Roy Revealed in Project M’s Latest Roster Trailer

By on September 18, 2013 at 10:17 am

The folks behind Project Melee, a Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod colloquially known as Project M that brings the title’s gameplay closer to its predecessor, recently released a brand new character reveal trailer. Fire Emblem’s Roy, who didn’t make the transition from Melee to Brawl, will be joining the cast in the mod’s next version.

In typical Project M style, Roy has been retooled in an effort to make him a unique and viable member of the cast. The video below showcases his attributes and provides a great look at how he will play, so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.

Unfamiliar with Project M? Feel free to head on over to the official website for more details, though it may still be inaccessible. Additionally, VG Bootcamp‘s Smash @ Xanadu stream on Tuesdays features the mod alongside Melee and Brawl every week for those of you interested in how it looks in a competitive environment.

Source: Project M via VG Bootcamp

  • Pregnant Woman

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

  • Based PMBR is based. AS FUCK.

    Exceeded themselves.

  • RomanceHD


  • SuaveVillain™

    Our boy is home.

  • Trekiros

    We didn’t get any official announcement on that topic as of yet, but here’s some food for thought :
    The addition of new characters to P:M means that a character file is modified, so adding entirely new character should have come at the price of some other Brawl character, which the PMBR wanted to avoid at all cost.
    It clearly didn’t : they have figured out a way to make the clone engine work, which means P:M now has the potential to bring back not just Roy, but also Melee’s other fan favorite veteran, Mewtwo.
    It will take a lot of work. But I’m pretty sure that they’re working on it already ;D

    So in the very unlikely case that your pants aren’t wet with liquid hype already, here’s something for you : this video didn’t just announce Roy !

    • Jolteon

      The Clone Engine works.

      • Trekiros

        (yeah, I just explained what it was and why it’s awesome in one swift movement to the SRK guys who don’t know about either of those things :V)

        • Jolteon

          Just letting you know it’s officially confirmed, it doesn’t have to be speculation anymore. :p

          • Trekiros

            oh wow lol

    • Dantarion

      I am so happy to be able to finally show off what me and ds22 had been working on for ages!

  • $19298411

    Thought this was for the new Smash, just a fan project : oh well I’ll keep waiting.

    • GO4PRO

      Roy will never be in another Smash game sorry

      • $19298411

        That’s ok, Ike is like his spiritual successor, and I’d rather play a real smash game, not this thing…

        • Sean

          While mindlessly following brand names is a fine way to spend one’s existence, you do realize that Nintendo is composed of people right? One company or another being associated with something being “real” or of higher quality just because of a name is just a niave way of seeing the world, and an unfortunately limiting way as well. I fail to see how one team of people could logically be considered lesser than another just because they have a more well-known name behind them, especially when smash is and has been developed by third party companies since its’ inception anyway. Anyway this is all off topic, but please try to judge works by their content, not their creator. Honestly the PM dev’s deserve alot of praise for what they have accomplished and for the genuinely incredible experience they have created, for free, for the smash community

          • $19298411

            You do realize Project M isn’t a real smash game because the makers of it aren’t owners to the IP right? So yeah, you can go on your triade, doesn’t mean much. If that’s the case all fanfiction is cannon to every story universe they belong to.

            I also never said they did a bad job. That’s assuming too much. I admire the fact they took a game series they love, and modified it into a game they’d rather play (since no one likes brawl competitively) on the competitive space. Doesn’t mean I want to play it though. Same thing with Skullgirls, I admire Mike Z and what he did, doesn’t mean I like skullgirls. You’re trying to create a realm where admiration = thinking the thing is great. That’s not true.

            I admire Lenin for writing War and Peace, but I find it boring, as another example to give.

          • Kay

            Your posts made it sound like “since its just a mod, I’m not going to try it out.” I can’t really blame others for calling your ignorant.

          • $19298411

            “calling your ignorant” ……the irony.

            And no that’s basically what I said. I don’t care the mod. Why does it bother you I don’t care for something you do?

          • Sean

            It seems both of us are shoving words into the other’s mouth. It is fine if you aren’t interested because you tried it and found you didn’t care for it. However disregarding something because you don’t recognize a brand name is quite odd. I’m glad you clarified however, as your first few posts are much more abrasive.
            Also the metaphor comparing PM to a fanfic is interesting, but nobody is asking for PM to be considered a Nintendo title, it isn’t. It is a modification made by the competitive community for the competitive community.

          • $19298411

            Who said I didn’t recognize the brand name? I followed Project M since it was announced, but I never had interest in it. Why does that bother you? Are you telling me that everything you see in videgogames you give a shot and that there isn’t one game out there you’ve never said “nah, I’ll pass”?

            Either way, yes I happen to actually have that problem a lot in my life. Not just on the internet (though the internet makes it a lot worse) that what I say which is clear to me isn’t clear to others. It’s a fault of my own I try to work on constantly. I’m just a man of few words unless forced to go further i guess. Again that’s a fault of my own.

            And like I said, I admire the guys for doing waht they do, I admire the smash community for taking a game they love and making it into a game they want to play competitively (speaks towards the design and customization available in the game), does it mean I like or agree with it? Nah, but I do admire them for doing it.

          • Sean

            I too am often misinterpreted, be it in person or via text. I have no problem with you simply not being interested, you have every right not to be. I just took issue with how you came across because, as you can see in the subsequent responses, there are people who genuinely disregard anything not created by or found at a large corporate outlet. I don’t just take issue with this attitude just over games either. I’m glad to have simply misinterpreted you, sorry PM isn’t your cup of tea, have a great one.

          • R.D. Covenant

            I’ve played both and while I do prefer Brawl over PM (I’m not a big fan of melee, though I admit trippng was the worst idea in the history of ever), I dont see how a mod can be considered a real smash game. They didnt actually create the game, they dont own a single ip in it, the mods they did were mostly to make it feel like a previous smash game (i.e. it’s not very creative or innovative) and, at least in my opinion, is more unbalanced than Brawl. I respect had work and all (PM is impressive in a technical sense), but calling it a real smash is like calling a counterfeit of anything the “real deal.”

          • Sean

            At this point the PM team has redesigned every character, created new animations, and re-written the physics engine almost entirely. While they don’t own rights to the characters involved it is very difficult to argue that they haven’t created anything. I also don’t understand how you can compare modding to counterfeit goods, they arent trying to push some cheap knock-off onto you for profit. The game is free and is simply aiming to improve upon both brawl and melee using the data and experience the community has acquired since their release. Modifying something isn’t some horrible crime against the manufacturer, it is the ultimate sign of respect, it shows that you care enough about something to put your own time into improving it. Over clocking isn’t evil, painting your house isn’t a crime against nature, rebuilding your car doesn’t make baby Jesus cry, changing one’s belongings and environment to better suit ones-self is something everyone does, but for some reason people have a very negative outlook on modding. Well not all people, usually just those unfamiliar with it, re-creation, innovation, and adaptation arent bad things…

          • R.D. Covenant

            Concerning this post and your previous one:

            1. The last time I played PM was about a year ago so that was way before the “lag” patch. Additionally, you may be right about the had monitor thing. The built in buffer of Brawl could be why it feels more responsive to me. I’ll have to test that out later.

            2. When I said counterfeit I was talking about it not being authentic, not that the modders were some crime syndicate (especially considering that I tinker with minecraft); that was just the first word that came to mind. I thought that would be obvious considering that I applauded them for the technical work put into it. No need to get dramatic dude.
            (EDIT: plus I actually enjoy Brawl + so….yeah. I dont think modders are Satan incarnate)

            3. I said it’s not creative not that they didnt create anything or put in work; I dont consider rewriting the physics to be more similar to a previous game creative, though it is a nice feat. Those are two completely different things. And just a question (because I honestly dont know the answer) how many of those new animations are actually new animations? Like for example if someone animated for charizord a move that already existed in the pokemon franchize (I dunno like flame punch), I wouldnt call that creative since it existed long before PM. It’s skillful, but not creative. Imo that’s like people who only draw realism; it’s impressive from a technical point of view, but it’s not creative.

          • Sean

            I strongly disagree with your definition of creative. By your definition Smash, one of the most unique and interesting fighters around, is unimaginative because it uses Nintendo characters and has moves, songs, and stages pulled from other titles. Not to mention how limited a perspective on reinvention the refining of ideas such a definition imposes… I mean really your assertion renders just about everything uncreative in one way or another, which while being somewhat understandable, is really unreasonable, and borderline unproductive.
            Long story short Creativity does not equal Originality, Originality is not the same as a prophetic, out of no-where, instantaneous and unrelated fabrication of something revolutionary. Also authenticity is synonymous to brand name these days… Also they have to be pretty damn creative to accomplish what they have without any source code to work with.

            But to answer your question, I can’t say for certain, a fair bit are completely original, though some are certainly draw inspiration from other titles.

          • R.D. Covenant

            And I disagree with how you interpret my opinion. Smash does original things with those characters. How many party Brawlers came before smash? Before smash when have you ever seen mario do combos, throw punches and kicks and uppercuts? Would he ever hit peach? Is he even the real Mario (no, he’s just a trophy)? C.Falcons entire moveset. The fact that different and vastly contrasting franchises from all genres are coming together.

            If the characters were all Smash was then, yes, by my definition it’d be uncreative.

            But Brawls creativity and originality comes with its interactions, narrative, and unique modifications to existing characters, not just the characters in it. Smash is it’s own beast, not just a conglomerate of the involved franchises.

            I said it before: most of the changes were making Brawl like a previous version, Melee. PM is neither creative or original. What has PM done that wasnt already in Melee or Brawl? Add Roy and (at one point) Wa Luigi? (One of which has an entire moveset already as he was in Melee)

            And AGAIN, I respect hard work and technical skill, but that has nothing to do with the creativity or originality of an end product. The amount of creativity of products varies (few things are truly original now-a-days), but I dont see how making Brawl more like Melee, makes the modders involved creative or original using your definition or mine.

            The people who made the mod are hella smart, and maybe as individuals creative, but PM is simply not creative or original.

          • Devin Isom

            You act like this is any better. Why don’t they go play melee if they like melee so much instead of trying to change another game into melee? You guys seeing 3rd strike fans turning SF4 into a copy? Nope. They’re too busy playing the game they like instead of trying to alter one they don’t.

          • Sean

            Melee was at EVO and is the second most watched game in streaming history, plenty of people still play it. What does that have to do with trying to improve something else using its’ predecessor as a baseline, isn’t that what people want in sequels? Or is it just bad because it becomes somehow tabuu if the community does it instead of a 3rd party team of dev’s, who have never touched a smash game, plus a man named Sakurai who makes Kirby games? I suppose I just don’t understand your argument…

          • Vatnos

            Because this allows them to add more characters and stages and better graphics to the game they love? What a silly question really. Melee is a great game but it’s 10 years old. If you liked melee/64 and missed the combos and fast-paced gameplay with brawl, then you have nothing new to look forward to from Nintendo. If people want a new Smash game, they have to make their own, and that’s exactly what they did here.

        • R.D. Covenant

          I kinda agree, but it’s mostly because PM feels too much like Melee to me. I prefer Brawls momentum and overall responsiveness over melee twitchy bricks (it takes like a fraction of a sec more than Brawl before the character moves….it’s annoying)

          • Sean

            Melee can seem twitchy if you play it on an HDTV as it has no frame buffer and will lag from the tv trying to upscale from the games native 480p. You can try to play on a lower resolution tv. However this won’t fix that Brawl has a global 10 frame buffer, alot of people actually find it less-responsive because of this and prefer how tight Melee’s movement is once you become familiar with the system. To each their own though. But I will note that technically it takes brawl between 1-3 frames longer to initiate any player input as a bug, removed by the PM team, cause inputs to lag before being read by the engine.

          • Trekiros

            Isn’t there a way to turn Brawl’s buffer back on for your tag, though ?
            I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t found it yet (not having a working Wii doesn’t help, eh).

            As a side note, as a competitive brawl player myself, I can testify that PM most definitely doesn’t play like Melee. I don’t like playing Melee at all, and PM is my favorite Smash game, for some reason.

          • Sean

            Lol the physics and top-tiers are all pretty much 1:1 melee. Sorry but you secretly loved melee all this time without knowing it XD
            Also PM does have an input assist feature, I believe it adds either 1 or 3 frames of buffer to help people get used to a bufferless environment, simply go to match settings and toggle it on (it is in the spot previously occupied by the handicap feature).

          • No. It is no longer that one. It’s the one in the other settings menu.

            And it adds 3 Frames.

          • Trekiros

            No, not Melee ! I want to play bad games :3
            Srsly tho. I still don’t like playing as the Melee vets in PM. I just have more numerous viable choices, including some characters that don’t feel like I’m murdering my joints while still being top-ish tier.
            The buffer thing may help, actually. I’ve got to check it out.

        • Klol

          At the end of the day, a game is a game, mod or not. Project M use to be viewed as a mod for Brawl to me the first couple times I played it, but now I view it as another game all on it’s own. The people who haven’t tried it…well, need to try it.

  • MasterScrub

    Very, very impressive work.

  • Inan


  • Michael_Glade

    why isnt nintendo shutting this down like they shut down everything else??

    • Vatnos

      Because it will help sell wiis.

  • Demon

    I’m more excited for new additions and tweaks to project m than I am for the new smash.