Street Fighter Chronicles – Where Are They Now

By on September 14, 2013 at 11:44 am

Want to know where your favorite Street Fighter characters are now?   Artist I-GUYJIN-I explores their lives after the fighting has ended (at least for some), in his Street Fighter Chronicles digital art series.

(Source Arman Akoplan, Geekinheels)

  • jlb85

    Amazing, very imaginative fan art. I love it.

  • Troy Dalton

    Great art, horrible storytelling.

    • Your favorite got hit hard didn’t they? It will be alright will be alllright.

      • Troy Dalton

        All of them did. It’s like Street Fighter: Depressing as Fuck Rehab Edition. Someone’s switch is stuck on ‘gritty.’

        • Vas Gian

          i believe you have a tendancy to over exaggerate old chap. blanka, and zangief seem pretty well off.

  • Julius Monroe

    Some tragic ass fates, but okay lol.

  • Quan Chi

    didn’t they do this article before ages ago?

    • Know_the_ledge

      Ehubs did.

  • Satsui

    This is old as hell, weren’t there articles about this months ago?

    • DarkAdonis


    • Caleb Scottie Spicer

      on eventhubs did,not shoryken

  • Rahmel Bland

    I remember the old article as well but area few of these new. I don’t remember Cammy, Fei Long, Zangief, and E.Honda being featured last time.

    • Wedge

      Nah it was all there before.

  • $19298411

    I feel like punching the guy who came up with these stories….it’s like an 8th grader wrote them.

    • It’s like an 8th grader wrote the original story, so this is just about right.

      • $19298411

        Nah I give the original story at least 9th grade level.

  • Justin Archer

    that cammy concept looks better than any of the art capcom has done for her.

  • Wedge

    This is what happens when Capcom goes under and Netherealm takes over SF.

    • Justin Archer

      You mean they actually have character development?

  • TiredOcean

    Across EventHubs and SRK, I’ve seen this gallery about 5 times now. It never fails to look stupid to me.

  • Thomaz Barros

    Cyber Vega is so fucking stupid

  • Michael Gacillos O’Hair

    Superman in a straight jacket?
    I don’t get it. kappa

  • Kyehlar

    Love the artwork for my Cammy… but hate the thought of her going back to Bison.

  • Quintus Havis

    I can’t even read the shit for Cyber Vega; font’s too tiny. I barely made out the others.

    • nasnas76

      click link –> open full size

  • xxCelerity

    Poor Sakura… ;_;

  • Mark Lapasa

    I would buy this DLC Costume pack in an instant.

  • Pooh Hardy

    the story is dumb
    but props for the art

  • Jordan Hoffman

    blanka looks like he’s on more than just pot.

  • Love how x amount of years have passed, and yet Sakura is STILL in highschool.


    This Kickstarter campaign for a cool looking fighter needs love. Neo Geo Pocket aesthetic? Frame data bar? No news post on SRK yet but this “where are they now” garbage makes it?

    Fuck that. Post about Pocket Rumble already.

  • Vas Gian

    “LOLOLOL COOL ART N SHIT BUT THE STORY IS PURTTY GAY THO” to each his own but, the story is bad in comparison….to the canon street fighter story? oh ya know, the one that refuses to change over almost a decade. the story is street fighter has stagnated so hard. if i have to beat another street fighter game and receive no closure upon beating ryus story and instead im met with “im not strong enough, i must train harder” again im going to rip my fucking pubes out. i know people dont look towards sf for a well formulated story but any change is welcome at this point imo.

  • Joshua Porter

    So Zangief is the Russian friar Tuck?

  • Unemployment Master

    Ryu’s fate is kinda reasonable.


    Cyber Vega’s originality came straight out of no where as it does not exist.
    Sakura is still in high school.

    Sagat obviously has nothing else in his life other than trying to rematch a dude for what seems like 30 years and not do it.
    Fei Long.
    Zangief because he is Zangief.

  • Jacope Jesfen

    Ryu actually overcame the Dark Hadou and has already chosen his fate around the Third Strike era. This guy seems to have only played SF4.