Capcom Looking to Release Ultra Street Fighter IV on PC Around the Same Time as Console Versions, Transitioning from GFWL to Steam

By on August 13, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Capcom’s Neidel “Haunts” Crisan recently took to Twitter to discuss the PC version of Ultra Street Fighter IV. When asked if it would be available at the same time as the console releases, Haunts responded with the following:

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Ultra Street Fighter IV will drop on PC the exact same day as its console counterparts are released, it’s definitely a step up from the huge length of time we’ve seen between them in the past.

Haunts also mentioned that they will be transitioning away from Games for Windows Live in favor of Steam’s online support. More details should be available soon, so stay tuned.

Source: Haunts via NeoGAF