Capcom to Make New Announcement Regarding Ultra Street Fighter IV Next Week

By on November 9, 2013 at 11:22 pm


While attending the Capcom Cup Asia finals, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono mentioned that they are primed to make a new Ultra Street Fighter IV announcement next week. In typical Ono fashion, further hints were not divulged, leaving what they have ready to show off very much open to interpretation.

So, what do you think we’ll be hearing about? A new gameplay addition? Perhaps location test dates? Or possibly the mysterious fifth roster addition? Feel free to speculate in the comments below and stay tuned for the official announcement.

Source: Capcom Fighters

  • Ace

    That friendzone segment between Zhi and Rachel was phenomenal.

    • Go2hell66

      damn why do i always miss the godlike stuff

    • TheBlackRabbit

      NO…more like her an ANY MALE….lol. she is so


      it is hilarious.

      ecept when you realize who she really likes, the chat went wild.

      • Jumpyburd

        I missed that part. Please do tell.

    • Charles Scott-Spain

      I need links or times. Please.

  • Danik Reeves

    That secret-character-who’s-never-been-in-a-fighting-game-before tease they did when they announced the game?

  • Justin Archer

    It should be that new game mechanic. There is no point in pre-announcing location tests, that’s just something they’d float out say.

  • Gene Q.

    And the announcement is…
    Ultra SF4 will be available on the PS4 and Xbone.
    Please wait another 2 months for more lame announcements.

    • bavobbr

      I would be quite happy because I wont buy a new console if I still have to maintain my old one to play SF4

      • Gene Q.

        What if the announcement was we are allowing your old arcade sticks to be used for the USF4 on the PS4 and Xbone.
        Instead of new mechanics, buffs/nerfs, new character, new gameplay, new stages announcement.

    • How would that even be a lame announcement, dude?

      • Gene Q.

        Because it’s as obvious as Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma being playable in the next Street Fighter-type game. (if they dont go belly-up 1st)

    • Jumpyburd

      Ultra on the newnew? The lobbies will be filled with a handful of people. Meanwhile 360 and Ps lobbies will be crowded. I guess thats good??

      • Storm, Earth, and Fire

        They could make it to where Xbone players can play with 360 players and same for the Sony consoles. It’s all technically the same service, right?

        • Jumpyburd

          I suppose they could make it cross platform. But will they?

    • Yasakani Yoru

      I wont be surprise after all that trolling they’ve been doing.



  • Amer1ka

    It will probably be the new character and the game heading to PS4 and Xbox One. The latter makes sense due to them already having the game on the PC and doing a port over to the PS4 and Xbox One would be trivial.

  • Go2hell66

    USF4 for ps4 confirmed

    • k.b.a.

      thats why they called a cab. it’s quite a journey to the next gen.
      ask senor taxi
      still pretty tired of announcement announcements

  • RobertEspaillat

    The Ps4 is coming out next week, what a coincidence lol

  • Paul Consiglio

    Remy is the new character just look at the new Ultra SF4 poster, where the A is in the word Ultra, right in front of Hugo you can see a half of an “Omega” symbol the same “Omega” symbol emblazoned on Remy’s black leather jacket. Besides the “Omega” symbol is the obvious “green hair” in the poster that REMY is known for;)

    • ChaosDT08

      I’m getting a Bison vibe actually

    • $17468069

      Oh yeah you’re right I can see him squeezed in there, right between Rainbow Mika and Skullomania.

      • Agent HUNK

        lmao…..We wish!

    • Zonder88

      Cause Remi totally hasnt been in a SF game before. Nah.

    • pootnannies

      except they said this new character has never been in a fighting game. i think Remy would be pretty cool in sf4 system

    • Agent HUNK

      sorry to bring down your hopes….but that’s Bison behind the A.-you look down the A and you see his knee guards. Wish it were him though 🙁

    • Eric Wiley

      To me it looks like there are two characters covered by the logo. Anyone agree?

    • K’ Styles

      You must be one of those conspiracy theorist that see every thing as 2 + 1 = Half Life 3 =/

      • OrehRatiug

        There are 5 new characters but only 4 have been revealed leaving 1 left. 4-1 = 3. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!

        • K’ Styles

          dear god..

    • Zonnex

      Kinda doubt it’s true considering they clearly said the new 5th character is someone never seen in Street Fighter game before. Unless they meant unused Street Fighter character?

  • Zonder88

    So next week they finally admiting that Daigo is the 5th character!!!

  • Paul Consiglio

    It would be cool if Birdie was transformed into a 3D model or the character from the Street Fighter Alpha anime Dr, Sadler’s cyborg Rosanov, he has got a real wicked design to him!

    • Agent HUNK

      That would be bad ass!!!

  • Paul Consiglio
  • Agent HUNK

    Id love this on my PS4!!! otherwise well have to wait another 10 years for a new one

  • BlackMasamune


    • gigantor21

      Terry Bogard or Michael Jackson?

      • Steven Hunt


  • Bobo


  • Hadouken Cabs

    • CrazyMobius

      You mean Hadooken cabs.

    • CrazyMobius

      You mean Hadooken Cabs?

  • leingod

    I’d like it for Vita. Best handheld for fighters.

    • Zonnex

      I really hope so. I found myself playing Street Fighter X Tekken and Dead or Alive 5+ more than the console counterpart. Can’t wait to get Injustice for the Vita. I really liked the game on my friend’s 360, so I’m totally looking forward to the complete edition. I wondered if the new Persona 4 Arena 2 game will finally appear on the Vita, too?

      • leingod

        Heh, me too… for some reason I just enjoy fighters more on the Vita. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s release of Injustice! I just hope character models don’t look as bad as MK’s, though.

        • Zonnex

          From what I saw, it looks like the models in Injustice Vita do look almost faithful to the console like Dead or Alive 5+ than MK Vita. MK Vita may play very much like the consoles, yet the models look like they were made for the PSP.

          • leingod

            Indeed. Well, we’ll know in a few hours.

          • Zonnex

            Welp I just played a bit of Injustice for the Vita. Graphically, it’s downgraded from the PS3, however, it’s more improved than Mortal Kombat for sure. In a way, you could say it looks like a launch Vita game than a PSP to Vita port (as seen in Mortal Kombat).

            If you had played Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for both the PS3 and Vita, then that is the perfect example to compare for Injustice in terms of downgraded graphics. The great gameplay is still the same, just like Mortal Kombat. In a way, awesome fighting game on the go.

          • leingod

            Yeah, I played it too and I was kinda dissapointed. Arkham Origins Blackgate on the Vita looks beautiful, but Injustice looks just… meh… and the devs were the same. Oh well, but the gameplay’s there, most of the time. Framerate drops a lot.

      • Ultra SF IV and Persona 4 Arena Super Ultra Mega Suplex Badadada on Vita would make squeal like a little girl. A LITTLE GIRL!!!

  • ThePoopTickler

    This has to have something to do with the “Hadouken Cabs” trailer. I can feel it almost. Also the 5th character.

  • Jumpyburd

    The announcement is that Japan will get Ultra in the arcades 6 months before the US!

    • Smurftacular

      bullshit. it’s going to the arcades first and few days after that to the consoles.

      i think it’s a ps4/xbox1 announcement, which i don’t care about

    • Zonnex

      Game will be called Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Turbo Edition. They’ll probably add another Arcade character, too. Maybe Violent Ken and God Gouken along with Q and Remy.

  • dopeedoo

    Japan – Master of making announcements for announcements.

    • Budgiecat

      And trailers with no gameplay footage

  • luismg

    I am bored about so much sssssssf4 ae ultra super turbo

    • Vas Gian

      diiiiiiiiiid you come up with that?

  • Where the A is in the word Ultra, I like!

  • Skillionaire

    Announcement of an Announcement.

  • Edrick296

    UltraSF4 For PS4 and XB1 . This one should be a spin for next gen consoles sales.

  • CrazyMobius

    Probably just a release date…

  • EgC_Awake

    Maybe a port to next gen?

  • CrazyMobius

    It’s probably just going to be a release date…

  • Felipe Pereira

    ono itself will be the last character, isn’t that obvious?
    his rival will be oni

  • Budgiecat

    It’ll be ported to PS4 DUH

    PS4 needs a fighter to compete against XBone’s Killer Instinct

    well not really but yeah!

  • k.b.a.

    So… loketest dates?

  • CrazyMobius

    What ever happened to this announcement?

  • leo

    we need ultra street fighter 4 on the vita as well as king of fighters XIII or how about a cvs for the vita with all characters who cares about the graphics