Next Injustice: Gods Among Us Patch Still in Development, Will Not Be Released with Zatanna Tomorrow

By on August 12, 2013 at 6:27 pm


While Injustice: Gods Among Us has been patched with the release of each downloadable character, NetherRealm Studios broke that pattern with Martian Manhunter and look to continue this new trend with Zatanna. The DC Comics fighter will not be receiving a new balance patch when the magician is officially released tomorrow, as the development team has a few finishing touches to work on before making it available to the public.

It was mentioned that it may be ready in the next few weeks, but until then the game will be allowed to breath a little after the initial barrage of patches. Are there glaring issues with Injustice that you were hoping to see fixed tomorrow, or are you okay with letting the game settle a bit? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Source: NetherRealm Studios

  • Beb0p

    The nose looks a bit funny. Someone randomly drawing for fun is one thing but this is suppose to be professional.

    • Eric Nguyen

      Darn it, now I can’t unsee.

  • superturbo

    I agree, the game does need more time to settle a bit inbetween patch releases, and its good to see that not every reported minor thing thats not a real glitch per se, being patched willy nilly. But in the future it might be a good idea to have an option with the next patch to escape; “Supers” if you managed to execute you’re own super to counter somebody else’s or trade hits, at a mere nano second later. Rather than the first one pulled off always coming out first and connecting 95% of the time (unless it whiffs due to bad timing?).

    As i, kinda miss the days when fighting games had that element of timed supers canceling out each other or one overiding the other randomly, whereas now it a matter of who pulls it off first or lands decent combo strings into a super to kill an opponent etc.

  • superturbo

    Everyone’ on the internet’s on about Zatanna’s looks? she just looks a tad more “elongated” (stretched) in the game compared to how she is seen in the comics and animated shows is all. i’m sure you’ve all seen worse ‘noses’ out there on CGI game characters as well?

  • RunningWild1984

    What on Earth is that creature?

    • GO4PRO

      Steven Tyler in his younger days