What do you think of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Ultra Combo Double mechanic?

By on November 1, 2013 at 1:12 pm

With the news of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s updated mechanics still fresh in everyone’s minds, we thought it would be interesting to ask our readers what they thought of the additions.

The Ultra Combo Double mechanic will allow players to select both of a character’s Ultras at the character select screen instead of just one. As the damage dealt by these attacks will be lessened, you’ll have a choice: will you sacrifice power for more options or stick with what you know from previous installments? While the various parameters of this mechanic are still being worked out, example footage of it in action can be found below.

So, with the basic knowledge we have now, what are your thoughts on this mechanic and how well do you think it will fit into Ultra Street Fighter IV? We’ve included a simple poll below to gauge general reactions, but be sure to visit the comments and provide a more in-depth answer.