Killer Instinct Will Possibly Allow Players to Try Characters Before Buying Them; Gamescom Build and Live Stream Breakdowns by AcidGlow and Killer Instinct Central

By on August 23, 2013 at 12:36 pm
Purple Glacius

Killer Instinct enthusiast AcidGlow recently put together a video detailing the changes and additions made in the Gamescom build of the new Killer Instinct by Double Helix Games. Much has been adjusted since the game’s Evo demonstration. For example, potential damage (i.e. the amount of damage an ender can cause) is no longer lost when your combo is dropped. Instead, it slowly decays when you aren’t comboing the opponent, meaning you can drop combos on purpose to reset the opponent and build your potential damage even higher.

Plenty more has changed, from the way shadow moves work to the properties of Glacius’ projectiles. It also appears as if Chief Thunder has lost the title he carried through the earlier iterations and now just goes by Thunder.

If you’d rather hear this info from the developers themselves, then you are in luck. Microsoft Studios recently broadcast an hour long stream featuring the title’s Gamescom build. The stream takes a look at the four characters that have been revealed so far and details many new features that the game has to offer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really go into fine details about things such as move properties, but it still serves as a decent primer for how the game plays.

Watch live video from xboxlivearcade on TwitchTV

Additionally, Killer Instinct Central provided a quick breakdown of the information presented during the live stream, a few bits of which we’ve included below. The most interesting is the fact Double Helix Games is looking into allowing players to demo characters before buying them if they choose to purchase them individually.

Make sure to check out their full rundown for more details.

  • Next Character Tease. The next character tease will be happening soon and it will be much better than the one shown for Thunder at EVO. Expect someone surprising and very different.
  • The Return Of Finishers. Yes, they want finishers to return! Should the game be successful, then it’s likely they will be added in a future update.
  • An Old KI Feature Returns. Something that has been missing in the new Killer Instinct that was present in the old KI will be introduced in the next character tease.
  • Try Them All. For [those] that opt to purchase individual characters, a way to try them before you buy them is currently being worked out.

Sources: AcidGlow, Microsoft Studios (tip from Rick), Killer Instinct Central via NeoGAF

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  • Gene Q.

    A combo mode like in UMVC3 would be a good place for new players to test and see if they like a character, without giving them unlimited freedom of a training mode.

    • ReddChief78

      No need for that it’s already in simple mode

    • Andrew Mann

      Excellent idea! And maybe limit alternate costumes to people who spend more. That way if you REALLY like your character, you can support the developers and take it further. But if you just want to jam some games online once in awhile, that’ll be 4.99 plz. (for the one time purchase of say ‘Saberwolf’ or whomever)

  • Auntie Fee

    So if I pay for a character it won’t get nerfed?

  • Amer1ka

    Nice, it’s not mentioned above but they tweaked it by adding a 3rd linker so you can’t easily guess when to combo breaker since going that route is always 50/50 assuming your opponent is mixing them up in the first place. Now there are 3 linkers so at best you’ll get a 33% chance when purely guessing making the mind games a bit more important and decreasing the amount of combo breakers overall.

    That was the only issue I’ve had with the game thus far. It’s pretty awesome how well these guys are taking feedback from all over the community and quickly implementing solid changes into the game.

  • I really want this game to be good, but the obsession with letting every part of a combo be breakable is a bad idea.

  • BlackMasamune

    The game is coming along nicely, too bad Microsoft is tying the developers hands.

  • Setsu Oh

    ALL DAY.
    i can TRY the chars before buying?? that is so cool! too bad it is on xbone and not yet announced on pc!!! if i could i would just buy orchid and that would be it!!(try her first though)

  • CptPokerface

    It’s a shame they don’t have more time to work on this game. It’s clear that they’re trying to flesh out this game as much as possible and use different methods of getting people into KI.

    Hope this game receives enough support from fans AND microsoft so they can make all the content they want to bring in.

  • TS

    I wonder if, at a certain point, we’ll get free-to-download games that come full circle and charge per play, like arcade games? You can buy the game for $50-60 or whatever, or you can get a free demo and pay 25 or 50 cents (or whatever the equivalent in MS points) to get access to another character (or dollar for a 3-day pass, or $5 to add them to your demo chars, etc).

    Or just a game which is totally free to download and have full unlocked access to, but $50 to buy vs $0.50 per play.

  • This is so fucking stupid. Why not skip the bullshit and just put them all, there’s only so many KI characters.

    • CptPokerface

      MS is pushing Double Helix to release the game around the One’s launch date, and the game has been in development for less than a year. Theres no humanly possible way they can finish all those characters between then and now.

  • k.b.a.

    add ex characters who retain all moves from previous games and do not focus on balancing them as much

  • CaioNV

    You know what this game is missing? Having yourself immobilized at random for attempting to do basic movement. That would make this game perfect!