King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition Releasing September 13, Now Available for Pre-Order; Features “Vastly Improved Netcode”

By on August 12, 2013 at 12:14 pm

After the trailer for King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition appeared on the gaming platform last week, many assumed it would only be a matter of time until the title was officially announced. A proper entry for the game was recently added to Steam, allowing fans to pre-order the title at a discount before its release on September 13. The page also includes a full rundown of Steam Edition’s features (which most notably mentions vastly improved netcode [sic]) and a number of screenshots, which we’ve included below.

Previous downloadable characters Iori with the Power of Flames (EX Iori), NESTS Style Kyo (EX Kyo), and Mr. Karate will also playable from the start with no further purchase necessary.


Choose a default team of 3 characters or make your own team by picking up 3 characters of your choice, and fight against teams until victory! Develop your own team strategy by choosing the best characters for you!

In this mode, you will experience a variety of background stories not touched upon in the game’s original Arcade Version. Discover the truth about KOF’s “Ash Saga” and its secrets through the eyes of the main character, Ash Crimson, and other characters who were not directly participating in the tournament. Your decisions and battle results may lead you to discovering new story elements; try out all the different options and every scene!

“THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII Steam Edition” now features vastly improved netcode that will provide you with the most comfortable online experience yet! The new netcode features improved communication speeds between you and your opponent, and also tailors your online experience according to your PC environment!

“THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII Steam Edition” features three different types of ONLINE VERSUS Matches, allowing players to challenge other rivals worldwide in endless and intense battles:

  • “Ranked Match”: fight under specified regulations, and your results will be reflected in the rankings.
  • “Player Match”: playing in this mode will not affect your results. You can fight against others casually.
  • “Friend Match”: invite online players and challenge them through this mode for heated competition!

Tackle three different kinds of missions in this mode, and improve your skills!

  • “TIME ATTACK”: Defeat all CPU opponents in the shortest time you can.
  • “SURVIVAL”: Select a character and fight your way through as many CPU opponents as you can.
  • “TRIAL”: In this mode, each character has 10 tasks, which mainly focus on combos. By the time you complete all 10 tasks, you will have mastered some combos for that character.

Rose Bernstein, hostess of the tournament, will teach you the basic techniques as well as explain the gauges and their uses. First time KOF players should start here to get used to the game.

This mode allows you to edit your online profile and change character color palette. You can create a team to use online, add icons collected while playing, or enter a preset message that you want to use in your profile. For each character, you can make up to five custom color patterns. Show off your personality on the worldwide stage!

A “GRAPHICS OPTION” feature, allowing the players to switch between different frame rates and simplify backgrounds, has been newly added.

SNK Playmore is also looking to hold a closed beta for the title, the participants of which will be chosen randomly from a pool of applicants. If you’re interested in taking part, be sure to visit their official application page. Registration will be open until August 18, winners will be notified the following day, and the closed beta will last from August 20 to August 29. Only 300 testers will be allowed entry, so good luck!

Source: Steam via Arturo Sanchez, SNK Playmore

  • GO4PRO

    the master race continues to impress

    • EA575

      PC is the past, present, and the future. All hail the Master Race.

  • dejavu2222


    This is so good, thank you SNK!!!

    Capcom vs SNK 2: HD Online Edition
    SNK vs Capcom: Chaos HD Online Rebalanced Edition

    SNK vs Capcom: Chaos 2 please!!
    Capcom vs SNK 3 please!!

    • Inan

      No need for HD edition. We always get the HD edition. Kappa

  • Jaime

    Woooo preordered and submitted to the pre beta !!! Hope I get lucky!!
    Bring more fighting games to the pc
    Snk vs capcom chaos 2

    • locazo87

      I like the Chaos over CVS2, Violent Ken, Demitry and Guile are damn good.

  • dejavu2222

    that last image of Mr. Karate vs Mr. Karate 2 (Ryo) is E P I C ~!!!

    A re-creation of the final stage from the epic 1992 game Art of Fighting 1.

    Nobody knew Mr. Karate was actually Ryo’s father at the time and he was scary and hard as hell to beat!!!!

  • BlackMasamune

    If the Netcode really is improved, then no more excuses for not playing the game.

    • J.D SRK

      how bout “I cant run games on my shitty PC”

      Can we do something about the console version plz 🙁

      • The game takes nothing to run.

        • J.D SRK

          well my computer can’t even run MMxSF without lagging, so yeah, I’m pretty fucked.

          • Oniros

            I feel your pain son. Skullgirls runs like crap on mine. 🙁

          • Damn bro, my bad.

          • locazo87

            I live in a third world country and I can get a decent PC to run all fighting games in 720p with full graphics or 1080 with medium graphics at 600 hundred dollars. Even I play BF3 or Planetside 2 with ease on that PC. I think its time to get a new one, you will not regret.

    • ClarenceMage

      “I only play games that are popular. The execution is too hard. Short hopping means it’s a scrub game because jumps shouldn’t ever be allowed in fighting games.”

  • samirerre

    all hail the king

  • ThePoopTickler

    Now, let me see if my PC can run it…

    Oh crap…

    • Vilmos Magyar

      it runs on a toaster it’s a 2d game.

  • We finally fucking in thea???

  • Its finally official!!! Can’t wait!

  • Julius Monroe

    Well… They just said fuck consoles. I don’t even think my CPU will be able to run this. I was looking forward to playing KOFXIII with a stable netcode.

  • RunningWild1984

    Hopefully 98UM and 2k2UM follow up.

    • Los Illuminados

      i hope so too. of the 2 more so 2002 UM for me.

    • dejavu2222

      I don’t care for 2k2UM but 98 Ultimate Match…oh man PLEASE YES

      Would love KOF XI even more …

  • Los Illuminados

    my friends and i already preordered and submitted to the pre-beta testers as well. good luck to all and congrats to whoever the winners will be. Viva KOF y SNKP wey.



    • Gailim

      its actually cheaper if you buy it before day 1 😉

  • Registered for the beta. Can’t wait for a decent netcode…here’s wishing.

  • J.D SRK

    is there any possibility for the netcode on the console version to be improved as well?
    Fuck GSS, its all their fault.

    • Fulgore

      it says that has a new netcode, hope is the bamf!

  • SavingPrincess

    Hopefully, if all the games get released for PC, they can have a lot more freedom and organization with tournament play, creating custom front-end’s for the matches, built in brackets and scoreboards, etc.

    • locazo87

      This is all nice, but PC needs one thing else, detect joysticks inside the game. Microsoft will not fix this, maybe its time for the community to make a patch.

      • Vilmos Magyar

        pc is better than any other device at detecting stuff. Also most fighting games have extensive controller support, but that’s up to the devs.

      • SavingPrincess

        Yeah I’m a little confused when you say “microsoft needs to fix this”, are you referring to the controller needing to be plugged in before the game launches?

        • locazo87

          Yes Im referring to that issue. You must restart the game if you plugged the joystick after you launch it. If any fighting game can detect new joysticks connected after executing that game, it will be perfect for tournaments.

          • SavingPrincess

            Not Microsoft’s problem for the most part, there are PC games that can detect gamepads etc. when plugged in mid-game.

  • Joel Anderson

    PORT…TO…VITA, damn you. You’ve expressed an interest in a vita version…then you port this game to iphones, android, and now pc. WTF, SNK??

  • CptPokerface

    So there’s still some hope yet. I always wanted to get into KOF and if the netcode is as improved as they say this could be the fighter I’ve been looking to play outside of the usual Capcom/Namco line up.

  • Ndebe

    The fact that they say that they vastly improved the netcode gives me a little hope (because they at least are willing to say it), but netcode was suppose to be improved in the console patches as well and it was not. I really hope that they prove me wrong, but I really doubt that SNK is going to spend the money required to improve netcode.

  • Oniros

    >MK9 – check
    >Skullgirls – check
    >KOF XIII – check

    Now I only need GG Xrd to hit Steam and I will never have to turn my PS3 ever again.

    • Inan

      I’m still on dat PS3 for dem 3-D fighters though. Funny how 3-D fighters have yet to be on the PC.

      I’m hoping Tekken X Street Fighter will NOT be one of the first 3-D fighters on the PC, but I also hope it will be on PC at launch.

  • pootnannies


  • Jaime

    It’s all about Mars people ?

  • dejavu2222

    That last image of Mr. Karate vs Mr. Karate 2 (Ryo) is EPIC!!! A re-creation of the final stage from the epic 1992 game Art of Fighting 1.

    Nobody knew Mr. Karate was actually Ryo’s father at the time and he was really scary and hard as hell to beat!!!!

    “KOF 11”, “KOF 98UM”, and “SNK vs Capcom: CHAOS” on Steam also PLEASE !!!

  • pablofsi

    Pre-ordering this. SNKP please use Tencent’s rollbacks netcode.

  • Faiyez

    For those who would like to use their TE stick on PC, this is what I purchased recently to make mine work: