Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Fundraiser Closes with Over $118,000 in Donations

By on August 12, 2013 at 10:37 am

After reaching its main goal and the stretch goal for GGPO support in close succession, Nyu Media’s Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm fundraiser closed this weekend with a total of $118,243 in donations. A last-minute barrage of backers helped them reach that figure, which will allow them to implement the GGPO netcode, fund a new song, refine the original eight characters with new moves and further balance adjustments, and add a third new character, which will be decided by fan vote from a pool of four fighters (pictured in the slideshow below).

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We would like to congratulate Nyu-Media and the Hotapen development team on a successful fundraising campaign, and thank those who pledged their support to this indie title. Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm is tentatively scheduled to be released in February of next year. For now, feel free to check out the full list of additions and changes, as well as a rundown of how the initial $68,000 will be spent, below.

Improvements and Additions from Initial Goal

  • New Character: Kotaro ($20,000)

Includes pixel art, character portrait, voice over, story writing, game play balancing, etc. The actual cost of character creation is $25,000, but to improve the chances of adding her, we will self-fund the remaining $5,000 for Kotaro.

  • New Character: Azure ($25,000)
  • MC Voiceover by Koori Masao ($2,000)

TOUGEKI announcer Koori Masoi will join as the Yatagarsu Attack on Cataclysm’s official MC. He will announce the player’s names and affiliations at the start of a match, and MC and comment on match highlights after the match has finished. This will add a new level of excitement that is totally unique to Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm.

  • English Localization ($4,000)

Nyu Media will fully localize the game menus, text, dialogue and graphics into English.

  • English Language Dynamic Commentary! ($4,000)

One of Yatagarasu’s standout features is the edgy commentary system and provides dynamic commentary in real time based on developments in the match. English commentary by pillars of the Fighting Game Community jchensorUltraDavid, and Maximilian!

  • New Japanese Commentary ($2,000)

The commentary will be completely revised and powered up, including newly recorded commentary by renowned Japanese fighting game player Kokujin.

  • Creation of a New Trailer ($2,000)

New trailers will be newly created in both English and Japanese.

  • IndieGogo Perks Creation ($5,500)
  • IndieGogo fees and other costs ($3,500)


Self-Funded Improvements and Additions

  • New, High Quality Graphics

New graphics by Yatagarasu dev team member Kotani:Tomoyuki.

  • Game Play Improvements and Game Balancing Overhaul

Together with adding the new characters, we will review and completely rebalance game play, add powerful new moves, and make the game even more accessible and fun to play.

  • Story Rewrites

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm will have new story developments along with the new characters.

  • Improved Online Support

We will add error resolution and high speed networking, and make online match support even more smooth. A new team play function will be added, so you can fight team versus team matches. A new “My Icon” function will be added that allows icons made by players to be used in the game.

  • NESiCAxLive Version

See above for details about Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm‘s arcade debut!

  • Collaboration with Taito Station

In collaboration with Taito Station, MC Koori will appear and MC at actual Taito Station arcades. What’s more, other arcade centers are being added to the participation list! (Japan only)


Stretch Goals Met

  • $73,000: GGPO Added!

After launching the Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm campaign, we received many requests from the Fighting Game Community for Yatagarasu AC to use GGPO middleware to minimize lag in online matches. Thank you for all the feedback – we have added GGPO implementation as our first stretch goal.
Please note: we have not fully tested GGPO yet, so it’s possible we may encounter technical problems that will delay the release of the game. If it looks like there will be significant delay, we will release the game first without GGPO and then add it as soon as the implementation is completed (it may be as soon as a few days.)

  • $75,000: New Song

A new song track with vocals.

  • $85,000: Refinement of the Existing 8 Characters

New moves, new voice acting, and rebalancing of the existing characters.

  • $117,000: 3rd New Character

A 3rd new character. Which character we add will be decided by backer voting.

Source: Indiegogo, tip via Razberryclownsac

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    And here I was worried whether it would even get to 85k. Goddamn.

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    Glad to have done my part and I can’t wait for those rebalances and Chikorita. We pokems now.

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    Voting for either Qadl or Nene for the 3rd new character.

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      Nene. Don’t question me, just do it.

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    I voted for salisbury but i’m beginning to think qadl would probably be best for the game itself since the game is lacking in the zoning department. However that’s probably not going to happen since she’s in last place.

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      You voted for her because she’s named after a steak, didn’t you?

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        Yeah! Well I like her name as Aja too, her design and the fact that she’ll be a non-clone sword user.

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    Again, for those that missed it, v.4.3 is on groupees.com lets build a doujin bundle for real cheap for 4 more days. Go get it.