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It’s time to pull the curtain back on the next year’s Evolution World Finals. The event will be held on July 11-13, 2014 at the fabulous LVH Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Evolution Championship Series represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world. Evo events bring together the best of the best from around the world in a dazzling exhibition of skill and fun, as players and fans gather to honor the competitive spirit in an open format and determine a champion. We’ll have more information, including discounted hotel booking, available in the coming months.

For now, check out our announcement trailer.

We hope you are excited as we are! One more thing, the tournament this year will be on XBOX 360! This does not mean that titles that don’t have a 360 port will be excluded from the running of getting into Evo.  Every game that is up for consideration for this year’s event will not be singled out if they do not have a 360 port, the event is not exclusive to XBOX 360.

See you all in Las Vegas!

  • Andrew Norris

    Guess there won’t be BBCP at Evo then =|

    • Chad Lake

      I’m pretty sure they’ll work something out if BBCP does come to EVO. 🙂

    • Dragoomba

      Thank god.

    • $19298411

      Sadly : But that’s also partially why I think PS4 will end up being the system in time, so far big games like BBCP and GGXrd are only on PS4/PS3

      • JELIFISH19

        And KI is only on X1

        • Slade

          No fucks given.

        • Eduardo Marx Buttelli

          Combo Breaker! Combo Breaker Breaker! Combo Breaker Breaker Breaker!! Combo B-BB-B Breaker B-Breaker!!

        • MikelAL93

          The new Killer Instinct is trash.

          • Deusxmachina

            You’ve played it or are you a psychic?
            With the new gameplay changes the game looks pretty good.

          • jaybonaut

            Not enough anime style in it for you?

          • Ben2Gen

            you obviously haven’t played it then :/

          • Yasakani Yoru

            Gonna assume out of the 80 people that thumbs up about KI being trash didn’t even play it either. Shame on you internet~~

        • K.I. still has to prove itself and the true decision time will be when the next gen Capcom and Namco games come out and where they play better

          • JELIFISH19

            And so do those other games. ASW aren’t the most popular games. We don’t even have release dates for them.

          • windsagio

            Which will most likely be on both systems.

        • $19298411

          Yeah but…who cares about that game?

          • windsagio

            Mr Wizard does for one 😀

          • James Farrar

            Yeah, I think that alone will buy it one year at EVO. I don’t get why people seem to want the game to fail. Shouldn’t we want every FG to be fun?

          • windsagio

            Because it’s the cool fan-rage right now to hate on MS over the XBOne.

            *memories of how they boo’d markman and rich at the last Evo, over XBOX stuff*

        • Brad Chanley

          Xbone will be there, even if I have to ship every console myself >:(.

      • Rob Toohey

        Don’t count it out yet. there is a very high chance they’ll be on Xbox in the west due to a highly divided install base.

        • ZenTzen

          BBCP as already been announced as exclusive to ps3 even in the west, GG is up for grabs

        • MikelAL93

          Arc System Works seems to despise Microsoft now, as BBCP is probably cancelled for 360.

          • Narcowski

            BBCP was confirmed to be Sony-only quite some time ago. GG Xrd will probably also be since Microsoft is shafting Japan and not launching the XB1 there.

          • Liquid

            XB1 is being launched in 2014, just like the PS4, which launches in Japan last week of February.

        • $19298411

          GGXrd has so far been confirmed for PS3 and PS4, and going by Arcs recent moves and interviews about the PS4 I doubt they’ll bring it to X1.

      • TheRealistDMac

        Really? GGXrd isn’t even going to be out by the time this EVO happens, I don’t think there’s been anything official whatsoever about which system it will come out on. Given that P4A, previous BlazBlue titles, and GGAC+R all came out for 360 as well, I doubt ArcSys is going to decide to be picky about which console they come out on. Granted the only reason I prefer 360 is the smoother framerate, that hopefully won’t be an issue on either system next gen.

        • ZenTzen

          BBCP is exclusive to ps3 everywhere, GGAC+R update only came out on ps3 and the platform announcement for GGXrd didnt come from Sony, but from Yamanakas twitter, who is part of ASW, but for that one i’m just gonna wait and see if it’ll be on more platforms, but going by ASW actions and how their games performed on xbox platforms i’m not expecting much

        • $19298411

          Your first statement already proves you don’t know what you’re talking about and should do research before giving a knee-jerk reaction. GGXrd has already been announced for Spring 2014 (Japan only right now) for the PS4 and PS3. BBCP has also already been confirmed as PS3 exclusive, not to mention PS3 has gotten the +R update while 360 users are still waiting (Japan only for all the above), so yes, Arc has proven they are picky about what system they release on.

          • Rob Toohey

            It’s a Business. things can change. It maybe exclusive right now. That, is the key word. *Right Now*.

          • $19298411

            1 problem: Microsoft hasn’t exactly done much to try and sell anything in Japan since the first couple of years of the 360. Hence why a lot of Japanese devs have abandoned the system and suck solely to Nintendo/Sony

          • Rob Toohey

            True, but that;s not the right way to go about things. As a business, you have to take into account the world’s market conditions, not just your own local market.

            Market conditions in the west show a far more divided user base. So it would be in their best interests. Arc isn’t exactly a large company with EA-deep pockets now. that decision could come back and really hurt them.

          • $19298411

            The problem with that take is that Arc gets most of its money from Japanese sells, not worldwide sales. Arc games are pretty damn popular in Japan and sell very well, hence why they can choose to ignore the Xbox. Not to mention their sales are typically better on the PS4. It’s like sure you can release it on two consoles but if only 10 games sale on one console where as 100 sale on the other, you’re spending more money porting it to that console than you make back.

            Hence it is no longer profitable to put it on two consoles, as with what happened with BBCS:EX and why BBCP is ps3 exclusive.

          • Rob Toohey

            Correct me if i’m a bit off, but I don’t even think the total combined sales was enough to even break 900K. We’ll see though. I still have my PS3, i just haven’t really used it all too much recently.

            at least i can see that there is someone around who is pretty much on the same page, though. cheers for that one.

          • $19298411

            I honestly couldn’t tell you, but I do know Arc games typically sell better on the PS3 compared to the 360 which was the point I was getting at. It isn’t that I don’t want the games on the 360 (quite contrary since I own a 360 I am MAD BBCP isn’t coming to 360 especially since I primarily play Arcsys games), I am simply analyzing Arc’s recent moves and drawing my own conclusions. I could totally be wrong.

          • Rob Toohey

            Yeah, we don’t know what their business intentions are yet concerning the other half of the fan base as far as potential sales are concerned. I’m going by the business and marketing classes i took not too far back.

          • TheRealistDMac

            My first statement proves that I don’t go into minute detail. Xrd will be out in JAPAN. In ARCADES. Sometime AROUND spring 2014. It’s dreaming to hope that the game will be sold for consoles in the US in time for it to be a featured game. But hey, I’m more than happy to dream, so why not. It’ll be interesting to see if anime fighters get a little more respect after Persona had more entrants than Tekken and a more excited crowd than that or Injustice this year. If they do, PS4 will probably edge its way in.

          • Rob Toohey

            I do think that ARC pushed out the console names on the trailer a bit too soon seeing as it might steal a little thunder from it’s arcade release. That’s just me, though.

          • $19298411

            Minute details? Sorry but the announcement date of a huge fighter to the community like GGXrd isn’t a “minute detail”. Also the 2014 date was announced at the Sony press conference, during the same announcement they said it was coming to the PS4 and PS3. What I said stands.

    • Narcowski
      • swordsman09

        Hurray for the anime!

    • Don’t be so sure. I don’t believe they simply threw all the PS3 they had away.

      The Xbox jump might only be for the Capcom games 🙂

    • Louis Lam

      PS3/PS4/Gamecube exclusive games will obviously be on their respective consoles.

  • Kanye West

    Wow, this year you guys will be on Xbox? Finally!

  • $19298411

    My prediction, not dissing either system just making a prediction:

    X1 lasts one, maybe 2 evos, then the switch to PS4 is made.

    EDIT: caught the XB360 bold, didn’t see it before. Ignore my prediction. Shout outs to Xbox fanboys

  • RobertEspaillat

    Well now let see if they switch to ps4 in the future

  • eilegz

    hopefully sony wont give $ this year for evo let M$ give it

  • Edu Alonso Carrasco

    How come people talk about Xbox One when the announcement regards the Xbox 360? ._. I wonder whether every game will be on Xbox 360, BlazBlue and Guilty Gear run on PS3 ._.

    • J.D SRK

      KI will be there most dfinetely

      • Edu Alonso Carrasco

        So, in summary:

        All games that have a Xbox 360 version will be played on it. Otherwise, they will be played on a different console. Therefore:
        Capcom, SNK, Namco and NRS games will be 360,
        ArkSys will be PS3 (if added),
        KI will be Xbox One (99% it will be at EVO)
        Smash will be GC/Wii

        That’s pretty much it?

      • ReddChief78

        Yea as you can see MS has made payment that is the only way KI would be at EVO and when it gets booed again MS you asked for it

    • $19298411

      The main reason why people were saying XB1 was because the print for 360 was under the video and before the edit it was pretty easy to miss since it was just one line.

  • Kanye West

    So now that you’re on xbox, what will Chris G have to complain about?

    • Michael_Glade

      does it really matter? he still wins 99% of all umvc3 tournies

      • Atmapalazzo

        He still complains though, even when he does win D:

        • TheBlackRabbit

          dude is a perfectionist…..>.>. kinda annoying when you think about it. But those are the best competitors.

    • H_Magnus

      Monitor lag.

    • Zonder88

      Chris G Whining Flowchart:

      Game played on PS3?
      Yes: BLAME PS3
      No: Did he drop an input but his opponent didnt?
      Yes: BLAME STICK

  • Michael_Glade

    hopefully only capcom games will be on xbox360

  • DEO エリヤデボンオットリ

    will GGXRD be there ?

  • Rahavic

    Which XBox?

    Oh ok nvm, just saw the bold print! Good stuff, maybe we’ll actually see ppl hit all those infinites that were dropped in Marvel this year that could of changed alot of things.

    • $19298411

      360, it’s right under the video at the end of that last sentence, I missed it too at first. Poor placement imo.

  • xanderglz

    What happened? Does it mean Sony dropped their support for next year’s EVO then?

    • Mike Pureka

      When did Sony support EVO? I thought they only ran PS3s because they bought a bunch of them back when the 360 was having serious reliability issues? Maybe enough of them are dead that it makes sense to switch over?

  • Get HYPE

  • Chooch

    It’s not like the console of choice is going to matter. The better players are always going to come out on top.

  • Slade

    No Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. I was only expecting ONE thing from you, America, after ASW announced XRD. ONLY ONE THING. Thank you SRK for contributing to keep GG and BB underground “anime games for weaboos.”

  • BlackMasamune

    I wonder if KI will buy their way into EVO like Injustice did?

    • SgtKardashian

      No logical reason for them not to.

    • windsagio

      On one hand, MS sponsorship trending towards XBOne would make sense for the system change, but on the other hand, aren’t we over that bullcrap yet?

    • jaybonaut

      What is with all the KI hate in this post?

    • ReddChief78

      Too late you didn’t hear the news MS is sponsoring EVO now so if there was no KI then MS could care less about EVO

    • Zonder88

      Will people get over Injustice at Evo already? It was a solid fighter that should’ve been there in the first place. Hell, it had the 3rd or 4th most entries.

  • grezex29

    EVO on XBox? What the shit? That’s total fucking garbage. I swear, if this is just to put that new Killer Instinct game (that is TOTAL ASS) in, I’ll be fucking pissed. If they keep it on PS3/PS4, then they can put good games like BBCP and GGXrd on instead of that piece of shit KI game. Such a bad and stupid move.

    • Light Buster

      No. The PS3 is suffering hard due to the massive frame lag it has. It was a smart choice going with Xbox for this year’s EVO. Other games, such as BBCP will still be on the PS3.

  • Nooneyouknow

    So when does the bitching over distance to the strip begin?

    • WAZEER

      Yeah it’s kinda bad. This year I stayed at the Super 8 directly behind Paris hotel. It’s so damn cheap lol but it won’t be possible next year 🙁

    • J.D SRK

      The new location should most definitely be less expensive than the location at the strip, and thus, more funds will be available to improve the event even further.
      That and the hotels on that area are less expensive too. I will probably be staying at the Circus Circus.

      • Nooneyouknow

        I don;t personally have an issue with the location, I just remember the considerable bitching last time it was at the Rio that it wasn’t on the strip, and the Rio is much closer to the strip than the LVH.

    • Danny Craig

      Thats the first thing that came to my mind when I google map’d it.
      The hotel location…is not good for las Vegas :/
      Its going to be a nuisance if you want to go out to the strip.

      Oh well

  • Eder García

    Xbox? we COD now?

  • Xellos12369

    Games that do not have a 360 port will still be eligible for a spot on the roster at Evo 2014! #Evo2014 #Hype
    mr.wizard just posted this on his twitter/facebook account

  • Henny Henri


    • Light Buster

      Point exactly. Most people here don’t get that.

  • Xellos12369

    mr.wizard just posted this on his twitter/facebook account

    Games that do not have a 360 port will still be eligible for a spot on the roster at Evo 2014! #Evo2014 #Hype

    • ReoAyanami

      Tekken Revolution for Evo 2013. Get hyped!

  • SgtKardashian

    I’m going to assume that if a game was shown in the trailer that it is at EVO.

    Good stuff for SF4, UMVC3 and KOF!

  • Huh, I assume Tekken will still be PS3? It’s not a PS port only but…

    • Edu Alonso Carrasco

      Is Tekken actually bad on Xbox 360? I really have no Idea about that

      • windsagio

        People have this thing about the XB controller.

        • Carlo Dela Cruz

          Well outside of the controller, the community have been dedicated to play on Sony consoles for a long time. I think it wont change. I can say that the PS3 version of TTT2 does run much better than on 360 during graphical intensive spots. We can probably scratch that off.

      • People’s only complaint is the xbox pad, but I mean that pretty much the entire community is on PS3.

      • Rob Toohey

        the 360 pad aside, I haven’t found anything that would make the two versions vastly different. in fact, i found that they both feel pretty much alike.

  • windsagio

    Oh sweet, walking distance to Circus Circus!

    Now we can have all the nightmare-inspiring experiences we want!

    • TheRealistDMac

      Since Circus Circus is probably like $70 a night cheaper…. LET THE NIGHTMARES BEGIN.

      • windsagio

        I can barely stand walking through that place, the idea of staying there gives me the willies.

        PS: Good news is it’s also close to the peppermill, which is probalby my favorite spot in Vegas.

        • Patrick Miller

          Wow, really? I’ve only been in there once, but the whole “fire in the middle of an indoor fountain” motif looks like how I imagine strip clubs looked in the ’80s.

          Come to think of it, the peppermill probably used to be a strip club in the 80s, huh.

          • windsagio

            It’s waaay too classy for that ><

            It's more the place where you go for an evening with that special lady, down by the water/fire.

            As a bonus, I read that the diner side is cheap and good, with good portions. Might be a seriously good eating choice.

  • Jano Torres

    -Ultra SF4
    -GG Xrd

  • You know what else was announced? *** Weeks ago? *** POCKET RUMBLE:

    Still no news story on SRK for it. Time is running out of this cool fighter on Kickstarter. We all know there’s an EVO 2014, so time to focus on a better story.

    • ReddChief78

      Not sure if serious i hope your not nobody cares about a little crappy PC game

      • Of course not. Because Skullgirls, KOF, and other fighters haven’t had big hype behind their Steam versions, am I right? High five?

        • $19298411

          those games aren’t crappy though…..he did specify “crappy PC game”, so i can assume he doesn’t view those as crappy. Had he said something like: no one cares about fighters on PC, your response would make sense, however it doesn’t based on what he wrote.

          Not saying that game is crappy mind you, I haven’t played it so I can’t judge it, though I am not interested in it either.

  • RomanceHD

    I’d love for Tekken to come back at EVO, but not if it’s going to get shafted like it did this past year.

    • RenegadeVA

      Shafted? How? The 3 games run on Friday had the 3 lowest turnouts, and the schedule was released after registration was mostly over.

  • Gespenst Ritter

    So pad players are expected to use that ass 360 controller?

    • Ben2Gen

      get a good pad converter. they’re not expensive

      • Zonder88

        Not 100% reliable. Can drop inputs. People using converters always play with risk of it happening.

  • HombreGranJefe

    Xbox 360? Hold dat salt KI Fanboiz.

  • Juggernaut

    checked the location of the hotel out and it shouldnt be too bad getting back to the strip. as long as the Sahara monorail stop is open

  • RunningWild1984

    Tekken… on Xbox?

  • $73475829

    off the strip? boooooo

  • Alexis A. Rivera-Montalvo

    Can’t wait to get my room at the LVH then have to travel a mile of an underground tunnel to reach the neighboring hotel where EVO is actually taking place again! 😀

    See you at the wrong hotel again next year, guys!

  • Longshotte

    Did you guys seriously not read the bottom? ” Every game that is up for consideration for this year’s event will not be singled out if they do not have a 360 port, the event is not exclusive to XBOX 360.”

    • ZenTzen

      and if you were here from the beginning the article appeared, you would know that was edited into after the fact

      • Longshotte

        Oh, thanks for notifying me of that!

  • Inan

    To everyone who bought it; looks like your Razer Atrox purchase was not in vain after all.

  • lonedragonmaster

    Well looks like I wont be going to EVO 2014. All the games I’m going to be hoping on might not be at EVO and all the old games that I would play are now on a console I have no controller for. I don’t own a 360, nor did I spend 100+ dollars to make my stick a multi. I didn’t see the benefit then and I don’t see it now. What a shame…. Oh well, saves me an airplane ticket.

  • Loghorn

    Xbox 360? Why? People rarely play genres like Hack & Slash games (like the Dynasty Warriors series), JRPG’s, & Fighting games on Xbox consoles. They’re far more popular on Playstation consoles.

    • EnkiduV3

      Because almost all of the games in those genres are made exclusively by Japanese companies, and are more popular in Asia. Microsoft only sold a bit less than 2 million 360s in Japan, compared to the almost 10 million PS3s that Sony sold. You want some reasons though? Okay.

      One of the main reasons Evo used Sony consoles was because Sony was a fairly hefty sponsor. Money talks, as they say.

      The 360 is more popular in the US, selling 10 million more consoles.

      The 360 has been shown to have 1 frame less input lag (4 frames instead of 5) than the PS3. It’s actually easier for PS3 players to switch over to 360 with no detrimental effect to their gameplay. Take it from a 360 owner, my first PS3 only tournament was embarrassing.

      Mr. Wizard said a few years ago that in order for Evo to use 360s instead of PS3s, then Microsoft would have to become a huge sponsor. I think it’s safe to say that Microsoft is indeed sponsoring Evo next year. Again, money talks.

  • Michael Soto

    sooo, for the people who have fightsticks on ps3 they need to go out and buy new ones for xbox….MS is always out to get gamers money, please clear this up if im wrong

  • yomartin

    What happened to Persona 4 arena? is it dead? wasn’t it on 2013 evo?