JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Sells Over 425k Copies, Pannacotta Fugo to Be Released as Free DLC on September 12

By on September 6, 2013 at 12:30 pm

According to recent sales figures from Japan, CyberConnect2’s latest anime-inspired fighter JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle appears to have done quite well for itself. The title was able to move 425,718 units during its first week of release, edging out games like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to top the sales charts.

As a thank you to all their supporters, CC2 will be releasing an additional character completely free of charge. Pannacotta Fugo, who hails from Part V of the acclaimed manga series, wields an unstable Stand named Purple Haze. The latest trailer (featured below) included a quick bit of his gameplay, so check that out to see what you can look forward to if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands who owns a copy.

Pannacotta Fugo will be available as downloadable content starting September 12. Additionally, Siliconera recently reported that All Star Battle is set to be updated with its very first balance patch a couple of days before on September 10.

Sources: 4Gamer via Destructoid, Siliconera

  • Sockbat25

    Its a shame this will never get localized. And I don’t blame them, the sheer amount of time and effort to localize this will be impossible (the subbing and possible dubbing), plus i don’t think the market is that worth while in the west

    • Julio D. Zulkarnain

      The subbing is not the main problem, it’s the copyright hell. Almost all of the stands are based on musicians / famous songs, many characters are based on musicians / artists, hell even some stages’ name and sepcial attacks is a reference to songs by famous musicians.

      • Ikki

        Again, I’ll blame the US for that as the manga is published in France and Italy with no name change whatsoever.

      • Wedge

        I don’t really understand why those references would matter, when the characters have nothing to do with them other than the names. There’s a bunch of references in things like Guilty Gear too, but nobody cares about that.

        • Hunts Rattata

          The names are the problem. They’re what stopped the PS2 beat’em up from being internationally localized, since the author didn’t want to have any of the references changed or removed.

          • Wedge

            Meh, I don’t buy it. Just don’t “localize” the names and leave them as the romaji and nobody can say anything.

          • Kobracon

            Sadly the author will not allow that. He does not want to names to be changed at all and want to stay exactly the same. He will not move on this sadly. Perhaps he wasn’t happy with the name changes in the Part 3 Capcom fighter

        • Hol Horse

          Fun fact. JoJo ispired a lot of characters from fighting games

      • GuyAlpha

        That’s not really the problem. They just change the names. For example. Vanilla Ice is Iced in the US.

  • I haven’t even received my copy from playasia yet, fuckers probably have me on backorder and with labor day…..ARGHH!

  • Tan Tan

    Glad I purchased it from PSN. It was def worth my money simply because its fun and I’m a huge JoJo fan.

    • Never experimented with changing my PS3 / PSN country.. is it difficult to do? This game looks sick def would love to pick it up..

    • Vilmos Magyar

      how much does it cost on PSN Japan btw?

      • Tan Tan

        7,980 Yen

  • Jason Slade

    Those cut-scenes look like they’d get annoying after a while.

  • TheFoolArcana

    Where’s Lisa Lisa?

    • Peter Loney (ピーター)

      She’s got placeholder files on the disc and was listed with the other playable part 2 characters (not with NPCs like Stroheim and Messina), so she’s a good chance.

  • Almighty_Omega

    JoJo need to come to the U.S. ! Take my MONEY!!!

    • Oniros

      Sadly, this will never happen.

      • Why not? I don’t know if JoJo’s manga and other properties ever became popular over here in the states but there can’t be as many licensing nightmares as, lets say, Shonen jump all-stars.

        It shouldn’t be that difficult unless Namco-Bandai believes that there isn’t much popularity here for the franchise as it hasn’t really been shown over here on TV.

  • dejavu2222

    Free DLC for saying thank you from the developers, nice. This is what real game makers do.