Biggest Street Fighter Collection Ever Puts Yours to Shame

By on September 8, 2013 at 5:36 pm

This may be the biggest Street Fighter collection ever documented, but even if it isn’t, Clarence Lim’s collection of Street Fighter merchandise is most certainly bigger than yours.  Don’t believe it?  Then check out the photos below taken during the filming of Capcom’s “I AM STREET FIGHTER” documentary.  Clarence owns the complete catalog of NTSC1 Street Fighter and related games including all versions, variants and playable demos.   Since the filming, his collection of Street Figther merchandise has grown even larger.   For more photos of Street Fighter merchandise awesomeness, check out Clarence’s blog.

(Source Street Fighter Devotion)

  • Brutal2D

    “can’t be THAT big”

    And then I was proven wrong.

  • swordsman09

    How good is this guy in Street Fighter though? Is he at a Daigo level because this is just ridiculous. I wish I could be like this guy.


    ST, and mvc2 is all u need..

  • Martini Whoelse

    Funny thing is I have this vibe that he doesn’t play SF.

    • Mark Imakebeats Ford


    • Ndebe

      From his blog:
      “But I’m not just a collector, I actually play every game I own! If you’d like to have a few rounds on Super Street Fighter IV, send me a message on PSN: Roaming_Ryu. Though I must warn you that I don’t have a lot of time. Weddings are a lot of work! I enjoy playing new people and seeing how they express themselves through combos and footwork. I do, however, get bored playing against flow charts. I like how each game has an open combo system that lets players play differently. I find flow charts are the exact opposite of expression. I would rather a person land a 20 hit combo and lose, than play like everyone else just to win. So if you’re up for some fun, give me a shout!”

      • Martini Whoelse

        Thanks for the info! I feel very happy for him.

    • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

      he play’s mortal kombat

  • windsagio

    So… much…. money… spent!

  • Kamille

    this is ridiculous.

  • CptPokerface

    I’m a bit too much of a penny pincher to even dream of making a collection of this magnitude but hat’s off to him. Takes a lot of dedication and money to do something like that

  • dejavu2222

    Wow, he even has SNK vs Capcom: Chaos and ALSO the original SNK vs Capcom card games which are NeoGeo Pocket Color exclusive games…. along with Capcom vs SNK 1&2 of course. Nice, overall beautiful collection.

  • Ash ro

    Let me tell you what isn’t pictured.

    His girl.

  • Michael_Glade


    • TheBlackRabbit

      his life is that…….

    • MasterScrub

      So there are multiple people in one of the pictures, so he has somewhat of a social life. And all the money he would have needed to OBTAIN all that certainly didn’t fly out of his ass, so how does he have no life exactly?

      • Glenn Vaughn

        Collecting something he enjoys, what a loser.

      • Guest

        I believe those were the people that were filming the documentary but he has a cute wifey that cosplays Sakura. He met her by via cosplay as he dresses as Ryu for cons.

      • Eric Wiley

        He actually has a cute wifey that cosplays Sakura. I think those people in the pics are the people that were filming the Street Fighter documentary though.

        • Kamille

          pics or it didn’t happen.

          • LvL3MashFactor

            Since this is SRK I’d expect people to be more like “that’s cool.” The few fanboy haters are just jealous this guy has a better collection.

          • Eric Wiley

            Watch the Street Fighter documentary. They are both in it. He cosplays Ryu and he met her at a con as Sakura.

    • ReddChief78

      Lol that hate, you must have a SAAAAAAAD LIFE

      • Michael_Glade

        yea Im hating so much on a guy who doesnt go outside………well at least he has a wife

        • Ralph Clotaire

          He would have to go outside have that stuff was around before amazon existed lol. Props to him he looks like he talks decent care of himself. If people knew how much money at alcohol, this wouldnt look bad at all

  • RomanceHD

    OH YEAH! Well, he doesn’t have Capcom Fighting All-Stars Beta “Kappa”

  • Shinkuuwhatever

    I don’t see the Saturn version of X-men Vs Street fighter. Or Onimusha 1, 2, and 3.

    On purpose?

  • Ravepulse

    I’m jealous that he has a cute wife that supports his passion. Never will I be able to achieve this level of happiness. Props.

    • TheBlackRabbit

      lol eh i think you’ll be fine!

  • James I’mthepappy Parson

    Hado all in my chain…yoga in my ring…shoto all in my watch…dont’ b’alieve me jus watch!

  • Beb0p

    What a nerd. All I have is a Soul Eater’s key chain, a Bruce Lee poster and color jacket/sweater and one Teen Titans shirt.

  • Trevor Clarke

    No. Just No.

  • Pooh Hardy

    Biggest street fighter fanboy ever and EVEN he doesnt have SfxT

    • Paul S

      Save the two box sets that are in several of the pictures.

    • Eric Wiley

      Name one thing wrong with SFxT

      • Pooh Hardy

        Gems, overpriced Dlc for stupid stuff, unoriginal moves for the tekken cast (except jin)
        fan favorite characters left out
        stupid joke characters (kuro, toro,mega man and pac man)
        more Dlc, pandora plot, lack of originality (its just street fighter with a tag system), the game gets boring fast, lack of content( had 5 trailers and 3 special episodes yet couldnt let you watch them)

        i can go on if you want

  • Paul S

    As someone who collects fighting games, he’s got me beat when it comes to actual Street Fighter titles. That’s a crown he’s earned.

  • It’s crazy how far he has gone. Street Fighter EX Alpha was also my first purchase followed by Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold..of course I never thought to take it this far as I sold my copy of Street Fighter EX Alpha to pay for an import of Street Fighter vs X-men. I guess collecting is just not in my spirit.

  • PJ

    How do you dust all of that.

  • Warnero Young


  • Garrett Jones

    Mine is bigger

  • Gojira Twit


    Ok I’m still jealous.

  • Bobo

    All those console ports, and not a single world warrior arcade cabinet in sight.

  • Azrael VG

    He should sell all this crap and use the money to travel around and play tournaments, then he would be a real Fan. This only shows he is a fan of cashcom and collecting, no the actual fighting game.
    I think in the documentary he said his favourite game was some shit card game if i remember correctly .. lol

    • Troy Dalton

      Because real fans of the NBA and NFL sell all of their memorabilia, train for 4 hours a day to lose their beer guts and then go try out for the team, amirite?

      Don’t be ignorant. Fandom means different things for different people.

  • TheRealJudgeD

    I’d have to sell my kids to afford/have the space for this…color me jelly.