Divekick – Character Tutorials by Random Select TV, Reference Guide by TheCreaux

By on September 5, 2013 at 1:43 pm
Divekick Mr N Tutorial

If you are just starting out in your professional Divekicking career, you might want to check out these tutorials by Random Select TV. They cover each characters special moves, hidden techniques, and most importantly, spacing. They also give you a feel on what you can counter and how, as well as how to best utilize each character’s tools.

Additionally, TheCreaux put out a great reference image that includes a ton of information for all the characters, including their jump heights, the angles of their kicks, meter build figures, and more. Make sure to click through to see it full sized.

Changes to The Baz were included in the update that went out yesterday, so keep that in mind as you soak in this information.


Sources: Random Select TV, TheCreaux

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