Bang The Machine Screening at Super Arcade This Saturday!

By on October 7, 2013 at 5:34 pm

With great pleasure the crew at Super Arcade in Walnut, CA is proud to announce that they have received permission from the official producer of “Bang the Machine” to have a showing here at Super Arcade.  For those of you who don’t know what this is about here’s a quick rundown:

While some consider Street Fighter to be just a conventional form of entertainment, others acknowledge it to be much more. Throughout the country, from New York’s Chinatown Fair to Sunnyvale’s Golfland Arcade – players can be found diligently competing to win the respect and admiration among their peers. While money is certainly a factor too, (with major tournaments offer as much as $1,000), many remain dedicated to the growing phenomenon simply for the love of the game.

Bang the Machine takes a look at several of the top Street Fighter players throughout the country who compete for a chance to battle against the Japanese national team for international respect.

While the film is based on a videogame, Bang the Machine also captures the relationships among the players, many of which can be likened to the pioneers of the community. The most familiar names include Alex Valle, John Choi, Mike Watson, David Sirlin, Jason “Apoc” Gonzales, and Eddie Lee. The film features a myriad of segments, briefly giving some “screen time” to some of the aforementioned players regarding their gaming roots or merely providing personal insight regarding the scope of competition. On the whole, the film dissects the sub-culture within the community and showcases the lifestyles of the players on and off the arcade. Contrary to what you might believe, they do have other interests in life.

Bang the Machine shifts back and forth throughout Sunnyvale, California, Las Vegas and finally Tokyo, Japan. It doesn’t sugar-coat the fact that despite the community being united by a common interest, it’s rife with divisions and social disorder. For example, a scene towards the latter portion of the film shows a debate go down between players respectively from both coasts regarding a player spot for one of the featured games. Fortunately, a compromise is reached as the team makes a resolve to work together and represent their country with the highest integrity they can deliver.



If you have ever wondered why this film has not been released, check out this article as to why:

So if you missed out on the select viewings of this film at the film festivals or at EVO, now is your chance to come down and hang out if you are anywhere near Southern California.  Mike Watson, Alex Valle, and possibly some other special guests from this film will be at the event and might narrate a few scenes for you guys in attendance.  We are going to be closing the doors to the general public at 7pm on October 12th and offering a one time “Dinner and a Movie” special *wristband event.

*wristband required for all in attendance.  A one-time venue fee of $10 will be charged at the door and that includes viewing of the film along with an ample supply of tacos cooked to order.  Food service begins approximately at 7:30pm and Movie will be shown at 9:00pm.