What do you think of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s delayed wakeup mechanic?

By on November 18, 2013 at 2:07 pm

With the news of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s delayed wakeup mechanic still fresh in everyone’s minds, we thought it would be interesting to ask our readers what they thought of the addition.

Delayed wakeup (or standing) is Capcom’s answer to unblockables and other offense generated off a knockdown. While the various parameters of this mechanic are still being worked out, descriptions of its current state can be found in an excerpt from Famitsu’s interview with Tomoaki Ayano and Koichi Sugiyama (translated by our very own USD) that we’ve included below.

Famitsu: I see. Next, give me the details on Delayed Standing.

Sugiyama: In its current form, the concept is simply delaying the rise from the ground, a counter-strategy to difficult-to-guard wake-up offense. This is because we thought that the offense after moves that force a knockdown was too strong.

Famitsu: Is there any visual effect when performing a Delayed Stand?

Sugiyama: We’re currently examining that. In the location test version there is no visual indicator. If the Delayed Stand is exposed to the opponent then it would amount to nothing. However, we do think that it would bad if the rising side can’t discern whether their Delay Stand was successful.

Ayano: It would be meaningless if the offensive side could react to it and change their actions. Even if we do add some sort of visual indicator, we’ll make it so you can’t recognize the delay and change your attack in time.

Famitsu: If the defensive side uses Red Focus and Delayed Standing properly, I get the feeling that the evasion methods will be too strong. Does the offensive side have any kind of counter?

Ayano: Up until SSFIV AE Ver.2012 the impression has been that wake-up offense is too strong. We don’t think the addition of Red Focus and Delayed Standing alone will make offense meaningless. Red Focus is indeed powerful, but like normal Focus Attacks it’s weak to throws, and the gauge cost is high so you can’t use it recklessly.

Famitsu: I understand. Because offense was too strong, the defensive options have been increased, creating a chance for escape.

Ayano: Exactly. Still, because we can’t test the game with hundreds of staff, there will be things that the development team miss. Because of that, we want to see how the new systems are used in the location tests. We want everyone to join in the location test and send feedback.

Sugiyama: Please send your pointed opinions to Ayano (laughs).

So, with the basic knowledge we have now, what are your thoughts on this mechanic and how well do you think it will fit into Ultra Street Fighter IV? We’ve included a simple poll below to gauge general reactions, but be sure to visit the comments and provide a more in-depth answer.

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