[UPDATE] Persona 4 Arena Sequel Location Test Footage of Junpei Iori, Elizabeth, Akihiko Sanada, Yukiko Amagi, Yukari Takeba, Shadow Kanji Tatsumi, and More, New Character Command List Images

By on August 17, 2013 at 9:35 am

UPDATE – Aristobule has uploaded another video featuring Junpei, this time taking on Akihiko Sanada. It’s been added into the group below. Thanks to Omex on Dustloop for the heads-up.

UPDATE 2 – Another video from Aristobule, featuring some Yukiko Amagi gameplay and more footage of Elizabeth, has been added to this article. Thanks to Scratch on NeoGAF for the link.

UPDATE 3 – We now have footage of the second newcomer, Yukari Takeba, once again courtesy of Aristobule. The two videos added into the group below also feature some Shadow Kanji Tatsumi gameplay.

UPDATE 4 – Aristobule’s latest round of location test footage features some more Yukari action, as well as appearances by Yu Narukami, Chie Satonaka, and Kanji Tatsumi.

Aristobule recently sent in a trio of new videos that he captured at the on-going location tests for Arc System Works’ sequel to Persona 4 Arena. If you missed the original announcement last night, this new title will feature Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori from Persona 3 as well as a whole host of gameplay and character updates.

The footage below showcases matches between Junpei and returning character Elizabeth, offering a look at the former’s unique playstyle and the changes made to the latter. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Additionally, Aristobule was able to take a photos of the new characters’ command lists.



Sources: Aristobule (Youtube, Twitter)

  • Might want to change that title from Elizabeth to Yukari. Just saying……..


    Was posted before the videos were added. My bad…..

    • xeleion

      Except that the title is right. Try reading the article.

    • iantothemax

      There isn’t any footage of Yukari.

  • Ninebreaker (HurtboxTV)

    This is just to much for me to handle…ArcSys is gonna make me explode with hype.

  • Deusxmachina

    Damn, aristobule is a ninja.

    • Aristobule

    • Guest

  • Patrick M

    lmao Yukari is dressed like the Pink Power Ranger.

  • Jerrod Branson

    So far, Jumpei’s whole batting system with strikes, outs and balls, and bases too, looks very uninteresting. Hopefully we can get more info on how it works soon, along with some Yukari vids.

  • Kufuu

    The new Aki auto combo looks pretty sick. The pop up after the straight looks like his damage is gonna be even better ahhhhh!

  • ThePoopTickler

    I want this to be a downloadable patch…

    I don’t want to spend large amounts of money just to keep my game up to the latest version…

    • SalomeHarras

      I would be more concerned about your financial affairs if you consider what will probably be $40 to be a “large” amount of money. More so that you’ll probably have close to a year to save up for that…

      • ThePoopTickler

        I live in Europe… Do you know how long I waited for P4A to come to my shores?

        I couldn’t even get my game imported and, if I did, the cost would have been through the roof!

      • Guest

        some people don’t got it like that. chill out bro.

      • Johnathon Otero

        some people don’t got it like that. chill out bro. with that said, i hope it’s a downloadable patch cause i just bought this game yesterday lol

  • Fashion Mage

    I wonder if Elizabeth’s Mahamoan and Mamudoon are actually useful now.

  • Ryan Marsh Thunder Fairweather

    So is this update coming to western consoles? I might have read somewhere there are no plans to release out here. That would crush me.

    • MilkSmash

      With Evo having a good amount of P4 entrants, there is no way they can’t release it over here.

  • Sean Keller

    So are the shadow characters supposed to be like the unlimited versions of characters in BlazBlue? It’d be a cool idea but for someone who isn’t exactly the best at the game I hope that there isn’t difficult unlock conditions for them.

    • MilkSmash

      They aren’t unlimited per say, they actually seem like they are trying to make them viable. They are making each of the characters have their regular form, aside from Lab and Eliz (Does Shadow Lab have another form, or no?), and the shadow forms seem like a more offense orientated form.

  • Cylith

    Yukari doesn’t seems like a pure zoner to me. Especially considering that it had LOW damage. Seems more like a pressure tool to me. And I just realized, the Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin used a bow as well. So she is really a Power Ranger lol. She better have a mega-zord as her killing move.

  • pootnannies

    “This video is private”