet belt? does that mean he ate it or something

  • Steven

    was this on gamespot or somethin? can we get some replays?

  • SavingPrincess

    I want Jwong to come out and say “Game is trash and broken, it was so broken that I didn’t even have to try that hard to mop up with these kids.”

    • Mash Harder

      “That was like, the easiest thing I ever did.”

      • SavingPrincess

        Headline should have been “Justin Wong steals prizes from kids in the Killer Instinct tournament by showing up and being awake.”

    • Amer1ka

      Except he won’t because it’s not? Are you one of those guys who hate everything that isn’t his choice in games? JWong and Flo have been streaming KI every night since he won this.

  • Ndebe

    …so are we e-sports now?

  • MasterScrub

    …There was a KI tournament?

  • Pete Q.

    How SICK would it be if Killer Instinct blew up, and we had this giant new addition to the hardcore FGC?

    Really hope Microsoft uses its relationships with some of the leaders of the FGC to really support this game competitively; at the same time, I hope players are mature enough to accept a new game and a new audience, cause if done right, this could be legit.

  • OrehRatiug

    Careful Justin, don’t go cursing while you play KI.

  • Oni Ishida

    Why would they hold a tournament for a 19 year old fighting game?
    The hell were they thinking?

  • gigantor21

    And this wasn’t promoted in a big way or streamed because…?

  • TheWetWorks

    that bastard! XD
    (congrts πŸ™‚

  • AmbushKilla

    Sounds like a blatant attempt to hype up this game by saying a well-know FGC player won some championship (who knows who he played against, Maximilian maybe?). Black Friday is around the corner too. How convenient…

    • SavingPrincess

      Sounds like Justin Wong decided on his own to steal the 1st prize from a bunch of scrubs because he was free that weekend.

    • Krackatoa

      I saw the annoucement for this tournament all over the place, however, it was only promoted over casual or Microsoft’s standard channels. Word will never get to places like SRK unless someone from inside the community is available to direct advertising over this way.

      I called Justin’s win on this a week before it happened. EG sends him to any location within the US that he wants. He has the skills to pick up the game in a week and the fundamentals to run a train over anyone. Since the majority of the entrants were probably casuals/scrubs, it was probably a walk in the park for him.

  • Quintus Havis

    I’d regard meeting Macklemore as more of a punishment than anything. Unless you buy that white savior bullshit they push about him.

    Liking the belt, though. Makes me think of Shawn Michael’s WWF belt.

  • RobertEspaillat

    National tournament That NO ONE knew about wow lol

    • John Gallagher

      If you followed Double Helix you knew about it. I’m pretty sure MSFT promoted it too.

  • Eric Nguyen

    Do we know who else participated in this? Anyone else well known or do we have a DOAMaster situation on our hands?

  • BeholdMyPower

    What in the what what? When on earth did this happen?!

  • Jake Klippert

    Kinda a blessing/curse for Max. He got to host the tournament in Seattle but that means he didn’t get to enter the tournaments either. He would have easily won. I think he beat J Wong 12-0 yesterday then went on a 117 game win streak.

    Either way props to Justin, been watching him stream KI and he is getting better fast. Can’t wait to see some real tournaments with KI at them.

    • Troy Hillary

      well Max has been given special treatment for access to the game for a long time. He’s also the reason PRIMA is even making a “good” strategy guide for the game.

      • Amer1ka

        Special treatment? You mean he’s a popular YT guy and DH let him interview them and play the game at their offices + he went to the location tests like anybody else could?

  • Rest_in_piss_2pac

    Not taking away from wongs accomplishment but im sure he got to play the game a long time before than most people in the tournament

  • Troy Hillary

    bad game is bad.

  • Shinkuhadoken

    Hows this for some highlights πŸ˜› http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-110OVJsvV0

    • Shinkuhadoken

      C88 Shinku defeating Justin in the finals of the San Diego tourney – if only it wasn’t for those pesky rule changes to double elimination πŸ˜‰

  • So justin wins another…. wait WTF? KI tournament? When? No Ads? Did they just hand him the belt and say hey your famous… you just won!

    I’m sure justin bodied whatever was at this thing but where are the following things..

    Challonge brackets?

    Spooky? (if not him then)

    Was anyone else there? (Mike Ross?!?)

    Those all look like microsoft employees…cough cough… STAGED… cough..

    I am sure(positive) there are better KI players out there that could have competed if the tournament was by carrier pigeon invitation only.

  • CompetentFGC

    Oh look, a secret National Championship that nobody was told about or had time to prepare for. “No FGC Illuminati” my ass. This is clearly Double Helix trying to shoehorn themselves into relevance in the FGC by making JWong their champion. They could have done that by just simply releasing KI, because it is actually a GOOD GAME. But they chose to make JWong their mascot for a while to attract the 98IQ FGC Drones who do anything the people on their TV (or computer screen) do. This is ridiculous.

    • windsagio

      It’s actually the reverse, which might be worse. DH and MS don’t give half a crap about the FGC, but know the general populace know who some of the name players were, so they got invited… not for the FGC but for the casual crowd

    • Louis Lam

      Seeing how much advertisement went into this “national tournament” I doubt they care very much about the traditional FGC at all.

  • Yan Zhao

    I didnt even know this happened. Great advertising there Microsoft.

  • Johnny Rage

    How did Justin win? I saw him and Floe play a bit of KI on his stream and he looked terrible…

    • Luisito

      Justin Wong wins in KI with pure footsies. I watched some of his streams too and even he admitted that he doesn’t even understand how 90% of the mechanics work. He doesn’t even know how to ultra, use manuals, shadow counter or break shadow moves lol.

      Just goes to show how free that tournament was.

  • eilegz

    one word to describe this


    • Luisito


  • Amer1ka

    For the 20983094830984 people who are confused and refuse to use Google, this was not a tournament put on for the FGC. It was a Microsoft tournament mostly being promoted at the MS Stores. If you shopped there you would know about it. It was heavily advertised, just not to us and you needed to be near one of the MS stores who was having the tournament (closest one to me I think was St. Louis).

    So this was a very casual friendly tournament. Also, SRK and other FGC websites covered the fact that the event was a real thing but apparently a lot of you missed those articles (RSS readers like Feedly are your friend). So yeah, I hope that clears things up a bit.

  • Psycho Punisher

    Over 2.4 million followers finally discover CoD isn’t the only thing out there.