Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late to Feature Guest Appearance by Akatsuki Blitzkampf’s Akatsuki, Developers Discuss Update with 4Gamer

By on September 5, 2013 at 12:04 pm

Today saw the release of French-Bread’s Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, an updated version of the original fighter that features gameplay adjustments, balance changes, a brand new character, and more. But, the developers recently announced that Chaos will not be the only additional fighter to grace this upgraded release. Akatsuki Blitzkampf’s main character, the eponymous Akatsuki, will be joining the playable cast as a crossover guest sometime in the future, most likely to celebrate the upcoming download release of the doujin fighter.

His inclusion was first mentioned a couple of days ago through a post on the title’s official website, but we now have a better idea of how he will look in the game thanks to a recent interview conducted by 4Gamer. In addition to discussing the update at great length, the developers also mention being interested in including a Skullgirls guest character, the possibility of a high-definition Melty Blood rerelease, and more.

We’ve included a list of pertinent points from the interview below (translated by Sourenga and RurouniLoneWolf over on Dustloop) as well as a gallery of Akatsuki images from the 4Gamer article, so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. The full interview can be found here.

  • Concept of the Exe:Late was to “increase the things you can do”. Meaning more yomi and dodging into gameplay.
  • Previously Under Night In-Birth was really harsh game for beginners. There was no “fluke” in the game.
  • New “Recovery Correction Value” parameter has been included into game. Parameter changed the length of non-recoverable time depending whether you started the combo with weak or heavy attack.
  • They wanted to keep the ground-fighting as main things, so the game would not end up as “combo game”
  • They wanted to differ from Melty Blood which made them to rise the risks of aerial attacks.
  • That’s why they have made changes that some attacks are invincible only against aerials.
  • They wanted to make more Street Fighter-like “Stab game” which is pretty much the opposite of combo games. (What is a good Western term… “punishing game”?)
  • In the end they ended up with something very close to King of Fighters.
  • Dash attacks are the best moves in Exe:Late
  • There wasn’t really a classic protagonist-like character, so Akatsuki was a perfect guy for them.
    • Of course he can use Reflector.
    • Some of his combos from the original game are usable.
    • Subtle Style themselves drew all the HD sprites for Akatsuki perfectly without any instructions from Narita. It saved apparently a lot of time from the production of game…
  • From the very beginning they had decided to go with simple effects with In-Birth. Narita says it kind a reminds how the covers of light novels are nowadays… Like just a one girl on the backcover …
  • Narita also mentions that P4A was also like that. It’s cool and not-too-flashy, so it’s very easy for eyes. He thinks all the graphic designers of fighting game industry felt defeated after seeing P4A
  • “Playstation 3 version…? W-What might you be talking about…”, Narita first says. Later he mentions that they’ll talk about the console port “later”
  • They really are impressed that the crowdsfunding for Skullgirls update went that well…
  • To celebrate the release of arcade version they would want to have a guest character from Skullgirls. They would like to draw the sprites by themselves to show “What moé truly is!”
  • Narita says that kickstarter wouldn’t really help with their game.
  • Their “chuu-ni-byou styled game” wouldn’t get that many people interested and their main audience is Japanese arcade players
  • Japanese people get easily interested in completed work, but are very cold towards unfinished concepts and “work-in-process”
  • Nowadays fighting game developers should prioritize consoles before arcades… but French Bread still wants to keep up with the old fashioned way of prioritizing arcades first.
  • Narita went to Type-Moon a day before this interview to ask what’s their official opinion about Melty Blood HD. Their comment was “We are positively considering it”, but Narita says we need to wait for the Tsukihime’s remake first…
  • Very soon many projects they’ve had to remain silent will finally be revealed. Wait for more info.
  • They say it’s frustrating that is kind a seems like Arc System Works is the only company creating fighting games.
  • To talk a bit about Guard Thrust. The way Guard Thrust/Guard Cancel is designed is different from other games. In other games, it’s mostly useful for people at a disadvantage. Because Guard Thrust has the alternative resource cost of consuming the GRD Vorpal state in this game, it also rewards people who are playing well overall.
  • Think they mention looking into Steam release after console release near the end of the article. Steam release was already known but it’s good to know when to expect news on it time wise, even though I personally am not interested in the Steam release. More interested in a localization and possibly a full fledged story mode.


Under Night In-Birth has been updated to the Exe:Late specifications as of today in Japanese arcades.

Sources: Under Night In-Birth via Dustloop, 4Gamer via NeoGAF, translations courtesy of Dustloop’s Sourenga and RurouniLoneWolf

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    Edit: This game will be the game to bring in all the douijin fighter characters lol….

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      The vs. Capcom of the douijin world, perhaps?

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    I’m still amazed that these doujin fighters, which come from small developers and see limited commercial success, continue to be made and supported, and yet the suits at Capcom still say 2D isn’t viable.

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      Capcom doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about since ages.

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      So these “doujin fighters, which come from small developers”, see “limited commercial success” and you can’t see why Capcom doesn’t bother with 2D art anymore?
      In any case, xrd is showing you can have 3D that looks as lush as 2D, so it’s a non issue going forward

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    Console port please

    • TiredOcean

      There is actually a PS3 port in development. There’s a screenshot of the game with the XMB overlay that essentially confirms it, but I can’t remember if French Bread have themselves confirmed it officially or not.
      In any case, hold on to your butts, UNiB is coming to PSN… eventually.

  • Trey Roach

    these sound like good changes because when u watch the tournaments on a-cho for this game its pretty much the first person to get hit 2 or 3 times loses because the combos are so long n damaging. it was like watching educated paper scissors rock on crack

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