Iron Galaxy Studios Releases First Divekick Update; Includes Improvements to Online Matchmaking, Gameplay Changes for The Baz, and More

By on September 4, 2013 at 5:24 pm


Earlier today, Divekick was graced with its very first update, which includes a few general gameplay changes as well as balance adjustments for The Baz and Kenny. Some of the issues that popped up randomly during online play, such as desync errors, have been corrected, and matchmaking is much faster and more reliable across the board.

This update is now available on Steam as well as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe regions (Europe, Australia, etc.). It will reach Sony Computer Entertainment America regions (the United States, Brazil, etc.) soon.

You’ll find the entire list of changes below, courtesy of Iron Galaxy Studios’ Adam “Keits” Heart. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think in the comments.

General Changes

  • The leaderboard can now scroll past 100 without any issues.
  • Improvements have been made to make finding and joining ranked and unranked matches faster and more reliable. Changes were also made to help players join find lobbies when searching.
  • Your CR (Character Rating) value should now be accurate when playing online.
  • (PSN ONLY) Fixed a rare crash that would occur at the end of an online match.
  • (STEAM ONLY) Fixed a rare desync during online play.
  • (STEAM ONLY) Fixed an issue that allowed your screen saver to pop up during gameplay.

Gameplay Changes

The BazΒ – These changes were made to encourage more thoughtful play. Baz will have access to his moves more often, and making tactical choices with them will be much more meaningful now that, at best, Kickfactor gets you only one round.

  • Builds meter ~14% faster.
  • Kickfactor now ends if you get a kill with it and will not carry over to the next round.
  • Kickfactor is half a second shorter.
  • Two Kickfactor Baz players will now pass through each-other instead of a Double KO.


  • Baz stance has the same changes Baz has undergone.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Kenny from getting the correct speed bonus from his stance in Kickfactor after starting a new round with Kickfactor already enabled.


Source: Divekick forums

  • Pertho14

    Was hoping we could let The Baz rock for a little bit longer. I understand why the changes were made. Hopefully I am able to find more matches out; the online play has been a bit disappointing.

    On the other hand though, my offline experience with the game has been amazing. I think the only people who aren’t willing to play this are FGC dudes. Blows my mind.

    • Rock

      I have no idea why, it’s literally one of the most fun games ever. And I am very much an “FGC dude”.

    • King9999

      I’ve seen plenty of FGC people play this game. Not sure where you got the idea that they weren’t playing it.

      • Pertho14

        I love the assumption that I am somehow insulting your personal experiences with the game. Aside from one guy, I can’t really get anybody in my community to play it. But I also can’t get anybody to play anything other than SF4/MvC3/Injustice.

        • King9999

          Uh, I didn’t assume anything, and I don’t feel insulted.

        • DoctorButler

          Oh, I get it. Your buddies have shitty taste in games is all :>

    • windsagio

      my theory is too long an exposure,and difficulty of getting over it as a joke.

      • My theory, from my own experience playing it – it’s fun for about 10 minutes… Then I’d rather go play 3S or Tekken.

  • Quan Chi

    I just want to know why even have a life bar? All this talk about useless features in other REAL games and yet this game has something entirely useless but yet it’s okay. Oh yeah, I forgot. Nobody really plays this anyway just like PS All-stars πŸ˜›

    • Trekiros

      It is not useless, else you wouldn’t even notice it’s there. Without going deep into game design concepts, let’s just say that it’s kind of the same as FX in basically every game ever. It’s there for aesthetic/comedic purposes.

      • Quan Chi

        Then by all means, explain why the bar is there when it only takes one hit to win a round? For games like that, you only need the round win indicators which are those red balls. I highly doubt showing lifebars provides anything comedic whatsoever considering I’ve heard no one say “haha, it got lifebars when it only takes one hit to win. too funny,”. ever.

        • DRainn

          “Why does this parody of fighting games contain features parodying fighting games?”

          • Quan Chi

            Too late, my last sentence in the very statement you responded to already trumps ‘your argument’ πŸ˜›

          • DRainn

            That’s because your argument is: “people I know don’t find this funny, so it’s not a parody.” Humor is subjective, but it doesn’t change the fact the health bars were made with humorous intent. Visually, they add to the experience that you are playing a traditional fighting game, only to have your presumptions flipped when the bar drops to empty in 1 hit. //It was funny the first time//

          • Quan Chi

            Also already trumped by my statement of “I’ve heard no one say”. Point to me where someone has written or said in a playthrough that this was comedic other than this first and only time that YOU said it πŸ˜›

            I just love it when gullible ppl magically like something because somebody puts a disclaimer on it before it is released saying that “this is not to be taken seriously”. And if the dislclaimer didn’t say it, then you would hate on it. If it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, then why make money from it and why make it in the first place.

          • DRainn

            If you can’t tell this entire game is a joke I’m sorry.

          • double B

            Quan Chi: (sticks fingers in his ears and shuts eyes) “NO NONO NO NO I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING TRUMPED TRUMPED TRUMPED”

          • Quan Chi

            Disclaimers must give everything an automatic pass lol. Hey it’s your money.
            Hodgetwins: “Do whatever DAFUQ you wanna dooooo.”

            Ain’t my money.

          • windsagio

            The disclaimer should just shift the convo: “Yes it’s a joke, is it a *GOOD* joke?”

          • Quan Chi

            you can’t comprehend can you? maybe you should retake english class.

    • Get over it.

      • Quan Chi

        Don’t worry, none of my money was spent on this πŸ™‚

        • Healthy decision.

        • Mike Pureka

          So why are you wasting your time (and ours) in this thread?

          • Quan Chi

            You are wasting your own time. You came to me, I didn’t come to you πŸ˜›

          • Mike Pureka

            You’re still wasting your own. πŸ™‚

          • Quan Chi

            Nice last minute edit. I see you trolling so Imma just let you release whatever tension you have while I go on. So go ahead, get your last words in if it makes you feel better about yourself.

          • He isn’t trolling, to be perfectly honest. You are wasting your time by persisting on your stance. If you don’t care, you don’t care and that’s all there is to it. There’s no sense in preaching about how much you don’t care about something to people that do care about it.

          • Quan Chi

            I’m not persisting anything. Everytime I look at my email, you keep talking. Shaddap. You are the one debating me. Now go away.

          • You really feel that compelled to always have to answer? Wow bruh, you need to get over your opinion and just let shit go. BTW, easy prediction: You’re going to reply to this, thinking that I give a fuck.

          • Quan Chi

            Why do trolls always say this, thinking that it makes them look better even though they know it only applies to themselves?
            Keeps asking questions, asks why the question is answered. Seems legit.

      • Victoria Guevara

        He is somewhat right, though: if Bushido Blade, SSB and Thrill Кill threw health bars away due to their mechanics, why DiveKick didn’t ? Whole parody part (a.k.a 90%) was presented as reduction of β€œunused” features, AFAIR.

  • Dave Passmore JR

    Yeah, this is cool and all…

    But, where’s the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition patch?

    • $16830266

      I assume IG got “sidetracked” with Divekick, and they’ll put out the 3S patch in the near future.

      Don’t worry; the 3S patch will come out before Tekken X Street Fighter! XD

      • Keits

        We submitted the patch to Capcom a while ago, and have talked about this quite a few times on twitter. It is in Capcom’s hands now. Also worthy of note: IG is a mid size studio with a number of projects going on at any one time. A team working on Divekick doesn’t mean no one is working on anything else.

        • $16830266

          Ah, I see. I never heard about the 3S patch until now. Thanks, Keits.

          Well, new question: WHY, CAPCOM? WHY??

          • windsagio

            Probably because 3SO didn’t make enough money to justify patch expenses.

      • IG sent it off to Capcom months ago. This isn’t even IG’s problem. It’s Capcom’s. I think Divekick is an ass game, and I think that the patch needs to come out… But they’re not related to each other. DK’s patches go from the developer right to Sony/MS/etc… SF3 has to go through Capcom first, and they’re the ones that are slacking.

        • Also, it’s really easy to see IG’s name attached to both projects and put the blame in the wrong spot. I do it all the time, but for me, it’s more of a “How can anyone put this game before that game” mentality, and it’s not specific to DK/3SO either.

  • Yamazaky Geese

    cant wait to watch some combo videos for this game

  • Barlton Canks

    You nerf The Baz but Dr. Shoals goes untouched?

    • Gordon

      Shoal’s has a hard counter with Redacted, and she cannot touch the huge area underneath her, so Markman or Kung Pao can really wreck faces.

  • double B

    the Baz normalized?

  • Jason Slade

    People turtling while building meter is really killing the fun of this game for me. The Baz is the worst example of this but its pretty much an effective tactic for most of the cast.

    • windsagio

      It’s always stunning to me that they managed to overcomplicate DiveKick.

      • Garrett Jones

        It’s stunning to me that you have obvious confirmation bias yet parade yourself as an intellectual.

      • Gordon

        It’s always stunning to me that people think Divekick is overcomplicated. Go approach Baz, you can see his attacks coming from a dive away, get him to stop building meter.

        People just freak out when they see someone grinding meter instead of going to deal with it.

    • Garrett Jones

      So…move in to a range that makes them feel threatened so they stop building meter. durr

  • TheAverageGuyTAG

    Sooooooooo……….nothing that’ll POSSIBLY help Jefailey stand up to YOLO Shoals in any way?