I-No and Axl’s Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Command Lists Released

By on October 25, 2013 at 3:41 pm

In addition to news regarding future location tests for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Arc System Works recently updated the title’s official site with information on I-No and Axl’s command lists. Both characters will be playable during the next location tests early next month, so it won’t be long until we can see them in action.

For now, feel free to check out art for these two characters and their translated command lists below.



Special Moves

Antidepressant Scale – 214+P (Air OK)
Stroke the Big Tree – 41236+S or HS
Sultry Performance – In air, 236+P or K or S or HS (Can be held)
(1) Chemical Love – 214+K (Air OK)
 →Chemical Love (Follow-up) – During (1), 214+S (Air OK)
Chemical Love (Vertical) – 214+S (Air OK)


Longing Desperation – 632146+HS
Ultimate Fortissimo – In air, 2363214+S

Axl Low


Special Moves

(1) Rensengeki – [4]6+S
→Kyokusageki – During (1), 8 or 9
→Sensageki – During (1), 2 or 3
Bentengari – 623+S
Raiei Sageki – 63214+S
Rashousen – [4]6+HS
Tenhouseki (Mid) – 214+P
Tenhouseki (Low) – 214+K
Axl Bomber – In air, 623+HS
(2) Haitaka no Kamae – 63214+HS
→Mid – During (2), P
→Overhead – During (2), K
→Low – During (2), S
→Cancel – During (2), HS


Byakue Renshou – 2363214+HS
Kairagi Yakou – 214214+S

Source: Arc System Works, tip via Dustloop

  • ScytheX3

    w00t 2 of my favorite characters

  • Chemical Love is just a quarter-circle now. Neat.

  • swordsman09

    I just want my Jam back. Then it’s Guilty Gear.

  • TJ

    Axl lost his dumb fall from the sky move, his bad srk kind of move, and his big green circle in the air move that he ended combos with… and it seems he also lost that air uppercut move that cost 25 meter… i liked that move too… this new move Haitaka no Kamae… is it like a stance? it better be worth losing his air combo specials! lol

  • Quan Chi

    no instant kills?!

  • Mace

    As excited as I am for I-no, I really wish they kept her inputs the same. Something bout seeing chemical love as a simple QCB is… kinda underwhelming in a way. Oh, but they kept Ultimate Fortissimo the same input. I wouldn’t have minded them changing that one. Only 1 note too? Seems like they’re simplifying her a bit too much. Its still early though, things can change.

    • k.b.a.

      change is a good thing.

  • Gabriel González

    So far a lot of the chars I like to play are in, now I need Zappa and Slayer (even if I’m goddamn awful with the later).

  • TJ

    It doesn’t say axl can feint Rashou Sen… that worries me a lot tbh…

  • RadicalEssay

    I wonder if the Horizontal Chemical Love follow-up is effectively an “auto jump-install 6FRC6 j.S xx instant Vertical Chemical Love”. As an I-No main, I’d feel rather trolled if that was the case, haha.

  • Ace

    I would like I-No to… Stroke my big tree…