EMP|IFC Yipes Announces Curleh Mustache Battle Royal 2, Taking Place at Northeast Championships XIV in December

By on September 24, 2013 at 6:21 pm


While streaming an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 lab session, Empire Arcadia’s IFC Yipes made a very special announcement regarding the next installment of his Curleh Mustache tournament series. Curleh Mustache Battle Royal 2 will take place at Northeast Championships XIV this December.

This 5-on-5 team tournament will feature some great talent from all across the country, but as of now the only confirmed group is Team New York (AGE|NYChrisG, CTRL|RayRay, UVG|Noel Brown, TA|Moons), who won the first Battle Royal event. The fifth spot, which was originally occupied by Yipes himself, will be decided in a four-way round-robin between CTRL|Flux, CTRL|Alukard, BIFU|Winrich, and BIFU|Insaynne, though that has the possibility of expanding should he want more players to get involved.

Yipes also mentioned that Evil Geniuses’ Justin Wong and Filipino Champ of compLexity Gaming are planning to create separate Southern and Northern California teams as of now, but may join forces should that fall through.

More details will be coming soon, but for now feel free to speculate which teams we’ll see at NEC XIV later this year to compete in what is sure to be another fantastic event.

Source: IFC Yipes

  • TheBlackRabbit


  • ForteWily

    Wait, Noel Brown?

    Isn’t that boy dealing with legal matters with his Ex?

    • L.Shishioh

      That’s obviously none of your fucking business.

      Just enjoy the damn show.

      • ForteWily

        If that wasn’t public knowledge, I would have to agree with you.
        But it IS public knowledge… so it is something of a concern.

  • BlackMasamune

    My main concern before anything else is the Venue internet, and who will be streaming.

  • AdventSoul

    Thought it was “Curleh” not “Curly”? Either my eyes deceive me or that image was rushed.

  • Dchero

    Anybody know why yipes isn’t participating??? Cause he needs to.
    My team New York:
    Chris g
    Yipes(nemo team)
    Ray ray (mag,doom team)