PlayStation 3 Arcade Stick Compatibility on PlayStation 4 Will Vary from Game to Game, Decision Left to Developers

By on October 30, 2013 at 2:20 pm


Sony recently released an “Ultimate FAQ” for their upcoming PlayStation 4 console. As part of this FAQ, they discuss whether or not arcade sticks for the PlayStation 3 will work on the new console. While the answer is generally no, they also mention that this might not be the case depending on the game. Specifically, Section 5 states the following:

Will PS3 peripherals such as fighting sticks and steering wheels work with PS4?

Generally speaking, no. However, at launch, users will be able to use these controllers if a specific game title allows it to be used within the game. This decision is upon the game developer and will vary from game to game.

In other words, developers can make it so that the games themselves will be able to recognize the PlayStation 3 peripherals, such as arcade sticks, and allow them to be used in game. While this isn’t full backwards compatibility with controllers, it does mean that the current crop of arcade sticks won’t be totally left behind by the new hardware.

The caveat is that the developers have to enable their use first. Here’s hoping that development teams working on fighting games for the PlayStation 4 take this into account.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • OneSanitarium

    ArcSys, plyease.

  • Andrew Mann

    I pre-ordered a PS4 partially because of the backlash XBox One was getting at the time pre-orders first became available. I was a Sony guy for the 7th gen of consoles but it really hurt me in the last couple years when I got into fighting games.
    It seems everyone in the FGC (except Anime players) generally favor the XBox.
    Time will show what fighting game fans will favor in the 8th gen but I have to admit that developer choice doesn’t necessarily instill confidence in my peripheral compatibility.

    • Joseph William Greene

      It all depends on the fighting game. But I know what you mean.

      PS3 got dat Anime though.

    • AriesWarlock

      Well, if it makes you feel any better, there’s talk that PS4 is providing easier development and more power than xbone.

    • PJ

      PS3 would have been fine for fighters this “past’ gen if the developers made actual versions for the PS3 hardware instead of giving us half-assed xbox ports. Hopefully the same won’t happen this time around.
      Unfortunatley Capcom is one of the largest offenders in this category and not just in fighters… just look at Asura’s Wrath massive tearing issues and Bayonetta’s horrible framerates for example… both not the fault of the system hardware itself.

      • Spabobin

        You’re ignoring the fact that the PS3 was created with an architecture that is very difficult to develop for (and this was done intentionally by Sony). The marginal costs far exceed the benefits for developers when it comes to perfecting their games to run on the PS3, unless you are a PS3 exclusive or a very large majority of the customer base is on PS3.

        This IS an issue of the PS3 system itself. Sony’s revenues are tied to the success of the games on their system, so it made no sense for them to make things difficult for developers, which is why they are making the PS4 much easier to develop for.

      • Bayonetta was SEGA’s doing, not Capcom. Platinum Games =/= a Capcom company – they’re just made up of former Capcom employees [Namely Clover Studio]

        • mikanko

          And you’re right in saying Sega, as they handled the port independently of Platinum.

          Enough fail on their part that Platinum had to step it up and make both versions of Vanquish since they were ashamed of Bayo’s port.

        • PJ

          I was using it as a game port example, not a capcom example. Just happened to be in the same sentence 😀

    • Michael Zaimont

      “Developer’s choice on PS4” beats “no compatibility from 360 to XBone at all” though. No?

      • BulletToothTeddy

        No. If you honestly think a developer is going to invest additional time/money into making your PS3 stick compatible on PS4, you must be new to video games Sony claims they will give developers the option, but I would bet money that this will not happen.

        • Michael Zaimont

          Hello, nice to meet you, I’m new to video games. I’ve been a game developer for over ten years, and I’d certainly invest the time necessary to ensure the peripherals owned by the vast majority of my players will work rather than require that people buy a new console, my game, AND a new stick. Especially if it would take, say, less than a week of work…but I can only even invest that time on the single console that gives me the option to have older sticks work.

          I would also advise any company I’m consulting for to do the same – a bigger playerbase is never a bad thing, and you’re more likely to sell a copy of the game to someone who can use an input device they already own. It’s easier to stomach a $60 or $20 game than a $200 stick.

          That’s not to say that there are game companies run by people who don’t think that way, but they wouldn’t continue to if it indicated they may lose money. If SG2 were to support this and SF5 didn’t that would be news, and at the very least I’d bet SSF5 would add it.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            How many OG-XBOX sticks worked on newer 360 fighters? How many PS2 sticks worked on newer PS3 fighters? We already know that your 360 stick doesn’t have a chance on XBone and PS3 hardware is bound to have the same fate on PS4. You may be a “game developer,” but you clearly have no idea of budgets and time investment in developing games.

          • Michael Zaimont

            It’d be pretty difficult for a game developer to make a PS2 stick work in their game, on a system you can’t plug it into at all. (^.^) And I don’t recall the hardware manufacturers explicitly saying “this will be possible” in those other fact I sorta recall them saying “this won’t be possible”.

            You’re free to be cynical, but I’m pretty sure I have an idea of the budgets and time investment involved in developing games. Maybe.

          • deci

            Hahaha, did you just tell Mike Z that has no idea the budgets and time investment in developing games? Seriously dude, you like the way your foot tastes huh?
            As for PS2 sticks to PS3. Go take a look at the plugs real quick and tell me how that would work. Now go look at PS1 vs PS2, hmmm did that work for you?
            Besides, even if the Game doesn’t support it. Sony does not go out of its way to prevent 3rd party companies from creating adapters for your peripherals. So I wouldn’t really worry that much.

          • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

            Welcome to the world of “not having an idea who you’re replying to”. Population: BulletToothTeddy.

            Don’t worry, I’m here to help!


          • @michaelzaimont:disqus “It’d be pretty difficult for a game developer to make a PS2 stick work in their game, on a system you can’t plug it into at all.”

            Oh shit! Oh shit! @bullettoothteddy:disqus just got his shit pushed in! Ha ha ha ha ha! You got your cranium cracked! Fucking #REKT. Don’t even respond. Save the little dignity you have left.

            Oh God I’m CRYING! HA HA HA HA!

        • TheAquacharger

          I like how you call the creator of Skull Girls new to video games.

    • Blk_mage

      The obvious solution is to just play anime games

    • what…??? The FGC has always favored sony above everyone…

  • AriesWarlock

    Capcom, please.

    • k.b.a.

      capcom’s in the red down to their blodd. i’d hate to do it, but if they came out with a new stick cross promoting with madcatz and they got a sizeable chunk of all sales, i’d buy it. while they’ve done some wicked stuff in the past few years, they’ve also done quite a bit of good, be it so laser focused as to ignore fans pleas and churning hdremixes like buttcake.

      i don’t know how i’d react if they ever went away

  • PJ

    So instead of Sony including a universal usb driver for these devices, they are making the developers add it in their games instead just so Sony can keep their own control devices proprietary? Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I’m reading into this.

  • martin rush

    omg yes hope. now i can use my 50 dollar qanba on ps4. lol.

  • SavingPrincess

    That’s good… there’s absolutely no reason for the FG genre to demand a new crop of controllers since there won’t be a new form of controls (i.e. motion, touch, etc.) in any mainstream game.

  • Candle Ja

    It’s good that we know now… before a certain fighting dev gets paid by a
    certain 3rd party peripheral manufacturer to make PS3 sticks

    • Ndebe

      I’d be willing to bet that many big FG company will do something like this. They have absolutely no incentive not to and every incentive to do so. Maybe the smaller indie/doujin fighters will take advantage of the feature, but companies like ASW, Capcom, and SNK would be stupid not to take some cash from MadCatz or Hori to not include the feature.

      • Candle Ja

        Oh, I’m sure they are very willing. I just hope that they are aware we are aware, and that them being aware will deter them.

  • :B (ZGF)

    So MadCatz was lying huh? About PS3 sticks not supported on PS4?

    • Candle Ja

      I doubt it. If it’s up to the game dev then it’s possible MadCatz just didn’t have any way of knowing on their side. They were just trying to do it from the hardware side.

    • MarkMan

      We have no reason to lie. In fact we’ve never lied to our loyal consumer base or the community. It’s not something that we have control of. If we did, trust me we’d make our sticks work for everything.

    • Yamazaky Geese

      Madcatz lied before on the Xbox One

  • Dubsys

    I’ll be buying a ps360+ instead of a new stick.

  • maelxich

    Xbone requires a new stick no matter what PS4 lets devs choose I may not like either one at this point and time but PS4 looks better every day while the xbone looks the same.

  • BlackMasamune

    So this decision for future fighters will really make it clear which developers truly care about the FGC.

  • BulletToothTeddy

    Still plenty to keep a guy busy on the 360 – 3rd Strike OE, SSF4AE then UltraSF4 soon, UMvC3… Ultra’s not even oing to be on PS4 and XBone. No point in whining about next gen when the only FG offering is KI with a lackluster cast of characters. Plus with all the launch game delays and no KI, who cares about PS4 anymore?

    • Chad Lake

      The entire anime community waiting to play GG on PS4

  • LittleScumbag

    Nice…I see no reason for the developers of fighting games to take out this feature…So i think its safe to asume that there is going to be 100% compatabilit with curent gen sticks…
    Also there is a video where you can see curent gen sticks working with Xbox One

    FvCK YEAH!!!

  • Cat Astrophy

    Basically any fighter that doesn’t support this will certainly deserve to fail extremely hard since they are just USB controllers. It’s a far cry from the old PS2 plugs to PS3 conversions.

  • Yamazaky Geese

    XBOX ONE can be played with Xbox360 stick unless they will patch it on launch to force players to buy new sticks

  • Hauke Fischer

    Well in that case it will be up to the community to pressure devs to support the old sticks and boycott ANY fighter that doesn’t. Even if it is Street Fighter 5.

  • Dilection

    With the amount of money am paying for a Ps4, it should allow previous gen console fighsticks