Divekick – Character Tutorials by Random Select TV, Reference Guide by TheCreaux

By on September 5, 2013 at 1:43 pm
Divekick Mr N Tutorial

If you are just starting out in your professional Divekicking career, you might want to check out these tutorials by Random Select TV. They cover each characters special moves, hidden techniques, and most importantly, spacing. They also give you a feel on what you can counter and how, as well as how to best utilize each character’s tools.

Additionally, TheCreaux put out a great reference image that includes a ton of information for all the characters, including their jump heights, the angles of their kicks, meter build figures, and more. Make sure to click through to see it full sized.

Changes to The Baz were included in the update that went out yesterday, so keep that in mind as you soak in this information.


Sources: Random Select TV, TheCreaux

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  • Beb0p

    This shit is too complicated for your average retard…I mean gamer. Just tell them they’ll eventually master it in 10 years.

  • RunningWild1984

    May as well make a tutorial for Candy Land while you’re at it.

  • swordsman09

    What’s the point of a tutorial for Divekick? What can be taught about the characters besides their ground & air techniques? That chart is pretty good though. That seems more helpful than a tutorial itself.

  • Pertho14

    Its all jokes and games with these two clowns until you try to learn Stream and have no idea wtf is going on. Still surprised by how good this game is all around.

    Great job, Keits.

  • Snow Loss

    Divekick is the sort of game you’d buy on your tablet, smartphone, or Steam for a buck or five… My mind is blown they’re charging almost as much as high level indie games like Braid, Brothers, Skullgirls etc.
    It’s fun for a minute or two, but it’s not $10 fun.

    As far as tutorials go… all I’ve gotta say is really? It’s good they exist I guess, but I don’t know what kind of person would ever need to use them. Yes there is some complexity to Divekick, namely in its spacing and mind tricks, but tutorials for two button characters? Really?

    • windsagio

      Gotta say the dude seized his opportunity. I mean sure he kind of ruined what good was in Divekick in the process, but he was probably was too busy living the fantasy that he was making a real, serious, competitive fighting game.

      Edit: And part of that is adding more “DEPTH!!!!!”

      • Pertho14

        The special moves did add a lot of depth to the game. Overall though the argument about depth is somewhat overrated. One of the most highly acclaimed fighting games in the community is still Super Turbo. It isn’t the most strategically deep game, but it is one where you have to play incredibly smart and solid.

        This is a game like that: the match ups are somewhat well defined but you have to play both incredibly smart and solid.

        • windsagio

          That kind of feeds into my point. The ‘added depth’ was unnecessary, as someone else said it really should have been a 2.99$ flash/mobile game, and probably would have been more fun.

          It’s bizarre that a game so simple is also so overproduced and overdesigned.

  • Garrett Jones

    “I don’t care if I get stomped in a ‘simple game’, I’d prefer to get stomped in a complex game” –front page SRK

  • Atmapalazzo

    People who complain about this game being stupid and having no strategy should probably look into the game and think about what they see in matches. Though I do also find it hilarious that these people also tend tohate scrubs without understanding that this game is more or less an extremely effective way to weed out scrubs and in many ways, an ideal fighting game.