Iron Galaxy Studios Releases First Divekick Update; Includes Improvements to Online Matchmaking, Gameplay Changes for The Baz, and More

By on September 4, 2013 at 5:24 pm


Earlier today, Divekick was graced with its very first update, which includes a few general gameplay changes as well as balance adjustments for The Baz and Kenny. Some of the issues that popped up randomly during online play, such as desync errors, have been corrected, and matchmaking is much faster and more reliable across the board.

This update is now available on Steam as well as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe regions (Europe, Australia, etc.). It will reach Sony Computer Entertainment America regions (the United States, Brazil, etc.) soon.

You’ll find the entire list of changes below, courtesy of Iron Galaxy Studios’ Adam “Keits” Heart. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think in the comments.

General Changes

  • The leaderboard can now scroll past 100 without any issues.
  • Improvements have been made to make finding and joining ranked and unranked matches faster and more reliable. Changes were also made to help players join find lobbies when searching.
  • Your CR (Character Rating) value should now be accurate when playing online.
  • (PSN ONLY) Fixed a rare crash that would occur at the end of an online match.
  • (STEAM ONLY) Fixed a rare desync during online play.
  • (STEAM ONLY) Fixed an issue that allowed your screen saver to pop up during gameplay.

Gameplay Changes

The Baz – These changes were made to encourage more thoughtful play. Baz will have access to his moves more often, and making tactical choices with them will be much more meaningful now that, at best, Kickfactor gets you only one round.

  • Builds meter ~14% faster.
  • Kickfactor now ends if you get a kill with it and will not carry over to the next round.
  • Kickfactor is half a second shorter.
  • Two Kickfactor Baz players will now pass through each-other instead of a Double KO.


  • Baz stance has the same changes Baz has undergone.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Kenny from getting the correct speed bonus from his stance in Kickfactor after starting a new round with Kickfactor already enabled.


Source: Divekick forums