Nemo, ABEGEN, Kane Blueriver, Dora and AO Announced as Members of New Competitive Gaming Team Black Eye

By on November 23, 2013 at 11:01 am


Earlier today on an Amalgame TV x Black Eye collaboration stream, Matt “Forgenjuro” Dahte, manager of The Black Eye gaming room, announced the formation of a new professional gaming team bearing the same name. The team consists of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 experts Nemo and ABEGEN, world warrior Kane Blueriver of Chile, BlazBlue Bang specialist Dora, and Tekken prodigy AO. Nemo, ABEGEN and Kane Blueriver will be participating in next month’s Capcom Cup UMVC3 under the new banner.

Forgenjuro also announced that the gaming team is all but confirmed to have two backing sponsors. While he wasn’t able to reveal exactly who the sponsors were, he hinted that one is a “somewhat large company” and the other is a “well-known company.” He also unveiled the Team Black Eye logo, seen above, created by Hounori.

Additionally, Forgenjuro revealed that after Capcom Cup, Kane Blueriver will be staying in Japan for approximately two months to train.

Source: Amalgame TV x Black Eye