Play XBLA Breaks Down Killer Instinct’s Four Launch Versions

By on October 16, 2013 at 5:33 pm

With a ton of information flying around for the upcoming reboot of Killer Instinct on a consistent basis, it may be hard to keep up with what the various launch versions will include. Luckily, the folks over at Play XBLA have put together a simple graphic that breaks down the Round One, Combo Breaker Pack, Ultra Edition, and Pin Ultimate Edition packages, detailing all that they come bundled with as well as how much they will cost.

Check out the table below and let us know what you think. Be sure to click through if you want to see the larger original.


Play XBLA’s write up also includes further details on the aforementioned Pin Ultimate Edition, so be sure to visit the full post and check it out.

Source: Play XBLA via NeoGAF

  • BlackMasamune

    Really appreciate this breakdown.

  • DarkAdonis

    $59.99 seems a bit high for an ultimate edition that has no physical disc.

    • Sergio Mancera

      There it says ‘Microsoft Stores’ not ‘Download from Xbox Games Store’

      • DarkAdonis

        The package from the Microsoft Store comes with a download code. I just checked the site. It says “box includes a game download from Xbox Live. No disc is included”.

        • Amer1ka

          Yeah, you’re paying for the swag that you’d normally get with a special edition but you don’t get an actual disc. I am OK with that. I went ahead and bought the Pin Ultimate Edition despite the fact that I do not plan on owning an Xbox One at launch. I regret nothing.

      • Guest

        I think you get it from Microsoft Stores but I still haven’t heard of there being a disc involved, so it may just be a download code for the game.

  • $17468069

    Man the amount of bs you have to understand to even purchase and play a game these days.

  • GustavoGoose

    60 dollars for 8 characters? Are you kidding me? That is way too much money for such little content.

    • EX35

      Or just get the $20 version and still get the 8 characters. The $60 version is for the extra stuff, digital and physical.

    • Deusxmachina

      Actually, it’s 20$ for 8 characters. The rest are just useless extras.

      • GustavoGoose

        But what I’m saying is that if you pay 60 you should get way more than the first 8 characters. If they are doing the characters in seasons then for 60 you should get season 2 and 3 for free. Assuming its 8 characters a season, then 24 characters really just isn’t that much anyways. Content in other games like RPG’s is much harder to assess what is worth your money but fighting games are simple, characters are the only thing that matter and 8 characters just isn’t enough, I don’t care how much effort went into them, that just isn’t enough for the game to stay interesting.

        • Ndebe

          …you do get way more than 8 characters for the $60 version.

          It’s $20 for just the 8 characters. If you want Season 2 and 3’s characters and not a bunch of pins, just drop $20 now and save $40 for later. The $60 version is for die-hard KI fans who want a little extra, and that clearly isn’t you, so don’t buy it and wait for later.

          If you are saying you should get Season 2 and 3’s characters ON TOP of everything in the $60 version, then just get out of here with your entitlement.

        • nasnas76

          Like any other collector’s edition that costs 25-50% more than the basic version, it’s not for everyone. Just get the $20 version if you don’t want the extra stuff and stop complaining

        • Amer1ka

          The Pin Ultimate is for people who like special editions, swag and are huge fans. If you don’t want any of that, spend $20. I bought the Pin Ultimate and I got it so I could have the stuff that comes with it. I love KI, I love what they have done with the new KI and I love how they are developing it so I have no problems putting down $60 and I will gladly pay for season 2, 3 and beyond assuming they keep quality stuff coming.

        • Yan Bezina

          Pay 40 now , 20 for season 2 and there you go , 16 character for 60 .

      • Amer1ka

        Hrm, I guess it is $20 now.

  • RobertEspaillat

    60 really for that

  • Humbag

    My god some of you….The game is essentially only 20 bucks. All the rest is just additional content…. 39.99 is a great price for all of that.

  • TJCrimson

    $60 for 8 characters and skins, 16 accessories, with early access to Season 2 content (characters, skins, accessories), along with a classic KI game and some LE collectibles.

    It’s definitely worth $40 unless you want the collectibles.

  • Trevor Clarke

    How they have the cheeks to charge you $20 for eight characters and a bare bones game.

    • JELIFISH19

      It has everything that SF4 originally had. It only has a 3rd of the characters but it’s a 3rd of the price. And you don’t even need to pay $20. You can just play the rotating characters or you can spend $5 on your main. How much you spend is completely up to you. If you don’t want to spend $20, then don’t.

      • Trevor Clarke

        So moving into the next gen of gaming we’re offering product that is a step down from last generation.

        4 years ago to be exact.

        2 years from there I could pay $30 and get 10 newer characters for a total of 35, 12 color palettes for each, a revamped and surprisingly good online.

        2 years later I could pay $10 less for 27 less characters and a bare bones game. OR pay $10 more for 27 less characters and a bare bones game PLUS costumes, accessory packs, and a game I can emulate on my computer.

        • pressstart

          Get your expectations in check. You honestly think production costs remain stagnant as games get produced on higher end hardware, especially on the presentation side?

          • MrAmbitious

            The reason the game is getting hate is because the devs admitted the game is incomplete, but Microsoft wants it as the F2P launch title so they are rushing 6 characters for launch and will release 2 more shortly after. Only comes with 2 playable modes at launch with more features added in a few months. Bottom line is this should just stay in production for another year to prevent constant patching, but nope, they are going to patch this game constantly and drive all the hardcore haters away. I personally don’t mind patching but seems like most people in the FGC think its a non-negotiable yearly patch at most for the best fighting game experience.

          • Mike Pureka

            Further proof that we need to STOP pushing games technology forward so damn hard.

            Otherwise, we end up with less game, at higher budget, every generation, and we destroy games and end up with nothing but a pile of boring mobile stuff.

          • FinchoMatic

            People who understand being patient for a game.

            Faith in the FGC is being restored.

    • Amer1ka

      It’s only been developed for 1 year. If they had 3 it would be fully featured and $60 with 24+ characters. Instead of waiting 2 more years we get to play it now and then play the new stuff as it’s released. I am OK with that.

      And it’s not like a small roster is out of the norm for the price range. Skullgirls, Persona 4 Arena and Blazblue come to mind.

  • James Joseph

    Guy’s complain about 8 balenced characters that are all playable. Guy’s buy games like SF that come with 4-6 characters at max that are ever used in tournaments the rest are just played by die hard players.

    Capcom fanboy logic at it’s finest.

    • DarkAdonis

      People who go to tournaments count for less than 1% of overall sales. The average person who wants a fighter with a decent size roster couldn’t give a damn about how many characters are used at a tournament.

      • James Joseph

        Even if people on here aren’t all going to tournaments I’m sure they’ll still be playing 4-6 out of the 20-25 character roster of SF.

        Of course if we’re talking about people outside of the FGC that’s a different story however I’m discussing inside.

        • MrAmbitious

          This is exactly where your mistaken. I play entire rosters and usually end up only not using 10% of them. With 8 characters, 3 of which I already know I wouldn’t like, I’m down to 5 characters. I don’t care how good the game is, with such a small roster there will be some of us who don’t like anyone and drop the game. Some people like Ryu, others like Ken. They are similar and yet different enough that some people hate Ryu and love Ken. That’s variety I can stand behind. Each character in KI may have a niche style (sadira in the air, sabre on the ground, glacius zoning), but the way you put on damage and the way to maximize damage is EXACTLY the same for everyone in the game. BORING.

        • Trevor Clarke

          I’ve seen Cammy, Gief, Dee Jay, Ryu, Rufus, Viper, Makoto, Akuma, Cody, Sakura, Bison, Vega, Chun Li, Yun, Yang, Ken, Dhalsim, Guile, Juri, Dudley, Honda, Adon, Guy, Rose, Gen, Seth, Sagat, Blanka, Abel, Fei, Fuerte, even fucking Hakan, Dan, and Oni all used a fair amount in competitive play.

          That’s more than 4-6 characters and def more than the 8 total in KI

          So what the hell are you talking about?

        • DarkAdonis

          No disrespect, but your argument is extremely flawed. Even if everyone does use 4-6 characters, you’re assuming that everyone is going to use the exact same 4-6 characters. If character variety wasn’t important, they wouldn’t be planning to milk consumers with a season 2 and 3 of new characters.

        • James Joseph

          Successful troll being successful, well..partially trolling. Yes with evo we’ve seen alot of characters come out to play and it’s not just a yun/yang type of thing like 2012.

          However, if you think about it seriously the majority of players really do mostly use 8 characters:

          * Ryu
          * Blanka
          * Sakura
          * Yun
          * Akuma
          * Seth
          * Dhalsim

          Obviously people have used more in the tournament but I’m just stating what is mostly overly used in total.

    • BulletToothTeddy

      Funny how you assume all 8 characters are balanced and playable when we are still a month out from launch. A meager 8 characters does not make a fighting game. It shows a lack of effort.

      • Saikyo_Mantis

        Naw man, it is more like lack of time. They’re rushing to get this served up on the XBone. Besides, small-roster games can be fun. Look at Skullgirls.

        • BulletToothTeddy

          Lack of time? It’s been almost 20 years since KI came out in arcades! I would expect a small roster out of a little independent download-only fighter like Skullgirls, but not from Microsoft-backed Double Helix.
          Releasing with only 8 in the new KI is unacceptable. The original had 11-12 characters, so now they’re back-tracking? It would be like if SF5 came out with 16 when SFIV has 30+.

          • Ben2Gen

            this game has only been in development for 10 months… thats what he ment about “lack of time”. im sure vanilla SF4 had a much longer development period.

          • BulletToothTeddy

            Even vanilla SFIV came out cross-platform. KI is only on one console, and I’m sure backed by some big M$ bucks to meet launch. SFIV came out multi-platform, mid-cycle.

          • JELIFISH19

            SFA came out with 13 characters when ST had 16. SF3 came out with 10 characters when SFA2 had 18. SF4 came out with 17 characters when SFA3 had 28 and 3S had 19. Rosters grow over time. Each game launched with less characters than latest version of the previous series. But the new one eventually surpasses the previous ones in roster size. KI is no different. KI1 and KI2 had 11. The new one will have 8. But when season 2 comes around, it will have 16.

    • Amer1ka

      That’s sort of dumb to say considering EVO 2012 had 16 different characters in the top 16 and it was still pretty varied this year with a Gen winning the whole thing convincingly. And that’s considering those are the best players in the world for the most part where the average player base can make anybody good since the differences aren’t as extreme at the lower levels.

      I am a fan of the new KI but I am not going to make really inaccurate statements about other games to help promote it. You sound like the people you are putting down.

  • Graham Shryock

    FTP for rotating character or $20 if I’m hooked and want all 8?

    Hot damn, if only this was on PS4…