Double Helix Games Officially Reveals Chief Thunder in Killer Instinct, Details Development Process

By on August 15, 2013 at 1:08 pm

The folks over at Double Helix Games recently released a brand new video for their upcoming Killer Instinct Xbox One reboot that officially announces series veteran Chief Thunder as part of the playable cast. While a short teaser was attached to the Glacius trailer shown at Evo 2013, this gives us our first real look at the character, which includes demonstrations of his tools and a look at the behind-the-scenes development that brought him to life in this new title.

Chief Thunder will be available to play at gamescom 2013, so be sure to stop by the Double Helix Games booth to try him out. For now, feel free to check out the video below and let us know what you think of his new design.

Source: IGN via NeoGAF

  • Thomaz Barros

    not a KI fan, not even going to buy the game

    But he looks fan fucking tastic

  • Player isn’t working for me :/

    • iantothemax

      Try refreshing. I’ll update with a Youtube version of the video as soon as it becomes available.

  • Pregnant Woman

    In my opinion, Chief Thunder is the best design any Native American has had for any fighting game.

    • Martini Whoelse

      Name another besides T.Hawk, Nightwolf and Chief Thunder.

      • Guest


        • ReddChief78

          Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat

      • Pooh Hardy

        julia chan?
        michelle chan?
        mudman?(if he counts)

        • Martini Whoelse

          Ah yes Julia.

          • yovideogames

            09 exposed

        • RomanceHD

          What about TiZoc! He gets no love Lol

          • Logan Via

            Tizoc so strong! SNK should bring him back with Blue Mary.

          • Thomaz Barros

            Tizoc isn’t Native American guys

            He is Mexican

          • pootnannies

            native central american

          • Thomaz Barros

            But Mexico is in north america

        • Magegg

          Mudman is not American

      • PureYeti

        Rick Strowd?

        • IFD|Humbag

          Best native american character IMO.

      • Guest

        Rick Strowd?

      • Thomaz Barros

        The Condor guy from Breakers Revenge

      • $17468069

        White buffalo from power instinct

      • Magegg

        There’s a guy (Wolf Hawkfield) on Virtua Fighter I guess, that looked very awesome.

        I also loved Rick Strowd from Fatal Fury. His design and personality is pretty authentic 8)

        • Pooh Hardy

          wolf hawkfield is canadian

          • Magegg

            American continent 😉

    • Guest

      I love it when FGC has disq

    • q_style903

      I love it when FGC has threads beyond kindergartner fanboy conversation level, I think it would be great to have a positive image of a Native American that the designers do the research take from some of the native language of the past (like in the trailer). most characters mentioned in this thread just have the look from pictures or films of the past and not fully capture the culture in the storyline.

  • Ryan Peters


    Did he cock his tomahawks?

  • Yeah that was a nice little sneak peak right there. Kudos to Double Helix for having the balls and stamina to try and re-imagine these characters for a new era. It is after all, almost 20 years later.

    • theSN3S

      I have to agree, I appreciate Double Helix for having balls to even pick this game back up and redesigning the characters and they are doing great so far. And the game looks good. I just think people need to just chill out and give the game a chance.

      • Khaoz77

        Same here, the game is looking awesome so far. This game is probably the only good thing about the Xbone if you ask me.

      • ReoAyanami

        It definitely takes balls to take money from Microsoft. #kappa

        • It’s little to do with money, anyone who actually listens to the devs and watches them can see that. They are passionate about the beat ’em up genre and even more so about their game.

          • Trevor Clarke

            So money played no part in this decision?

          • Obviously from a publisher / corporate point of view, yes. But the devs themselves appear to be just good old fashioned gaming enthusiasts!

          • Trevor Clarke

            And who are you fooling?

  • Quan Chi

    Nightwolf wins, FATALITY! At least he looks indian this time. He looked african american in the original games.

    • Trey Roach

      he looks like a white man with a native headdress

      • Ronldbx6

        I was going to say, they made him so light.

  • Lennart Falgren

    No need to rush the game for the November release hehe. Xbox One isn’t coming to my country before 2014 anyway 🙁

  • Quan Chi

    But he already knows Spinal is his bro…..

    • Nullspace

      Spoilers! Kappa

      • Quan Chi


  • WhyMe

    Is it even worth hoping for this to be ported to the ps4?

  • Raymond

    I need TJ combo. It’s the only reason i will play this game

  • Ace


  • Nullspace

    How much for the KI cab in the background?

  • Tan Tan

    I hope this game isn’t released with broken characters.

    • Martini Whoelse

      It’s released with Jago, then you buy the broken chars you like. 🙂

      • Tan Tan

        I know, I hope they aren’t all broken nonetheless.

        • k.b.a.

          compared to past KI? given the nature of a game with combo breakers and auto doubles this all seems like the natural progression. i never played them back in the day so who am i to talk.

          for street fighter this would be broken, for marvel this would be odd. a game stands on its own, not literally living a life compared to others. or that’s how things should be

  • Tanjisaem

    So basically Native American makoto

    • $17468069

      How’d you come to that conclusion?

      • Trey Roach

        he has a command throw with a ridiculous dash

        • $17468069

          Thanks for clarifying.

  • RaidenNC

    wow…completely invulnerable dash that’s cancel-able up until the last frame….That sounds pretty ridiculous. Liking his new design though.

  • BlackMasamune

    Not bad at all, can’t wait to see the ladies.

    • windsagio

      I think I can, KI doesn’t have a good record in this regard ><

      • Trey Roach

        they all looked like janet jackson XD!

        • Kenneth J. Pettigrew Jr.

          I fail to see the problem with this!

        • windsagio

          Did she have square breasts?

        • Tanjisaem

          you win. all the internets.

    • José Ramón Pepino Ojeda

      Oh man, reminds me of the Team Fortress’s Pyro, nobody knows for certain if is a he or a she… then a female Cinder crawled to my brains, since he … or she, is totally tucked in that flame bodysuit we can’t really tell what it is. At any rate we would call her Cinderella, get it!? Cinderella! ha ha… Hey! where did everybody go?

  • Art Salmons

    Native Americans are well-known for their use of drop-forge techniques to make elaborate, cast-metal steel axes.

    • Amer1ka

      Who says a man can’t update with some stylish new weaponry?

    • BeboBoBeman

      There’s an alien that wears a nanosuit that lets him control ice. Stop it.

  • Anthony Walker

    From seeing this video, I think he’s freaking epic! I just hope they fix it where he won’t talk with his mouth closed.

  • LvL3MashFactor

    I can see why they didn’t keep his red skin…The Mohawk man looked so dope! his staple.

    Going to be interesting to see competitive play.

  • $17468069

    Looks like a big bird came and shat all over his head.

  • Tanjisaem

    why do his axes sound like guns loading?

    • windsagio

      Clearly they’re flintlock axes

      • Tanjisaem

        i just googled this and it actually exists… MIND. BLOWN.

        • windsagio

          I must admit, I totally didn’t know they were a real thing ><

          Thought you were joshing me, so I had to look it up myself…

          • Tanjisaem

            i thought YOU were joshing me. who’s joshing who now, joshua?!

  • Anthony Walker

    Another thing that has been bothering me is that since the game developers are looking to have a smaller roster, I’ve been thinking that the roster will only consist of 8 characters since new characters may be shown one at a time for each month leading to the launch date. ( I could be wrong.)

    Also, I’m thinking that they’ll reveal the 5th character only with a teaser at Gamescon like they did with Thunder.

  • FlyinJew

    Every time they reveal a new character and I see how that character was redesigned, I lose a little more interest in this game.

    • windsagio

      Really? For all the technology was impressive at the time, the character designs in KI were all really really ugly.

      • FlyinJew

        I don’t think they were ugly, just generic. The redesigns, however, are a bit of an eyesore to me. I am almost dreading character reveals, which is kinda the opposite of what is supposed to happen.

        • Tanjisaem

          personally i think jagos hairstyle looks ridiculous. also, y does he have a bad case of roid rage?