Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012 FADC Through Characters Glitch Demonstration Part 1 by InsaneRikk

By on August 13, 2013 at 4:05 pm

Rikk recently released the first part of a video series created to compile examples of the glitch that allows characters to FADC through their opponents in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver. 2012. While usable by multiple characters, the glitch only works with certain moves in specific situations.

Part one, which was compiled with the help of players from the Shoryuken forums, demonstrates the glitch with Akuma, Chun Li, Cody, Dan, C. Viper, Ken, Ryu and Dudley. Part two of this series is still being made and Rikk is still open to submissions. As such, players aware of further examples should check the thread to see if they’ve already been covered.

We’ve included Rikk’s notes on how to perform each instance of the glitch below the video.

  • Akuma on Vega – xx FADC (corner,crouching)
  • Chun-Li on Vega – cr.hp xx FADC (crouching,works anywhere)
  • Cody on Ibuki – xx FADC (no special requirement)
  • Cody on Vega – xx FADC (crouching,blocking,corner)
  • Cody on Vega – EX Zonk Knuckle xx FADC (crouching,blocking,corner)
  • Dan on Vega – xx FADC (works mid-screen and in corner, crouching)
  • Dan on Vega – xx FADC (corner, crouching)
  • C.Viper on Balrog,Vega,Dudley,Cody (works on Cammy,Guile,Sagat but corner only) – xx lp.thunderknuckle/mp.thunderknuckle xx FADC (close, crouching,works with every special cancelable move,works anywhere)
  • Ken on El Fuerte – xx FADC (corner,crouching,close)
  • Ryu on Gen,Cody – xx FADC (no special requirement)
  • Ryu on Balrog,Vega – xx FADC (anywhere on screen, crouching) Did not bother to put this in.
  • Dudley on Balrog – xx FADC (crouching)
  • Dudley on Balrog – f.hp xx FADC (crouching)
  • Ryu on El Fuerte – xx FADC (corner)
  • Ryu on El Fuerte – Hadoken XX FADC (corner,does not matter what hadoken,does combo)
  • Ryu on El Fuerte – xx FADC (corner)

Source: Rikk

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