Twitter Contest! King of Fighters XIII Beta Codes Giveaway!

By on August 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm


Recently SNK opened up beta registrations for their latest steam title, King of Fighters XIII. If you didn’t receive a code, don’t worry! We got you covered here at Shoryuken! We are doing a Twitter contest to give away some codes to try out this new PC version. All you have to do is follow both @Shoryukendotcom and @EvilMrWizard and then tweet to MrWizard why you want to play the latest KOF game on steam!

Entries must be received by August 21, 2013 at 12:00pm PST.  Comments in this article are ineligible. Good Luck!

  • DaRabidDuckie

    Beta beta beta beta beta beta…

    *got that thirst*

  • GO4PRO

    I don’t even care about this anymore.

    Spoiler: The netcode is still ass, don’t waste your time.

    • Chora

      netcode sucks , and downvote this all you want, is still bad as a lady with an eye.

    • SaltyRD

      Still as bad as ever? Anyone have anything to show for this claim?

      I was really hoping that SE would fix this shit, I’m going to be really upset if that isn’t the case.

      But I guess it IS still in beta…

      • Wedge

        It’s a beta to make sure it doesn’t blow up someone’s computer, they ain’t gonna actually fix anything. They’re either too insular or too stupid to know how.

        • Mash Harder

          Yea, I share this opinion.
          SRK is just putting that “It’s still in beta” line out there for promotion, since they have beta codes to give away.

        • Guest

          Are you a beta tester? No?

        • O. G. King Haggard

          Pretty sure “does it blow up my computer?” is something they test internally… smfh

          • Mash Harder

            It is very rare for a piece of software to literally blow up a computer, however they are indeed receiving crash reports in the beta.

      • O. G. King Haggard

        Check out Juicebox’s Twitch channel. He has recorded proof that the net code has gotten better.

    • GO4PRO

      LOL at all the downvotes. Niggas in denial i guess

      • O. G. King Haggard

        Or they know the difference between statements that are backed up by evidence and statements that aren’t?

        • Brad Chanley

          I want you to upvote my comment once the game is released and you’re still stuttering when playing someone 3 states away.

          • O. G. King Haggard

            What are tonight’s lottery numbers?

          • GO4PRO

            4 2 8 7 9 1

            Those numbers together, are the amount of combos you are going to drop online because you aren’t the host of the game ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

            Unless you convert to online warrior-ism in which case I feel sorry for you (unless that’s all you have for competition)

    • locazo87

      Guess what, it got much better after first patch. Now you can go back to your cave.

      • GO4PRO

        You think I regret saying what I said pre-patch? I’m happy as hell that I might be wrong lol you can go fuck yourself.

        I’m still keeping the “I’ll believe it when I try it” mentality though

        Edit: now instead of both players being bogged down by lag, the host of the game will have full advantage over the person that joined in terms of lag? yeah still not interested

  • samirerre

    So, how good the netcode is?

  • tbogard

    I beg you ONE!!!! TT-TT

  • J.D SRK

    Please someone tell me the netcode is good. Don’t brake my heart :'(

    • CAE

      Juice box said its slightly better than console

      • GO4PRO

        “slightly better” doesnt mean anything when it was god awful to begin with. now instead of god awful its just regular awful

        • Mash Harder

          I doubt it’s any different.

    • Skudd Stevens

      The entire focus of the beta is to get feedback on the netcode, so while the improvements right now may only be “slightly improved”, this is very likely to change over the course of the beta. That is, after all, what betas are for.

  • BlackMasamune

    Everyone is just bitching and no one is providing any proper feedback

    • Nomad

      I agree, there not even stating if they’ve ACTUALLY played the game or if what there saying is just a matter of opinion, but I guess there still unreliable in either case, because they could still just lie. Guess we’ll have to wait until someone like SRK or a known figure in the FGC who has no reason to lie/ troll gives an official synopsis.

  • J.D SRK

    the problem I have is that everything seems to point that the netcode
    still uses a variable input delay method, and those are always bad (I
    don’t consider SF4 to be that good).

    I heard a rumor that KOFXIII SE was going rollback style, but apparently that isn’t true. So sad……

  • O. G. King Haggard

    Juicebox is streaming the beta. He got a four bar connection and said it was almost as good as playing offline.

    • O. G. King Haggard

      In other words, there are only 300 people in the world playing online right now, so four-bar connections are in short supply. When the game releases and it’s somewhere between 3,000 and 30,000 people online, you should be able to find enough good matches to warrant the purchase.

      • John Doe

        As long as you are playing someone in the same state?

        • O. G. King Haggard

          This was before the patch. Juicebox’s feelings post-patch are that the net code is currently equivalent to SSFIV’s.

          • John Doe

            That’s still pretty bad.

  • doyoup

    Give me a BetaKey please TT

  • RiddLeR

    I need Beta

  • 유환

    I give beta! 안녕하세 한국 유저입니다 예약판도 다 구매햇고 정말로 너무 베타 라도 지금 하고싶은 심정이네요 킹오브 덕에 처음으로 스틱이라는것도 사보고 매일 손가락 빨면서 구경만 하다가 이제 저한테도 할수있는 기회가 와서 기분이 좋더라구요 넷코드 또한 한번 어떤 느낌인지 플레이 해보고싶네요 ! 꼭 주시면 감사하겠습니다 ^^

    • gato

      트위터 멘션으로 날려야 인정됩니다. 리플로는 안 돼요

  • Era Angelus

    Yes Please! Beta Entry!

  • 忍足侑士